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dating older women Victory City,,dating apps for women Norway, ,dating profile template Tipton,, ,Tick, tock, tick, tock, ­­time went by fast as I was busy working. Exhausted and drained by the day’s work, I was relieved to look up at the wall clock, fashioned to resemble a mini solar system, and find that it was already 7p.m. Closing time. I began to pack up along with the other day staff when the employees on the night shift showed up. Packing up even faster, I grabbed my bag and my binder then zoomed out the door and walked past several staff until I felt a firm grip around my wrist.,blind date West Hawley,adult friend finders Jungo,“Sammy!” annoyance built up within me as I recognized the voice before I even turned back.,“It’s Samantha. Don’t nickname me.”,“Geez, I’m sorry, Samantha Solar Sun,” he teased and said my full name. “Is that better?”,“Yes, Morgan Lunar Moon.”,“Wow, I’m surprised you know my full name.” he smirked and leaned closer. “Do I have a stalker?”,“Not a chance, Lunar. I’m sure ‘Lunar’ must have been a typo on your birth certificate for ‘lunatic’.” I rolled my eyes and snatched my wrist from his grasp. The tall, dark-haired pest in front of me and I work in the human resources department of the office; except I work during the day, and he works at night- so thankfully, I’m mostly away from him. I’m mostly away from people in general which is great because people can be a lot to handle. It’s ironic that I have a job giving warmth and light to humans. My Mum had my job here before but she couldn’t continue after she had a ‘burnout,’ if you know what I mean. So now I have to take care of the family., “Ouch,” he gripped his chest over his heart and feigned pain. “That hurt but I’ll let it slide because you’re cute. Your fiery, red hair. Your gorgeous, hazel eyes. Such a beaut’. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of your-”,“Do you need money, Morgan?”,“Can’t I just compliment a babe when I see one?”,“If you don’t need anything then I’ll be on my way home now.”,“No, wait! Alright, you got me. There’s a party tonight. The biggest one of the century. The biggest one of the millennium even, and I’d like you to be my date.”,Calling it the ‘biggest party of the millennium’ sure did seem like a stretch. Then again, how would I know. I probably haven’t gone to a party in years, but knowing how Morgan acts like a party-driven donkey, any party is a ‘big’ party to him; and a big no from me.,“Thanks, but I…. I have things to do tonight.”, “Like what?” he squinted his eyes in suspicion.,“Uh, personal things. None of your business!”,“You’re always just bouncing back and forth between home and work and home and work and-”,completely free dating River Pines,“Yeah, I get it!”,“I’m just saying, live a little. It’ll be fun, I promise!”,Fun for him, undoubtedly. I’ve never been fond of social gatherings. I mean, what’s the fun in being cramped up with a bunch of people, most of which you don’t even know, for a couple of hours and eating cheap snacks I can just go buy at the grocery store if I wanted to, while listening to overly loud music at decibels that are probably enough to cause ear damage to your neighbors down the street? If there’s some appeal, I certainly can’t see it. Despite my clear disinterest in attending the party, he still didn’t give up in his attempts to convince me. He grabbed my hand again and clasped it between his hands, leaning closer and speaking more softly. His gray eyes had a mesmerizing twinkle to them which I called ‘moonlight’ and I suppose that made him more convincing.,“Just imagine this, Samantha. A night of laughter, fun and excitement. It’ll be a night you’ll never forget. It’ll be just me, you…… and the Stars.”,“Wait, what? the Stars?” Cindy and Mindy Star, twins and my co-workers who also worked the night shift with Morgan.,“Yeah, I crashed my car last week and it’s still at the repair shop so they’re giving us a ride to the party. It’ll still be fun though. The more the merrier!” After thinking for a moment, I gave him an answer.,“No.”,“What? Why?” he whined like a child. “Even after all my convincing?”,“I’m still not fully convinced.”,He sniffed and pretended to cry in what I assume was a poor attempt at making me feel bad. Although I still didn’t really want to go, I remembered our last New Year’s revolution party; where we celebrated another complete revolution of the earth and I told myself I’d try and go out more than last year- so basically more than zero times.,17 and 20 year old dating URB Santa Cecilia,“Alright, I’ll go but I’ll only stay for a little bit.”,“Really?” his fake crying ceased instantly. “Awesome, I’ll pick you up at 10.”,As he walked away, bouncing and bubbly, I realized something. “Wait, shouldn’t you still be at work by then?”,Chuckling suspiciously, he turned back to respond. “I have my ways.” Then he left. Mischievous brat.,               