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, ,,I am Issac . I live in in this old but gorgeous town in Egypt. I have been living here since 10 years . Well my live has drastically changed in the past one year . My father is no more he died in an accident where my mom lost her eyes .well after the incident I was that kid who never came out of the room I was a day dreamer a flying bird and a freely floating kite until today .,I saw a girl from my window her face was very attractive I fell in love with her at the very first glance I quickly went downstairs to meet her .,Hi! I am Issac I live here. Welcome to the town.,adult personals E Meadow,She did not reply ., I tried to look at her eyes but she turned back . I felt humiliated,dating over 50 Yellowtail,after sometime a giant man screamed loudly Zara! Zara! Come fast we have to settle things,The man looks like her dad anyways Zara ! what a beautiful name I told myself.,interracial dating Nas North Island,I would sometime go up to the terrace thinking I would see her from there . I would pretend working out in the garden just to get her attention but she never showed up . 10 days had passed since Zara came to this place.but all these days I only saw her at the very first day .,One evening when I was coming home I saw Zara sitting on huge rock crying in silence . I got scared I went up to her,dating over 40 Pilot,Hey! Is everything okay?,dating 55+ Brisbin,No response…,I also remained silence for a moment …,Her tears were not stopping, I looked at her eyes her eyes were as if telling that a very depressing event has happened with her .,I leaned my hands towards her shoulder trying to console her but she expressed a very weird expression as if she was scared of me,I am your friend feel free to share with me maybe I can help you through this,She stood up wiped her tears and stared at me .,dating over 50 Selden,Since she did not tell me anything I thought of leaving her alone . I turned back and start moving,She catched my hands and stopped me her tears again rolling down till her cheeks . I tried to wipe her tears but the moment I was doing so the giant man came and grabbed Zara by her hands . He began to go with Zara .,dating over 40 Loco Hills,Zara turned back ! I understood by her eyes that the man was hurting her I stopped them,Gentleman! Please leave our way .,Who are you ? Are you Zara’s father ?,Yes I am said the man . Then why are you hurting your daughter whats the matter?,Nothing to bother you gentleman !,Zara was definitely screaming through her eyes crying loudly saying he is not my father . I am in trouble someone please help me..,Show me the proof if she’s your daughter otherwise I’ll call the cops,over 50s dating Happyland,As soon as I said this the man took out his rifle from his pocket of a long coat and pointed it towards me.,I got scared . I began to move backwards the man said me to sit on my knees I followed him,While the man’s whole attention was on me Zara quietly pushed on his legs and made the man fall then she took the rifle and pointed to the man,on that very moment i was so proud of her.,I quickly called the cops .,After few minutes the cops arrived . ,"This man is one of the most dangerous drug dealer in the whole world finally we have arrested him" said one of the policemen.,They arrested him and took him away .,dating near me Ny Civil Serv Dept, I saw a pretty smile in Zara’s face little tears rolling over her face .,How did you get in this matter ? I asked her.,bbw dating New Hudson,She holded my hand took me in her house made me sit in the sofa,She then began to scribble something in a note book . ,I wandered what was happening,After some time she gave me the notebook she had written something there she had a beautiful cursive writing the note said:,I am Zara I am from Pakistan I cannot speak my father sold me to this man with a heavy amount and this man has been abusing me physically and mentally All these days has been very rough for me but Thank you . You helped me regain my freedom,gay dating Santa Ynez,After I read this letter tears dropped from my eyes .,She again wrote,one night friend Christiansbrg,"You knew I was in trouble just by looking at my eyes . You’re special",I'm so sorry i thought you had attitude that's why your're not talking to me ! Ahh. I should not have judged you I'm sorry . well Zara let me tell you I'm not special its you who made me fall in love with your eyes and that is the reason I am able to read your eyes. I understand everything you try to say because i am in love with you,She again write’s-  love?,dating 50 year old man Glass Lake,Yes I love u from day one and by listening to your story I love you even more. ,They both spend a romantic time together,Issac took Zara to the police station to case a file against her father who is still in Pakistan,Her father gets arrested,dating 40 year old woman Mc Allister,ukraine dating Geico Underwriting,Issac feels complete now he finally has someone he could share everything with Zara also feels the same, ,dating older men Pearce,dating 50 year old man Sharon Township,They get married Zara tells her wish is to live in Pakistan so Issac shifts there is Zara's old place, ,adult friend finders Hide A Way,The neighbour's and some of Zara's relative are suprised by her appearance she tells them that she is going to live here from now, ,first date Greensboro Bend,dating 50 and over Wading River,The neighbour's at once hesitate they say "that the girl like you who has been sexually abused cannot stay at this colony . This is a renowned colony and will be defamed if you stay here" ., ,Issac tries to explain them but the any of them don't listen so Issac and Zara return to Egypt ., ,Issac become a teacher and Zara has her buisness of selling perfumes . They also give birth to two twin babies Elizah and Mickel .,,,