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quick flirt Artemus,dating 40 year old man Gaviota,over 50s dating Hurricane Mills, ,,dating 60 year old woman Us Nav Const Batt,dating over 40 Yona,Ariah Miller had always been a sucker for romance novels. She had books piled up on her shelves about love and such. Ariah had never been on a date herself, but she was hoping her true love would sweep her off her feet just like in the books. ,Ariah left her house and went to the nearby library. She searched for romanic novels that she hadn't seen before. "Ariah Miller, up here again? Didn't you just check out a book four days ago? Don't tell me you have already finished it." said the librarian as she walked towards Ariah. Ariah smiled. "That means you finished it." Said the librarian with a laugh. "You need to get yourself out there! You won't be in your twenties forever. Maybe you should go meet someone." Said the librarian. "Oh, I'd love to but... I don't think anyone is interested in a book nerd like me." Said Ariah. "I admit. Your head is in the cloud a lot, but come down for just a second and put yourself out there!" Said the librarian. "We will see." Said Ariah as she shrugged. The librarian walked about. Ariah searched more, dragging her finger across each book. "Ah, here's one I've never read." She thought. "Margarite's Man" Ariah examined the book. She took it to the check out. "This is the one." She said as she pulled out her wallet. The librarian perked up. "I got an amazing idea." She said. "Uh oh..." Said Ariah. "No shhhh. This is a good one." Said the librarian. "We have a family friend who is in town for awhile... If you go on one date with him, you can keep that book plus three more." She said. "I don't know Angela (librarian's name)... I've never done anything like this. A date is one thing, but a date without knowing this person at all..." Said Ariah. "Oh come on, he's a nice guy. I think you'll get along. It's time for you to get out there. And, you've been dying to buy that book you've been looking at for months." Said Angela. Ariah rolled her eyes. "Ugh okay, you've talked me into it. But only one date!" She said. "Meet him tomorrow at the Sparrow Cafe around 7:30 PM." Said Angela. "Okay, thanks Ange." Said Ariah as she walked out the door. "A blind date? This will be the most awkward time of my life..." Thought Ariah. ,mature dating Wiergate,chat and date Moore Haven,The next day, Ariah was nervous. She had no idea what to expect. To calm her nerves, she read the new book she had just gotten. She couldn't focus. "Ugh, what have I gotten myself into." She thought. There was a knock at the door. Ariah went to answer. "Heyyyyy Ariah!" Said Angela as she walked in. "Oh, Angela, what are you doing here?" Asked Ariah. "Just checking in to see how you are doing. We are gonna have a girl's day today and you're gonna have a romantic night tonight! We are gonna change up your look just a little bit! Get your best dresses and accessories." Angela said. "Ange..." Said Ariah with a sigh. "You know all I own for a dress is that old polka dot dress that I wear to church. And the only accessories I have are shameful." Angela got excited. "We are gonna go shopping!" She said excitedly. "You know, for a librarian, you sure are loud." Said Ariah. "Hush up and let's go!" Said Angela. ,muslim dating Stroh,dating 60 year old woman Middlegate,ukraine dating Hi Land,completely free dating Haven,50 plus dating app Witherspoon,The two went shopping for hours. They tried on dresses, shoes, accessories, and perfumes. "I don't think I'll have enough energy for the date tonight." Said Ariah. "I think I found the perfect outfit! It says Ariah but with less... Innocence if you know what I mean." Said Angela. "I really don't know what you mean." Said Ariah as she took the outfit. A couple minutes later Ariah came out of the dressing room. "Oh my gosh Ari! You look gorgeous!" Said Angela. Ariah smiled. "Honestly, I do really like this dress. And this bracelet is beautiful as well as these earrings. But, look at the price tags!" She said. "Don't even worry about that, Ange has got you covered." Said Angela as she pulled Ariah toward the check out. "Well let me get out of this first." Said Ariah with a laugh. "Oh, right." Said Angela laughing. They left the store. "Okay I am going to drop you off now at the Sparrow Cafe. Look for the man in the green jacket." Said Angela. Ariah felt nervous but also excited. "Could this be my prince charming? Or maybe my worst nightmare?" She thought. All of her thoughts rang loudly in her head. The car stopped. "This is you." Said Angela. Ariah unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the door. "Uhhh. I'm feeling sick. Take me home." She said. "Nope." Said Angela as she pushed Ariah out of the car. She closed the door. "You'll be fine. Love you!" She said as she drove away. Ariah turned to see the cafe. "Here goes nothing." She thought as she nervously walked towards the door. ,chat and date Greasy Creek,Ariah's hand shook as she reached for the handle. She entered. "I want to leave." She thought. Her eyes searched for the man in the green jacket. "For all I know, if I see a man wearing a green jacket, it might not be him." Ariah saw a man with a green jacket sitting down. "Oh wow. Is that him? He is the only person wearing a green jacket." She thought. The man's eyes met hers. Ariah looked around to avoid eye contact. As soon as the man turned away, she made her way towards him. "Hello?" She asked. The man turned. "Hi... Are you... Ariah Miller?" He asked. "I am. And you are?" She asked. "I am Cody." He answered. "Take a seat and I'll get us some coffee. What kind do you like?" He asked. "Umm... A latte." Said Ariah. Cody left. "He is fine. I didn't expect him to look so handsome. But is he a nice guy?" She asked herself. Cody soon returned with two drinks. "One for you, and one for me." The two drank some coffee. "I gotta say, you look nothing like the picture that Angela showed me." He said. "Is that good or bad?" Asked Ariah. "I think you look great either way, but this is what I was shown." He answered. Cody showed Ariah a picture of her reading in the library. "Oh that's so gross." She said. "I think you're beautiful." Said Cody. Ariah blushed. "I think tonight is going to be magical." Thought Ariah. They finished their coffee and talked for awhile. They talked about books, foods, insecurities, and just about anything under the sun. "You are easier to talk to than I thought." Said Ariah. "Well this is my first time on a date so I hope that's good." Said Cody. "What?! Your first time? Me too, but you're so handsome..." Said Ariah. "Did I just say that out loud?!" Though Ariah. Cody smiled and took Ariah's hand. Ariah's stomach fluttered. "Just like in the books." She thought to herself. She smiled. ,dating direct Galien,The night flew by. Cody and Ariah went to the movie theater, to the duck pond, and to Ariah's favorite place, the library. Ariah had never felt this way about anybody. Tonight, she was a princess and Cody had swept her off her feet. As midnight approached, Cody walked Ariah home. The night was cold so Cody gave her his jacket. "This is my house." Said Ariah. "Too bad. Tonight was incredible and I wish it lasted forever. Let's do this again sometime." Ariah smiled. "Oh, here is your jacket." She said as she took it off. Cody put it back on her. "Keep it." He said. It started to rain. Cody looked into Ariah's eyes. "Even in the rain, you're beautiful." He said. They shared their first kiss on that rainy Friday night. They both said goodnight and Ariah went inside. She smiled as she peered out the window at Cody walking home. Ariah flew onto her bed a signed. "What a guy." She thought. That night, Ariah's dreams came true. ,dating over 40 Nighthawk,,,flirt for free Colman,single women in Noonan,dating 60 year old man Harrell,dating 55 and older Social Security Admin,dating over 30 Majuro Marshall Islands,dating over 30 Grammer,