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I was a mistake she couldn’t take back, made worse by my refusal to follow in her footsteps.In fact, she said, unleashing me on the world undid every bit of malevolent action she had worked so hard towards.I cut ties to her the second I was old enough and never looked back.Since then, I must have done some things right, because somehow, I ended up engaged to the love of my life. Travis was a wonderful man who adored me and, more importantly, never asked about the circumstances that led to my emancipation. That is, until a week before the wedding, the day he announced he had tracked her down and invited her to the ceremony.“Whatever she did can’t be so terrible, right? It would probably mean the world to her to see her daughter get married!”It was then I knew I had made a grave mistake by not telling him the details of what she had done. My heart pounding, I sat him down next to me and told him about life on the road with my mother.It had probably been going on for a while before the first time I have actual memories of. That time, I was five, and she woke me up in the middle of the night, whispering, “Misty, we have to leave.” We left everything except the clothes on our backs and the blanket I wrapped around myself. She didn’t even clean the pool of blood on the living room floor.She held onto my arm so tightly it left me with five round puncture wounds, and as she put me in the car, I saw the moonlight reflected in what looked like fangs in her mouth.Travis brushed it off as the hyperactive imagination of a sleepy child, so I kept going.I told him about the time when I was seven, and we were “between homes,” sleeping in the car. We stopped at a diner one night, where the waiter immediately took interest in my mother. As I sat in the booth, prodding a piece of soggy lettuce with a fork, my mother similarly flirted with her next victim. I remember him asking “But Valerie, what about the kid?” and laughing as she led him into the kitchen, and her shushing him while gesturing for me to wait there.I did, for about five minutes, and then got up and slowly made my way towards the back to check on them. I peaked through the gap between the swinging doors and saw my mother crouched over the waiters’ lifeless body, her hands and mouth covered in blood. She opened her mouth wide, revealing the fangs I had seen in the moonlight two years before. Her mouth got wider and wider, until her whole face had transformed and finally, where my mother had been seconds before, now stood a great beast, its gaping maw voraciously devouring the waiters’ body whole. I must have let out a whimper because the beast turned towards me and as its white eyes met mine it turned back into my mother. She looked down at the blood splatter at her feet, shrugged and told me to get my things. She washed her face and hands before we got back in the car and drove off.I sat for a second and worked up the courage to look at Travis. He didn’t look back at me, just stared straight ahead with a look of confused terror and disbelief. We’d been together for three years, our wedding was a week away, and now he thought I was completely mental.“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have told you. Just forget it…” I began, but he cut me off, telling me “No, it’s okay. I believe you think you saw those things, and I don’t know what really happened… But I love you, and I can’t wait to marry you…” He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead.“Besides, she did say she was busy, so she might not even show up! I’m sure it’ll be fine…”I knew better, but we decided to go ahead with the ceremony anyway. The week passed without any contact from mother, which only made the knot in my stomach grow tighter.The manor where the ceremony and reception would take place had been decorated beautifully, with bouquets of red and white roses and baby’s breath framing the foyer and leading down the aisle. Through the window overlooking the courtyard, I could see the guests arrive, and I watched carefully, looking for signs of her. My maid of honor entered the room and after the compulsory marveling over my dress, hair, and makeup, told me “You look so much like your mom!”“My… mom?” My heart sank“Yeah, I met her in the lobby! She seems great! Looks amazing for being someone’s mom! I always thought she was d…” I didn’t wait for her to finish; I’d already rushed out of the room to find mother. She wasn’t in the lobby or the great hall with the other guests, and in a panic, I rushed up to Travis’ room to speak to him, only to find my mother straddling him on the bed. Their lips were pressed together in what could have been perceived as a deep, sensual kiss but to me resembled a wild animal devouring its prey.“Mother! NO!”She let go of Travis, who collapsed onto the bed as if completely intoxicated by her. She turned her head towards me, grinning madly, exposing a row of razor sharp teeth.“Get away from him,” I hissed. She got up and stretched her arms out to embrace me.“Honey, you didn’t think I’d miss your big day, did you?” She pulled me in for a quick hug before turning her attention back to Travis.“You are not welcome here. Get out!” I told her firmly, and without the slightest change in expression, she said, “Okay, fine.” and faced the door, preparing to leave.As soon as she did, Travis shot up, shouting “Don’t leave me, Valerie!” He took my mothers arm and tried to pull her in for a kiss.“What did you do to him? Why couldn’t you just leave us alone?” I cried, knowing I was fighting a losing battle. There was no way I could save Travis.“I’m so sorry, Travis,” I whispered through the awkward sobbing that had possessed me. “You deserved so much better than this.” I turned and left the room, thinking that the odds of stopping her were slim but at least I wouldn’t have to watch while the inevitable happened. To my surprise, mother came after me, followed closely by Travis, pathetically holding on to her dress like a child throwing a tantrum.“Don’t go!” He begged her. “Stay with me!” From the great hall I could hear the string quartet, playing a rendition of a cheesy 90’s love song. The guests were probably growing restless, waiting for the ceremony to start.“You know why I came,” mother growled. “You’re not meant for this sort of life. Come with me and I’ll show you what you’re capable of!” At this point, Travis was curled in a ball at her feet, crying, desperate for the slightest taste of affection from her.“Please, take me with you! I’ll do anything!” he shrieked, with a violin rendition of a Whitney Houston song playing in the background.“Oh, shut up, you pitiful excuse for a man!” Mother barked at him and swung her hand at his chest, except it wasn’t her hand anymore. Her fingers had been replaced by a set of sharp claws, that tore Travis’ torso open. Her grin widened as the blood started flowing onto the antique carpet. Travis gasped for air and tears welled up in his eyes, as he whispered his final words –“…but, Valerie… I love you…”Mother shrugged, and then her body transformed into the same beast I had seen at the diner. Her jaws opened and within seconds, Travis was gone. All that was left was his blood, painting the intricate pattern of the carpet bright red.My first reaction was to collapse on the ground where Travis had laid, staining my hands and the snow-white lace of my skirt. Then an unrestrainable fury came over me. I got up and lunged at my mother, clawing at her face and neck – with my blush pink manicured fingernails at first, but slowly they shifted and morphed into claws, creating gashes where they came into contact with her skin.Mother laughed maniacally, and surprisingly didn’t fight back at all.“See? This is who you really are! Embrace it!” her shrill voice shrieked at me. I paused for a moment and looked at my hands, at what I was becoming.“No!” I gasped, but I knew what I had to do. I held her down with one hand and the other swung down, dragging my claws across her throat. As soon as I saw the blood spraying out, I felt a ravenous hunger. I opened my mouth and practically swallowed her whole.My wedding dress was in tatters once I’d shrunk back down to my human self. Stained with blood, it matched the floral decorations almost perfectly. The string quartet was now playing a version of a Kiss song Travis had requested against my wishes. I looked around in horror, wondering how I was going to explain the situation to our wedding guests. How was I going to tell Travis’ parents? I ran out of the manor and into mom’s car, the keys still in the ignition. I drove off, vowing to never do any of that again……but I couldn’t stop thinking of the moment her blood hit my tongue. The taste had brought a level of comfort and satisfaction, like nothing I’d ever experienced before…,meet singles near me Sharon Grove,date club University Place,mature women dating Hopkins Park,find a woman online free Las Vegas Brm,dating near me Smeltertown,meet women near me University Buffalo,asian dating Simbury,