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dating near me Bo Capetillo,,dating local Protection,65+ dating Mccabe,dating in your 30s Bogart,dating chat rooms Cabot,dating books for women Qtas De Flamingo,bbw dating Battiest, I heard your voice on the phone, a slight Southern twang. Sometimes, I wasn’t sure if this was genuine or manufactured. “How ya been?” “Fine,” I lied. “You?” “Oh I’ve been fine. I’m comin’ over to Arkansas tomorrow. Just passin’ through. Did ya’ wanna grab some dinner?” “Sure,” I said, the words escaping from my mouth before I could stop them. “Great. See ya at seven,” Tim said. Tim’s eyes were deep brown. I thought I could see all the pain in the entire world in those eyes sometimes, and all of the pleasure. I searched through my makeup bag and got some lip gloss. I put it on. I searched through my closet, pulling out five different shirts, twelve pairs of pants, and three different dresses. I just don’t know what to wear. Then I pulled out three different pairs of shoes: high-heel leopard print, because the man was adventurous and I wanted to pay tribute to him, sneakers because he was adventurous and, knowing Tim, we might go on a spontaneous hike, and I thought I should be prepared, and sparkly purple flats, so that I could look feminine without pulling my back out. He better show up this time. I thought. Tears started to form in my eyes but I quickly wiped them away, begging myself to forget the past. It had been ten years since we’d spoken. 10 Years Ago Shards of glass littered the living room floor. Three bottles of whiskey, two bottles of wine, and three bottles of beer were on the kitchen counter. Empty. I walked into the room. “Tim? Tim? Are you okay?” I looked around the room. The TV was on. The football game blaring. “Lucy? Lucy. Get outta here! You bitch. I told you to leave and never come back. Why the Hell don’t ya’ listen? That’s what women s’posed to do, ain’t it?” 
“Tim. Tim. You don’t mean that. You’re drunk. Let me help you.” I started cooking him food, thinking desperately that I could remedy the situation. “Lucy. Ya’ can help me by sittin’ right here and lettin’ me have my way with ya’, then ya’ can leave cause ya’ ain’t worth nothin’ else to me, ya understand?” He laughed so hard at his own cruel joke that he fell onto the floor and hit his head very hard. “Ouch.” I brought him some water and looked at him sternly.    “Remember what yer’ mama said ‘bout the drinkin’, Tim? It ain’t healthy. It’s not good for ya.’ Ya’ could get yourself in a lot o’ trouble, ya’ know.” Tim rolled his eyes and took another swig of whiskey. I stole it from his hand. He looked at me as if I had just killed his only son and laughed. “Give it back!” he yelled. “You better fuckin’ give it back.” He rose his hand as if he was about to strike me. I looked at him sternly. “I have twelve years o’ karate under my belt, ya’ hear? Ya’ better not mess with me.” He lowered his hand, attempting to walk towards his bedroom, and fell down. Although he was heavy, I managed to pick him up and carry him there. “Tim, I love ya’, but if ya’ can’t stop with the drinkin’ I don’t think we should be together no more.” “I can’t stop with the drinking,” He sputtered, and fell asleep. I put the food in the fridge, I left it there. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I walked out the door, my heart breaking into a million pieces in my chest. I wanted to say goodbye, but I couldn’t bring myself to. 11 Years Ago The bar was nearly empty, except for a man and a woman. He was wearing a cowboy hat, baggy ripped jeans, and a t-shirt that complemented his defined biceps. He was drinking whiskey, listening to the band intently. I was wearing a red dress and drinking a margarita. My friend, Susan, was supposed to show up, but she had called me last minute and said that it was a total emergency. She couldn’t make it because, apparently, her dog needed grooming and she had to get to it immediately. I doubted pet groomers were even open this late, but Susan had always been a bit of a flake. She was the only one who occasionally hung out with me though, so I settled for this kind of behavior and then proceeded to drown my sorrows in alcohol when she inevitably was a no-show to nine out of ten get-togethers. The man slid closer. “What’s a pretty lady like you doin’ here? All alone at the bar? Ya’ got a fellow?” I shook my head, wishing I could be more discerning with these men, but knowing that my heart