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She had already treated herself to Paris’ famous chocolates from L’amour, and she hadn’t been able to resist purchasing a lovely fedora: She was a jazz singer and she had a gig that night in one of the fancy clubs, so she thought it would go marvelously with the long black, elegant dress she’d picked out for the occasion, but now she wasn’t sure if that was too sullen: Black was often worn to funerals after all, and the songs she had selected were rather buoyant in nature. She sighed, staring in awe at the gown and telling herself that perhaps magic truly did exist in the world of fashion: This dress was proof!She walked into the shop and looked at the price tag.$3000!She gasped, feeling her heart flutter. She was already $100 in debt, thanks to the fedora purchase, and the luxurious chocolates, but fashion statements were very important, particularly for musical performances.I could actually end up making more money in the future if people appreciated her outfit. She thought to herself.They’d be more likely to come and see my gigs in the future after all. She sighed while admiring the gown.Well…Maybe just this once. She reasoned.That’s what credit cards were for, after all. This was, quite frankly, an emergency: If she didn’t have the right outfit for her performance, people wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate the aesthetic atmosphere of her sound and the mood of the pieces, they probably wouldn’t even want to come back: Fashion was an important element of the message she wanted to convey. Honestly, if this wasn’t an emergency, she didn’t know what was! This was about her art and her career. It absolutely had to be done! There was just no way around it: The $3000 was going on her credit card, and she’d just have to pay it off next month with the increased earnings she anticipated from her upcoming gig. If she was wearing this spectacular dress, she figured that she’d simply attract a larger audience and she’d have plenty of cash coming in from future performances, so she went to the counter and purchased it.Sunday rolled around, and Sophie was feeling quite bored, almost melancholic in fact, about the state of her finances. Then her husband Bill, had had a freak car accident on the way to the grocey store, and she was terrified that their medical bills would start piling up. He was severely injured, and she went to visit him in the hospital, her mind wandering involuntarily to the brilliant dress hanging in her closet at home: She hoped she wouldn’t have to return it!As she was driving, she saw a store with a lovely array cards, and she figured he would probably appreciate one: It would ease his mood, after all. She saw that there were plenty of “Get Well Soon” options and took her time picking one out to ease his spirits. She finally found one that was $5, and reasoned that her husband’s well-being was worth far more than saving a few extra bucks, so she put that on her credit card.Oooh-la-la. She thought to herself.There is a marvelous flower store right next door! Bill has always loved lavender. Perhaps its marvelous fragrance will soothe him as he recovers. I’ll just take a peek. The flower store proved to be quite overwhelming, with many varieties of plants calling the woman’s name, and she had trouble deciding between lilies, lavender, and a beautiful bouquet of peonies, so she decided to opt for a combination of all three, and a brand new vase for good measure!Bill will love this. She didn’t even look at the balance. She simply gave the cashier her card and felt her stomach do a somersault. She’d been trying to track her expenses this month, but emergencies often take a toll on a person’s pocketbook, and she told herself that her husband needed this in order to recover: He’d really appreciate it.Hospitals were just so sterile. A splash of color would do him good, and might even help him heal. She’d read somewhere that plants were healing, and she’d decided this method was, at the very least, worth a try. She didn’t know the details of the process, or if it was accurate, but any gesture was better than none at all, she told herself, even if she had to spend a bit of extra money in the process.Finally, she arrived. Bill was wincing as she walked into the room: He’d broken his leg.“Darling, I brought you some flowers and a card. I hope you feel better soon.”“Thank you, dear,” the man said, and Sophie thought she saw a shadow of annoyance cross his face, but she couldn’t be sure.“How are you?”“I’m just glad I’m alive. My leg is hurting, but it could be worse, as my Gran always used to say. There’s no point in complaining.”Bill was a stickler when it came to not complaining. He didn’t complain when he was fired after working at a law firm for twenty years, due to being late ten times because of his extremely hectic schedule. He didn’t complain about the miscarriage the two of them had gone through very early in their marriage. He didn’t even complain about Sophie’s spending habits, or any valid issues in the relationship. He just said he loved her and he kept his thoughts to himself. This made him simultaneously extremely easy to live with and very challenging to be around, particularly if Sophie had done something to get on his nerves and he would simply mope around the apartment with a sullen expression, refusing to voice his concerns.“My darling. It’s okay to complain every now and again. You must be in pain, for God’s sake! You just broke your leg!”Sophie ventured.“Thanks, Soph!”“Of course, darling. Good luck with the gig!”“Thank you,” Sophie replied, “I bought a new dress for the occasion!”Bill calmly replied, “That’s wonderful, my love.”Sophie anticipated that he might say something else because he’d opened his lips once more, but he promptly closed them. She thought she heard a hint of annoyance in his tone, but she wasn’t certain.It didn’t matter whether Sophie bought $3000 dresses or expensive L' Amour chocolates. It didn’t matter if she used the rent money for her eccentric fedoras or spent every last bit of cash on gifts for him, and for herself: Bill never complained. He worked hard and kept his mouth shut unless he had something encouraging to say. He felt it was best for him to act in this manner. His Gran had taught him that.,dating local South Elma,dating in your 50s A&t State University,dating 45+ Guachupangue,