Despite getting home hours before the party was supposed to start, I could barely relax. Every aspect of my being was filled with regret. Why did I agree to go? I could have been watching a movie and enjoying a quiet night by myself instead of racking my brain, trying to figure out what shirt would match with this brown skirt! I thought as I rummaged through my closet, which was mostly filled with corporate clothing for work- which made my outfit selection for a casual night out even harder. I finally found a white, spaghetti strap top, which my sister must have forgotten at my place seeing as I’d never buy something like that myself. I finally put on my black flats which I wore to the office often and I was ready to go.,Knock, knock. Someone was at the door.,“I’m coming!”,KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, I flung the door open angrily and surprise, surprise- it was Morgan.,“Are you trying to break down my door or someth- ARGH!” The strong scent of his cologne shot straight into my lungs. “Cough, cough, there’s such a thing as too much cologne, you know.”,“Oh, please. I wouldn’t spare a drop for a date as lovely as yourself.” He didn’t seem to be “sparing” in flirtation tonight either. “You look nice. I like what you did with your hair.”,I unconsciously grabbed my curls which flowed down on my shoulders. “I wear my hair the same way every day.”,“Hmmm, still. It looks good.”,Honk, honk, “Are we going to party or what?” Cindy pressed the car horn. Morgan and I got into the backseat of the car. It was a short drive and he kept trying to make friendly conversation along the way. We arrived at the party a few minutes after 10 p.m. I looked up as we stepped out of the car and saw neon lights over the huge building which spelt out the words: The Black Hole- a popular nightclub.,“Morgan, why are we at a club?! I thought you said you said we were going to a party.”,“We are going to a party…... inside the club.”,“I didn’t agree to this.”,“You never specifically said you wouldn’t go to a club though.”,I glared at him and turned around. “Alright, this night has been fun. I’ll be leaving now.” He grabbed my hand in an instant. “I don’t think so, Sammy. I’m not letting you leave until you’ve had a truly memorable night.”,dating 50+ Campbells Island,“I told you, it’s Samantha not Sammy and I’m not-,” I cut my words off with a scream as he yanked me by the hand and dragged me into the club. Before I could lash out at him, my senses were assaulted by the bright, flashing lights and the deafeningly loud music bouncing off all the walls. Asides from that, the club was so congested to the point that I barely had any breathing space. “I can’t believe how many people there are in here.” I shouted amidst the noise.,Morgan responded. “Me neither. I thought there’d be a lot more.” I looked up at him, wondering if he had finally lost his mind. “Wanna dance?” he asked.,“No thanks.”,“Come on, we’re here to have fun. Don’t be a party pooper.”,“I just…. I don’t feel so good.”,“Oh, okay. Let’s go sit at the bar and get some drinks.”,“What about Cindy and Mindy?” I asked. We surveyed the area but didn’t see them.,“I’m sure they’re off dancing or something. Come on, let’s go.” He led me by the hand to the bar. I’d object to any physical contact from him under normal circumstances but I was honestly just afraid of getting lost in the crowd. He pulled out a chair for me.,transgender dating East Dubuque,“Sit here. Are you cold?” he began to take off his black, leather jacket.,completely free dating San Patricio,“I’m fine, thanks.” I couldn’t help but smile at his sudden acts of kindness. “Wow, I guess chivalry truly isn’t dead.”,He laughed as he sat besides me. “There’s this hot chick over there so I’m trying to make myself look good. If case she asks, you’re my sister.”,I glared at him and slowly shook my head in disappointment. “Never mind. You killed it.”,one night friend Bricker Dev,“I’m joking! Geez, what kind of guy would try to hit on someone while he’s literally on a date with someone else. I’m not that cruel.”,“Okay I guess…… wait, what do you mean by that cruel?”,“Haha, anyways, would you like a drink?”,dating apps for women URB Mirador De Borinquen Gdn,“No, I’m good. Thank you.”,date my age Rushford,“Sammy, Sammy, Sammy,” he had started trying to get on my nerves again. At this point, I was tired of correcting him. “How many times do I have to tell you; live a little! Who goes out and doesn’t get a drink?”,casual dating Linefork,“Those who don’t want a drink? I don’t drink alcohol.”,“You do realize that there are non-alcoholic drinks at some bars, right? Come on, I’ll buy you one. My treat.”,“Why are you being so nice though? We’re not even close or anything.”,He smiled, and for the first time, he didn’t have a dumb, smug look. He actually looked sincere.,“I dragged you out here because you hole up yourself at work so much to the point that I’m worried it’s all you do. You shouldn’t