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,date you East Pgh,, ,All my life as a virgin, I wished that any man who would marry me should never have tasted the best of a woman. As a working-class lady, I gave my whole life on work as if without it I cannot live. Many of my friends were so jealous of my commitment to work., , “Bissi, why are you always at the top of everyone in this company. I wonder what your fate will be if at the end you are fired from service,” Dorothy asked her during lunch break.,Bissi love having fun after lunch and her co-workers draw to her because she's eloquent and elegant looking. After her years of services, she’s now in the upper echelons of directorship and this charmed the whole men who were working with her. , , The food is not yet ready. Hold on about 30 minutes you will not believe your eyes what happened., , “Even if I cannot have you as a wife, kindly give me a chance to take you out for a weekend,” Joss requested.,“That wouldn’t be a problem but as you can see I have a lot on my desk now. Can we talk about this later in the day?”, , Bissi still soliloquizing, “What could be going on in Joss mind to ask for such a thing? Whatever, he will find his level. I have no time entertaining such stories. I think what I need now is to focus on my schedules. Juddy, she shouted, do not allow anyone into my office again.” , , “Yes madam.”, , Months later, Kenneth succeeded in buying Bissi's heart with a token of a golden wristwatch. This has always been Bissi's plan since college but all fingers were not equal., , Bissi came from a peasant background that hardly eats 2 square meals in a day. The parents laboured day and night to educate their only daughter to university level. Her background made her so ambitious that her studiousness at the university accorded her a lot of awards. After graduation, she got her first job. It was a fast job with a fat payment. She couldn’t wait for her first salary to wet the lips of her parents. On that evening she came back home with a whole lot of goodies for both parents. Her job changed the face of the earth. The mother’s ugly nature caused by hardship returned to her youthful strength., , “Mama, I never know you are so beautiful like this.”, ,mature dating Mcvey, “My daughter, I am happy that you made it at last. I gave you the beauty you have today and I appreciate all you have done to keep me and your father in a healthy and happy state after long years of struggles. I thank the gods for your success.”, ,ukraine dating Pacifica, “It’s all right mama. I will certainly do what I can to keep you and papa in the best position you deserve. I am tired let me go in and rest.”, , “Okay, my daughter but remember, a woman’s joy is complete when she finds her true bone. Kindly do faster about that I want to carry my grandchildren before I join my ancestors.”, ,date my age Hanceville, “Okay, good night my lovely mother.”,meet women near me Dulles P & D Center,chat and date Glenwood Plt, , “Sleep tight, my daughter.”, , They ended their conversation and exited to their bedrooms.,The following morning, she woke up with the bell of her mother’s words ringing in her mind. , , “What does this woman meant that the joy of a woman is complete when she finds her true bone.”, ,dating 55 and older Glendale Springs, These words tormented her the whole day at work but she couldn’t tell anyone., , In her confusion, Kenneth came in and they exchanged pleasantries.,dating 40 year old man Oaklawn, , “What is going on with my learned, magnificent, spotless, one and only lady in my life? Looking at you in this state of quagmire invokes a lot of issues not going on well with you. Kindly let me into this world I can be chilling water to soothe your bones and I can carry you to the resting palace where we can relax this tension. Please, Babe, smile a little; your face looks terrible at glance and it's not befitting your status.”, , “Ken I am glad you truly understand how I feel. I have watched you speak and in truth, I am not in my right mind. Maybe I’m sick. If there is anything that can be done to ease this stress, kindly do it.”,ukraine dating Monterey Park, , “It’s all right my lady. I am here for you. If you don't mind, I would like us to go somewhere out of the city. It’s a very nice and aesthetically adorned environment. The beauty of this place is that immediately you behold the paradise, you will long to be there forever.”, , She consented and they went. Everything was as he described and she fell in love with the arena that it became the place of unending visit for the two., , On the 4th of September, 2016, Kenneth openly declared his interest. She accepted to marry him on one condition that he has to introduce himself to her parents and organise for the wedding in the following month.,dating in your 30s Clear Fork, , As expected of a man who has found a treasure, he went home happy. He couldn’t wait for the cock to crow the next morning; he made haste to work and found that Bissi was still at home. He saw it as an opportunity to visit her at home. He did and both parents were at home. Though he was afraid of what may become of him; he was welcomed by the parents., , “Oh my God, your mother is indeed an angel. She must be the reason your father never looked elsewhere and immediately fall for her. Even at this age, she’s younger than her age.”,flirt for free Zoar, , “I see, forget my mother you are here to see me not her.”, , “Common my love! It’s true. She is beautiful.”, , “For that reason, you should start going. I will join you later.”, , A few weeks later, the marriage ceremony has been planned. , , A bar of chocolate to keep your eyes awake; you are about to see the real dance of love. What will you do, twenty minutes before you are about to get married, you find your mother and your fiancé kissing passionately. Just hold your answers until the end of the story and see how it ended with Ken and Bissi. ,dating 45+ Bueche,17 and 20 year old dating Cheapside, , , It was the wedding ceremony. Bissi’s mother came to greet the son-in-law to be in his set apart room. He said to her, “mum you are a true definition of beauty. The last time I checked my dictionary, it proclaims that you are still young.” ,muslim dating Llaves, , “Oh my darling, stop flattering me.” ,completely free dating Marienthal, , Ken went closer and held her hands. , ,mature dating Thayer, “Wow, I have never felt this way for years now. Come closer, immediately they signed the contract of kisses and at that Bissi came in and found both of them and closed the door. She never uttered a word but left to her chambers set for the wedding ceremony.” ,dating 50+ Sumach, , It’s time to tie the knot., , “My daughter is he the one that you have sold your heart to?”,singles to meet Hillsboro Beach, , “He is still the one. Come what may, I still love him and nothing more.”, ,ukraine dating URB Batista,dating 60 year old woman Ganister,ukraine dating Greene, They hugged each other and the honeymoon commenced., , ,,,