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The strange part of the house was the fact that there were two doors an inch apart.The door on the left had a round top like a watermelon; the color was faded yellow.The door on the right had sharp edges, the wood of the door had no paint, but was just the natural brown of the oak wood.I knew walking into random housing was probably illegal, but as a 15-year-old girl with overprotective parents, I needed adventure. I needed a mystery.The question was: Which door?I examined them again as though there was a clue I was missing.I took a deep breath and walked into the left door.The walls of the house were covered in different paintings. I looked up and saw a chandelier.In front of was a long hallway. I ran as fast as I could down the hallway feeling free as a wolf.At the end of the hallway was another door.The door was black as the fur on a black bear.This time there was a note taped to the door.I felt as though I was being watched. I quickly spun around to see if anyone was there, but no one was there.The note taped to the door read: Help or go. Choose one. Risk everything or leave someone behind."Who is here?" Ashley whispered to herself.Then she heard someone sing, "I am here, it is I. Come or Leave, choose before I choose for you." The voice repeated the same words over and over again.The sound of the voice made Ashley tired.She yawned wondering what to do, as her legs became wobbly and weak.Ashley screamed as her legs gave out underneath her and she drowned in a deep sleep.Josh:I was on my way home when I noticed something unusual; the door to the creepy house at the end of McDonna Road was opened. I heard a scream coming from the same direction and ran towards the house as fast as I could.Who on earth would be stupid enough to walk into that house!I ran into the one who opened the door. The house was surprisingly big. I ran down the hall, as I scanned the hall.At the end of the hall was a woman. The woman was hunched over with a teenage girl draped over her shoulder. The girl looked unconscious. The woman had long hair that piled all over the floor. The hair was the color of gold and glimmered, Yet the woman’s face looked hundreds of years old. It was as though she had aged but her hair never changed.The unconscious girl had brown hair the color of bark from an oak tree. Her eyes were shut, but I noticed she had long eyelashes. The girl was wearing a blue t-shirt and grey sweatpants. I was slightly startled at the sight of the woman and the girl. I mean maybe more than slightly.“W-what are you doing?” I stuttered. “LEAVE!” The woman screeched, showing her chipped teeth.Realizing I had a small pocket knife in my coat pocket, I wrapped my hands around the handle and slowly opened it in my pocket. I took the small knife out of my pocket and slashed the woman's arm. Blood dripped down her skin.The woman dropped the girl and looked into my eyes.Her crystal blue eyes looked empty. The wrinkles on her skin screamed as though they ached. A tear dripped from her eyes and I knew one thing at that moment, this woman needed help. She needs to feel loved.The woman was only doing what she was doing to others because she had nothing in life to enjoy, so she took away what others had to enjoy.I took her hands in mine and said “Stop,” like time stood still she nodded.The woman didn't object as I walked into the other room.I stopped two steps into the other room when I saw a girl (who looked 11 or 12) sitting on a large bed.The girl had blue eyes that glistened as she stared at me, she looked pale.“Who are you? Are you from the outside world?” The girl asked curiously, standing up and inspecting me and thought I was a creature from another world.“Have you ever been outside?” I asked the girl not remembering a girl ever coming out of the house.“Outside the house? No of course not!” She replied.“What’s your name?” I asked as I walked closer to her.“Georgia,” She smiled as though her name was the happiest thing in the world.I then picked up Georgia and said “You are coming with me.” “NO!” The woman hollowed.“She is not living here with you. And anyway what were you doing with that girl? Is Georgia even your child?” I snapped angrily.“She’s my daughter,” The woman sighed, “I was going to use this girl to keep Georgia company.”“Then why is she unconscious?” I asked.“I sang her to sleep. You see I have always had these magical powers. I can sing people to sleep then while they are asleep I can make them do stuff once they wake up. Just I can’t do it with boys,” I woman said.“Wake her up!” I demanded.“I can’t.” The woman stated.“Yes, you can” I insisted.“I waited too long to wake her up. Now there is only one way to wake her.” The woman said as Georgia fiddled with my short hair.“Okay, so what other way is there?” I asked“Well, it’s kinda cringy.” She admitted.“It does not matter if it is cringy! Just tell me how to wake her!” I said, raising my voice.“True love kiss.” The woman said.“Well, how are we going to find her true love?” I asked.“I don’t know! Why are you asking me?” The woman groaned as I put Georgia down.I turned the girl over on the ground because her face was facing the roof. Then bent over and kissed her. She opened her eyes as soon as my lips touched hers.I looked into the girl's eyes and realized this was true love and kissed her again.“Hey.” The girl's voice sounded calm and kind.“Hey,” I said helping her off the ground, “What’s your name?”“Ashley. And you are?” The girl's voice echoed in my ears as I stared at her beautiful eyes.“I’m Josh,” I stated, not being able to stop the goofy smile on my face.“Awwwww! The two lovers meet!” The woman teased, making Ashley jump into my arms with fear.“She’s not going to hurt us,” I said, comforting Ashley as I stroked her hair. It felt as though I had known Ashley for years.Ashley moved out of my arms and said “I should go,” and she left.I turned to the woman and said, “I am going to take Georgia to the foster center.I then picked Georgia up and walked to my house which was a couple blocks away and got into my car and drove to the foster center.Everything went smoothly and I said goodbye to Georgia. I sat in my car driving home when I noticed Ashley walking on the sidewalk.I pulled the car over and jumped out onto the sidewalk.“Ashley!” I shouted running her way.She turned around and looked at me, she smiled and as soon as I was within ten feet of her she ran up to me and kissed me.Her lips felt soft against mine.When we pulled apart I looked at her face, she was smiling.“Hi!” She greeted me.“Hey,” I said calmly pushing my hand through her silky brown hair.She rested her head on my chest.She slowly pulled away from me and took my hand in hers.I looked her in the eyes, she had a sneaky daring looking hidden in her eyes.She started to run pulling me behind her. I could hear her laughing.We ran until we got to a small house, where she stopped.“This is where I live.” She told me and invited me in.We walked straight through the house to a small room. Her room.The walls were painted bright purple and there were drawings taped to the walls.“Did you draw these?” I asked, looking at a drawing of a robin.“Yeah” Ashley replied, watching me.“They're good. Really good.” I grinned at her.“So boyfriend, what shall we do now?” She asked giggling.“I’m not sure, girlfriend. What about this?” I bent over and kissed her.,speed dating near me Derry Church,