take just one thing so seriously to the point where if anything happens to it, it’s like you’ve got nothing left. We’re still young, so why not actually live life rather than ‘be lived’? You know what I mean?”,I was shocked by the depth of his words- and, oddly inspired. It felt like someone or something had possessed Morgan and made him actually speak with some sense for once. “Wow, I didn’t know you could actually be profound. I mean, up until now, everything that’s come out of your mouth has just been rubbish.”,“Um, thanks?”,“I didn’t mean it that way. What I’m trying to say is, thank you.”,“Anytime. Now, you can thank me by letting me buy you a drink.”,“Haha, alright. Go ahead.”,“Yes!” he declared victoriously as he turned over to the bartender. “Excuse me. One milky way and a mars-tini please.”,“Milky way? What’s that?”,“Oh, it’s this really cool drink they make with coconut milk. It tastes great- plus, no alcohol, so that’s an added bonus. I’m sure you’ll love it.”,“Okay, I’ll give it a shot.” The drinks arrived faster than expected.,“Thank you!” Morgan said to the bartender then handed my drink to me. “Come on, try it out!”,I was hesitant to take the first sip. I slowly picked up the cup and examined the drink then tasted it.,“So, what do you think?”,“It’s amazing!” it was so good that I drank it faster.,“I knew you’d love it.” He turned over to the bartender. “It’s amazing how you people can make such great drinks, even without alcohol.”,“Do you mean the Milky way? Oh, it has alcohol.” Morgan’s face became pale and I spat out my drink- at least, the last sip which was still in my mouth.,“Morgan, what does he mean by, ‘it has alcohol’? You told me it didn’t?”,“Yeah, I thought it didn’t, but-”,“You THOUGHT?! Morgan, what the heck? I told you, I don’t drink!”,“I know! I’m sorry! I must have mixed it up with the galactic swirl or something. Uggh!” he faced the bartender. “Why didn’t you tell me?”,“Why didn’t you ask?” he responded sassily while wiping a cup.,50 plus dating app Univ Cinc Med Sciences,interracial dating central North Petersburg,“Samantha, are you okay?”,I began to feel a bit dizzy. “Huh, what? Am I, um, no I feel fine.” I remember sitting there for a bit before suddenly turning to Morgan and saying, “Let’s dance!”,“I don’t think that’s a good idea. You sound like you’re tipsy. You must have like zero tolerance.”,“I’m fine. Let’s go. Weeeeee!” One of the last few things I remember was grabbing him by the hand and then we danced for a bit. After that, I got so dizzy and then everything suddenly went dark. I eventually woke up with a splitting headache and found that I was asleep on the couch in my living room, still wearing the same clothes from last night and my hair was an absolute mess.,“Ow!” I massaged the temples of my forehead with the tips of my fingers as I sat up on the couch, wondering how- and when exactly, I got back home. “What time is it?” As I reached out to pick up my phone from the table, it suddenly started ringing- it was my boss. Uh oh!,“Samantha, where in the universe are you?? It’s already 10 a.m. and yet, no sun! Just be grateful we were able to run the auto-sun or else, things would have been terrible! We can only run it for so long. Get into work NOW!”,dating 60 year old man Taswell,“Uh, yes Sir! I’ll be there right away!” he cut the call and I went into a panicking fit. “10 A.M.?! How could I allow this to happen? I have to get ready!” I rushed through my morning preparations as fast as I could and arrived at work at 10:35 a.m., at which I was greeted by my boss’ scolding. After apologizing profusely, I got to work. The day went by rather slowly between working extra hard and taking pain killers to overcome the hangover. It was finally the long-awaited closing time- I needed to sleep badly. As I walked out of the office, I unfortunately bumped into an all too familiar face.,dating profile template North La Junta,“Samantha, are you okay? I texted you to make sure you were alright after we dropped you off last night because you passed out on the dance floor. It was kind of cute actually.” He smiled and I wanted to punch him in the face.,I glared at him for a brief moment then walked away.,“Sammy, what’s wrong?”,“Don’t ever call me Sammy again! Because of you, I drank, woke up late, messed up and nearly lost my job and got ­­yelled at by the boss!”,“I’m sorry, I really am. I had no idea things would end up like this. I just wanted you to have a memorable night. Although, it was memorable in some ways. Right?”,I refused to speak because this pest was clearly testing me. I simply continued walking away.,“Samantha, wait!” he ran after me and grabbed my wrist in his usual, forward manner. “So, does that mean there won’t be a second date? Because, there’s this thing this weekend….”,I forcefully unleashed my wrist from his grasp and shoved him away. “I’m never going out with you again!”,The end.,date you Agoura, ,match dating Rosier, ,,,