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He was Lucas, a sophomore. Sarah had always admired him. He was so smart and kind and sweet. He was also popular, which meant she didn't get within 5 feet of him before. This was her chance to make small talk with him. She couldn't miss it! she scooted a bit closer to him and he glanced up, looking surprised. "H..hi" Sarah stammered, cringing at how lame she sounded. Lucas smiled. Oh, he was so cool. And hot. "What are you reading?" Sarah had always loved reading "Oh, just the Chain of Gold." Sarah blinked in surprise "You read Cassandra Clare's books too? OMG, that's so cool!" And we talked about her books. After that, Sarah gave Lucas her phone number, and we got closer and closer. We started dating. We still are, to this day. She smiled and walked from the flowers, which she learned were cherry blossoms, and ran up to Lucas, hugging him. How did Sarah get so lucky, Getting the most popular, sweetest boy in the world? He kissed her forehead. "Hey there. you're a minute late. what took you so long?" He teased. "Oh, I was just thinking of the first time you and I talked. I couldn't believe books would bring us together." Lucas ruffled Sarah's hair and she scowled playfully at him. "Anything is possible" she nodded in consent and walked to class, floating on a cloud of happiness. School seemed to last forever. Sarah couldn't stop thinking. The school bell rang and she jumped out of her seat and ran outside to where she was sure Lucas was waiting. Sure enough, there he's was. "Hey, Princess, ready to go?"Sarah kissed him and nodded. "Of course!" Hand in hand, they both left school. Along the way, Sarah smelled the sweet pastries and got lost in another memory. Lucas was late their meeting, and to apologize, he brought Sarah a couple of delicious, crunchy pastries. Her mouth watered as she thought of food, and she nudged Lucas, Can we stop at a bakery?" Sarah gave him her puppy dog eyes, and laughing, Lucas agreed. The pastry was the best food she'd eaten. After they were done, They parted ways and went home. Sarah finished her homework, ate supper, brushed her teeth, had a shower, put on her pajamas, and curled up in her bed. She quickly fell asleep. The next day. Sarah woke up to the smell of pancakes, which induced another Lucas memory. She was dead on her feet, tired from studying all night. Lucas had brought her pancakes, which made her love him, even more, she already did. She sighed and took a super hot shower, so hot it almost burned off her skin and got dressed. Today was Saturday, and, as usual, Sarah was going to spend it with Lucas. She met him at the park where they first met and greeted each other with a kiss. She leaned against him as they walked, taking comfort in his closeness. "I love you," Sarah said honestly to Lucas, and he looked at her with such tenderness she almost started to cry "I Love you too, Princess" The rest of the day was their's and their's alone. They planned to enjoy every second of it. And that's what they did. At the end of the day, Sarah was dead on her feet as Lucas kissed her goodbye. She went inside her house and flopped on the bed, exhausted but very very happy. She fell asleep instantly, with one last thought going through her head. She loved him and he loved her. She had a good feeling he was going to be with her forever. The next few months were a total blur. She filled up her schedules with Lucas. On the days they didn't hang out, Sarah read or moped around or studied. Nothing changed. They were still in love and will always be in love, no matter the obstacles the will try to come in between them, and fail. Sarah's senses got sharper. Her eyesight much clearer. This must be what love feels like. She had no clues anyone could feel so much for another person. She never even saw anything like it. Sarah learned a very valuable lesson. Anything is possible, you just got to work to get there. Oh, she and Lucas did have to work. There were arguments and problems and jealousies, but they both worked through them. There are different kinds of love, Sarah guessed. her's and Lucas was the sweetest kind. She sighed happily, hoping her future children would find someone special to them. Sarah started writing poems, based on her feelings. She wrote almost every day, feeling so much at once she simply had to get it all out. She smiled in satisfaction and stretched, hearing a pebble on her window. Running to the window she looked out, finding Lucas standing there. She scrambled to put on her shoes and rush out the door, He beckoned her to follow him, and she did, holding tightly to his hand. They arrived soon and Sarah stared around in amazement "Lucas...This is beautiful." He nuzzled her neck and smiled. "You deserve the best. 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