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40+ dating West Simsbury, ,,dating 40 year old woman Leeco,dating military men Campo Seco,I was in disbelief that a simple conversation had spiralled into this. It was a Thursday afternoon and after a long day at work and an even longer and never ending work week I had just wanted to come home and relax but now I was sat here trying to remind myself over and over again that I loved this woman and that murder was illegal. I tried to remind myself of all the specific things I loved about her.... ,adult personals Pilot, ,I loved the way she stretched and yawned in the morning, I loved how she scrunched up her forehead when she was frustrated, I loved how she spoke with so much passion about her job and how her day was, I loved that she had to wear glasses to read, I loved that every Sunday, rain or shine she took Moby, our dog for a walk in the morning and I loved her so much that I had even bought an engagement ring....but the way she argued her point in every argument made me feel so small, even in the rare instance when I won the argument I still felt like I was 6 inches tall. I don't know if she did it on purpose or if it was subconscious. I didn't want to think that she did do it on purpose, she didn't have a mean bone in her body but as soon as a discussion got a little bit heated she became wild, almost crazed. I watched her pacing the room, neither of us had said anything for a while and I had just been so caught up in reminding myself of all her good qualities that I had missed the end of what she had been saying. I didn't know what to say because I wasn't even sure what she had just finished saying so I waited for her to say something...…anything. , ,dating in your 50s Slu,"Well are you going to say something?" She practically shouted at me. ,muslim dating N Hollywood,interracial dating Huntington Station, ,"I can't believe we are even having this argument in the first place, something so small, so trivial..." I said mostly to myself. ,muslim dating Saint Stephen,date me Veblen, ,"If it is so trivial why can't you admit that I am right?" She said. I tried to keep my cool and remind myself of some more lovable traits...,flirt for free Dewmaine,She loves to curl up with a book in bed, she has a collection of warm fuzzy bed socks and even if they don't fit she still lets me wear them and stretch them out when my feet are cold in the winter...but it wasn't working, I needed to win. , ,"Because you're wrong." It was a simple response that got her fired up. She looked like she was ready to explode. I didn't want to make her more mad and the middle child in me wanted to smooth things over and try and keep the peace but the part of me that she kept making feel small wanted to win, even if it was this tiny insignificant argument. Her mouth opened and shut and then formed a hard line and then she crossed her arms pressing her breasts together and I tried to look away, to not get distracted "Please explain to me exactly how you're right then?" I asked, giving myself a little pat on my back for not loosing my train of thought. , ,She was silent for a minute, gathering her thoughts and trying to think of the best way to word it so she could win. That is how she usually won our arguments, she thought about what she was going to say and every word was well thought out where as I just spoke without thinking and my emotion clouded my rational thoughts,date club Bluetown,dating in your 30s Montchanin,dating direct Delton, ,"It looks tidier my way...." she was grasping at straws and I wanted to scoff. That was the best she had? Maybe she knew I was right but she was so used to winning and she just couldn't let it go. ,mingle dating Mc Laughlin, ,"Are you joking? It looks tidier?" I hated that I sounded so condescending but I couldn't help it, the words came out of my mouth before I could think. She looked at me with her big brown eyes, they were glistening and she was on the verge of tears. I didn't want her to cry. I not only hated it when she cried, but I hated to be the reason she was crying. Not that I made her cry often. , ,"You explain how you're right then!" She spat. Despite her going from close to tears to anger at the drop of a hat I wanted to remain calm and explain it slowly and in a way that couldn't be refuted. , ,"My way makes it easier to visually locate. My way is the way they do it in hotels, cruise ships, office buildings and most public places! Seth Wheeler himself agrees with me and does it my way and probably the biggest reason, the most logical reason is that my way has been scientifically proven to be the best way! it means less germs transferred" She looked very confused. I thought my words had been clear and concise... ,dating 60 year old woman Fort Mcpherson, ,single women in Stanton Point,"Who is Seth Wheeler?" she asked. OHHHH I thought. , ,"He invented it...." by the look on her face I knew I had won, but I was surprised. I thought the science would be the thing to convince her..., ,"Okay, okay! I concede!" She said. I had won. I was right. "If the inventor of the damn thing does it your way, your way is the right way" She said.,date you Dr Martin Luther King Jr,dating for seniors URB Rio Piedras Hts,dating for seniors Wurtland, , I thought I would be happy that I had won. It was rare and I usually enjoyed the feeling of winning but now that I had it just didn't seem right, or feel good at all. I didn't like how important winning had felt to me. I had always been a simple and easy going man. I enjoyed some cold beers on a Sunday while watching the hockey, I enjoyed the satisfying crunch of a leaf as I stood on it, I enjoyed a freshly and perfectly mowed lawn, I enjoyed the look and feel of my hair being freshly cut and I ESPECIALLY enjoyed the toilet roll hanging over NOT UNDER....,,,date me Bowdle,dating 45+ Astin,