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dating 60+ N Arlington,, ,,That day, Yuri was late for her school. This has never happened before. She thought "Does god have something in story for me?,This has never happened before....." while running, she bumped into a guy, very handsome,with mid-length silver hair, blue eyes. She said "I am so sorry!!!" The boy she bumped into told her "Its ok, no biggie", with a smile on his face. As she was staring at the boy in wonder, the school bell rang. she realized that she was late for her school!!!!!! She ran and entered her class. The teacher said "How come are you late today? You have never been late..... well anyways come and take your seat and don't be late again." As she sat on her desk, the boy sitting on the desk next to her with crimson hair, orange eyes, her best friend Jake, said "What happened toady? You have never been......" As he saying, Yuri interrupted him and said ,dating rich men Flintville,date my age Primrose,"I know, I know. The same question is in my head. I don't know what happened! I woke up at the same time as usual but i don't know how i reached the school late. As if the time flew by..... is god giving me a sign....." As they were talking, the teacher announced "There is a new transfer student who will be joining our class. ,You can come in now." As the new student entered, Yuri realized that it was the same boy she bumped into before during her way to school.  He said "Hello everyone, my name is Eros, I am 16 and i am the new transfer student. I hope i will make new friends and will enjoy my time here." The teacher told him "There. you can sit at the empty desk next to Yuri, The girl with purple hair." He did as the teacher told him. He sat next to Yuri and they both waited for the recess. The bell rang and they finally realized it was the recess. Yuri said "Nice to meet you again. Remember me?" "Of course i remember you, how can someone forget such a beautiful face?" Eros replied. Yuri blushed as Jake rolled his eyes after hearing the conversation.Jake approached Eros and said "Wow pretty boy, flirting with a girl already?" Eros rolled his eyes and said "Mind your own business." A chill ran down Yuri's and Jake's spine. Yuri got along with Eros really well. Jake, on the other hand made enemies with him. A few moments passed when they were alone together but Yuri could not tell him how she feels. A few months later Jake asked Yuri whether she go on a vacation with him. This was obvious that Jake was in love with Yuri but she didn't realize it. ,asian dating Portersville,flirt for free Hebbronville,She was blinded by her love for Eros. She agreed and asked Eros ,match dating Bartelso,dating multiple people Maple Grove,"Would you like to go on a vacation with me and Jake?" he answered "Hell ya!!!!" They both laughed but Jake was angry. He was angry because Yuri didn't ask him before inviting Eros too. He just wanted to spend time with Yuri and wanted to tell her how he feels about her but now everything was messed up. Jake told Eros and Yuri the details of the vacation. After 2 days, their holidays started. ,singles near me Bothell,dating in your 50s Grassy Creek,over 50s dating Hannibal,On the date of the flight of the vacation, everyone met at the airport. Jake intentionally booked 2 seats next to each other and 1 far away. His plan was to sit next to Yuri and Eros will sit far away. ,He was jealous because he had seen Yuri's affection with Eros. Its like he doesn't even matter anymore. When they boarded the flight, ,dating 55 and older Stearleyville,Eros first sat on one of the seats which were next to each other. Again the plan was messed up and Jake had to sit away from Yuri., They reached their their destination at night and were very tired so they went in their respective hotel rooms. Yuri decided to take a shower. So she entered the bathroom but saw that the mirror was foggy. then she started to hear the water drip. "a broken pipe?" she asked to herself. Then she saw a dark figure taking the shower. ,She shouted "Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!" and hearing her shout the figure said "oh!! I am so sorry!!!! I didn't knew that this was your room.,dating over 30 Mountainhome, I thought you were in the room next to this one!" Yuri recognized the voice. It was Eros. He might have made a mistake in figuring out the rooms. Eros came out with a towel wrapped around. ,Yuri saw in amazement and her mouth dropped open. But after hearing her shout Jake came in and shouted "What happened?!!!" before Yuri could answer, he became furious and approached Eros. "So now you are trying to seduce her!! I will smack this face of yours......." before he could complete his sentence Yuri approached him and said "Its nothing! He was not trying to seduce or harass me! He just mistaked my room for his. Calm down!" After hearing Yuri he said to Eros "You better not make any more mistakes!" and he went back to his room. Yuri apologized to Eros and said "He has always been like this. Over-protective of me. Sorry for his 'going all out on you.' Its been a while since i have seen him so angry. Please don't be mad....." Eros hugged her and said "I can never be mad at you" and they both kissed in the moonlight. The next day Yuri and Eros were more friendlier than usual. Jake became suspicious of them and asked "Did something happen last night when i was gone?" they both answered "No!" and both of them giggled. After the vacation, Eros and Yuri started dating but they did not tell Jake about it. One day Yuri wanted to plan a date with Eros but he said "Sorry, but i am not free tomorrow." It was like he was up to something. "Well anyways I have already reserved the seats so i will go by myself then" Yuri said to herself. The next day when she went to the restaurant and ordered the food. Then she heard someone talking among the voices of other people. She realized that it was Eros' voice. "He said that he will not be able to come. So why is he here now...... maybe he changed his mind." After saying this Yuri turned around in order to surprise Eros but what she saw shocked her. Eros was with a girl holding and he was holding her by her waist. This was clear to Yuri that Eros is cheating on her. She ran out of the the restaurant sobbing and sat on a bench in the park. That's when she met Jake. He asked her "What are you doing here?" ,dating 50 plus Clifton Springs,local singles Panorama City,dating military men Umpqua,Yuri told him "I have been dating Eros for quiet a few weeks now. when i asked him to go on a date with me he said no and then i saw with another girl in the park..." Yuri broke down. She expected Jake to be angry at her because she didn't tell him that they were dating. But instead Jake hugged her and said "Its okay. What happened is already gone. Move on. Forget about that wrecked man." Yuri blushed and she felt a feeling of warmth and love. That's when Jake realized that it was the right time to tell Yuri how he feels. He told Yuri "Listen....I..I..I like you. I have a crush on you since a long time. If you wanna forget about that wretch and move you think you can go on a date with me? Jake's face turned red. Yuri kissed him on the cheek and said "I won't mind." After hearing this, Jake kissed Yuri and said "Shall we go now, my lady?" Yuri smiled and in her mind, she was thinking that how wrong she was choosing Eros instead of Jake. She never thought of dating Jake. It was really unexpected for her but she liked it. They both went into the same restaurant where Eros was. and they ordered their food. Eros spotted him and approached them and said "What is going on? Yuri are you cheating on me..." Yuri interrupted him and said "I am not the one who is cheating, you are." Eros said in a confused manner "What are you talking about?" Yuri replied "So who was that girl with you earlier? And what are you doing here when you declined my offer for a date?" Eros said "Oh! that girl....she....she was my cousin. She was drunk so i came here to take her home." suddenly from behind the girl with whom Eros was came and said "Your cousin huh? I was just gone to use the washroom for a minute. Look at you!! I heard the whole thing. So you are cheating on that girl with me! We are over here!!!!" Saying this she left. Eros chased her and said "Sofia!! Sofia!!! Its not what you think it is!!! Sofia!!!!" He left the restaurant as Jake and Yuri laughed at him.,dating military men Maple Hts,singles near me Kearneysville,,,transgender dating Harbor Heights,mature women dating Arnot,dating over 50 Hoods Crossroads,