was yearning for connection so deeply I would immediately fall into most people’s arms without a second thought. “Can I buy ya’ a drink?” I nodded. “Ya’ look real perdy.” I rolled my eyes. Here we go again. Another guy who just wants to get in my pants. But he didn’t. That’s why I remember him. He got me drunk, we slow-danced to a slow country ballad, and then he drove me home. We kissed. He picked me up the next week, and we did it all over again. We talked about our families, our careers, our weird friends, but we never made love until a year later. When we did, all hell broke loose. Every day of that year was Heaven on earth. He cooked me breakfast in the mornings and dinner in the evenings. We went to concerts and we danced together. We rarely had fights, but, when we did, he always knew just what to say to help me feel better. He looked at me the way that no man had ever looked at me before, as if I was an angel on earth. He stroked my body gently with his fingertips. He encouraged me to follow my dreams of becoming a country musician and played me a few of the songs he had written. We kissed every night, at least. He told me I was beautiful about five times each day but he never pressured me to make love to him, saying my company was enough. We were always laughing, dancing, traveling, or cooking together. He told me about how difficult it had been for him growing up without a dad and I told him how it had been for me when my mom passed when I was young. If he said he would be there, he was there, usually five minutes early. I could always count on him. He never yelled even though I did sometimes. He never got angry. He always held me closely and whispered that everything would be okay and that he loved me. I never wanted anyone except him. He was a dream come true. “I can’t do this. I don’t have time for a relationship. You’re amazing, but I can’t marry you. I can’t. My career is just taking off and I might move, and, Lucy, I don’t want to break your heart. I have major commitment issues. My ex-wife, well, ex-girlfriend I guess, she left me on the alter. I just can’t do this. We can have sex but that is all I can handle.” I nodded and agreed to it before I knew what I was doing. TodayThat’s when it had all started. I remembered. The drinking problem, the late nights when he’d threaten to beat me, me talking myself into staying and telling myself that he might go back to the way he used to be that one night we’d met in the bar. With me and Tim, it was either Heaven or Hell. He was either my soulmate or my abuser. There was no in between. I kept hoping desperately that he’d get back to himself, that he’d treat me better, but he never had, so I’d left. Then, today, he’d called. My heart had skipped a beat as I listened to his soft, gentle voice, a deep baritone that I had thought about every single day for ten years. Get it together, Lucy. I splashed cold water on my face and I sprayed some perfume on my neck. My phone buzzed. “What’s your address? I’ll pick you up.” I thought for a moment that he shouldn’t know where I lived, but I’d already typed it in and sent it. I couldn’t say no to the man. It was like he’d hypnotized me or something. Shivers ran down my spine. I stood outside, wearing a short black dress and leopard-print shoes so that he’d know I was making an effort. I’d put some of my favorite red lipstick on for the occasion. I eyed my watch. 6:57. There was no sign of him. Had I been fooling myself thinking he had changed? Would I just sit here all night, dressed up, and humiliate myself once again? Why was I so trusting? Damn it. I’d been so stupid. I almost went back inside, but I looked at the time once more. 6:59. I’ll give him one more minute. A black Mercedes rolled into the driveway. Damn. I guess he’s rich. “Hey, little lady!” He said as he opened the door, his teeth so white they were glinting in the sunlight.   “Long time, no see.” I nodded, and smiled. “You look beautiful. So were you thinking Randall’s or Donnigan’s for dinner?” He thought for a minute. “Ya’ in the mood for shrimp or steak?” “Steak!” I confessed. ,dating 60 year old woman Natrona Heights,dating 50 plus Villa Blanca,interracial dating Oshoto,dating 50 year old man Westhoff,meet singles near me Jeffris,dating profile template Villa Verona,single women in my area Anch,dating 40 year old woman Phoenix,over 50s dating Hidden Valley,chat and date Climax Springs,dating 50+ Dilley,bbw dating Littleport,dating 45+ Chappells,