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dating in your 50s Ospur

,, , I woke up, the sun was shining through my curtains. Birds were chirping right outside my window. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and yawned. Seconds later, I realized. ,17 and 20 year old dating Henryville,“IT’S MY WEDDING DAY!!” I yelled. I jump out of my bed and twirled around my room. “YES YES YES!! Today is the day!!” I smiled widely, skipping my way to the bathroom. ,I started the shower and yelled once more, “I’M GETTING MARRIED!!”,****, “Okay, hun? I’ll say this once more, SIT STILL.”,“Sorry Rosetta. I’m just so excited! Henry and I are gonna be so happy together, this is truly gonna be the best day of my life!” I smiled passionately at the thought of my groom. ,dating older women Bucoda,Rosetta sighed and sadly smiled. “Okay, I get it! I’m done!” She stepped back from where I was sitting, admiring her work. ,“Oh Rosetta! I look gorgeous! Thank you so much!” My hair was put in a twisted low bun. A small headband with white and gold flowers made my eyes stand out perfectly. The light bronze eyeshadow with subtle mascara, light blush, and nude lipstick made my skin glow. ,“Maddie come here!” She pulled me into a hug. “I’m so happy for you sweetie, I’m so glad to be apart of your big day.” ,“Aw!! I love you so much, Rosetta! Thank you for being the best friend in the world!” Tears came to my eyes as I hugged back. ,“Don’t ruin your makeup!” Rosetta quickly wiped them away. We both starting laughing uncontrollably. ,****, I stared at myself in the full-length mirror. My wedding dress was so beautiful, a nice cream color as well. The lacy, thin sleeves to the fluffy, bouncing bottom, it was perfect. I did a small twirl and smiled. I felt like a princess. ,“ look so beautiful.” I gasp at the figure behind me, but my shocked expression quickly turned into a smile. ,dating in your 50s Ospur,“Henry!” I yelled, jumping into his open arms. “Oh honey, I missed you!” I hugged him tighter. He chuckled and hugged me tighter too.,“I missed you too Madds!” I gasped and pushed him away. ,“You’re not supposed to be seeing me right now! We’re gonna get bad luck and we cannot, I repeat CANNOT have bad luck today!” He threw his hands up in defense. ,dating 50 plus International Paper Co,“Woah, Woah I’m sorry that I wanted to see my wife-to-be!” He said chuckling as I pushed him out the door. ,dating 40 year old woman Amity,“Okay fine! You’re lucky you’re cute and I love you!” I pecked his lips and shut the door in his face. ,“Love you too!” I heard him faintly through the door. Listening to his retreating footsteps, I smiled. I’m so happy. I made my way back to the mirror. Then I heard a knock. “Come in!” I shouted, fixing my headband which was crooked. It was my mom. “Mama! I see you came!” I went up to hug her. “So, how do I look?” I spun while she giggled and clapped. ,“You look amazing my dear! I’m so happy for you!” She grabbed my hands in hers and smiled.,“Thank you, Mama! That means a lot!” I wiped away any tears that managed to escape. ,“Of course my darling!” She smiled widely back at me. After some light chatting and catching up, Rosetta shooed her out to put some final touches on my makeup and to make sure my hair was perfect. ,“Okay, okay Rosetta! She’s leaving! Bye Mama, see you out there!”,“Bye dearest!” ,I walked back to Rosetta, who was impatiently waiting by the vanity.,“Goodness me! It’s almost an hour till the ceremony and here you are, chatting away!” She impatiently speaks, furiously fixing my hair.,“Oh shush! It’s my mom! She is allowed to chat with her daughter!” I chuckled.,date you URB La Fontana De Torrimar,bbw dating Veale,“Hmph! I don’t like that woman! She is so, I don’t know, shifty? I just feel uneasy around her.”,“Rosetta, that’s my mom you’re talking about. You may be my best friend, but you may not talk about my mother in a bad way!” ,“Sorry, sorry you’re right Maddie! Okay, let me see those cheekbones!” She was so close to me, I could see the golden flecks in her eyes, the light amount of freckles across the bridge of her nose. The smell of her perfume... "Did you just smell me?" OMG DID I DO THAT FOR REAL??? ,"NO! I just got, uh the snuffles!" I rubbed my nose.,"Okay weirdo!" She snickered. What is wrong with me?? Thought to myself., She added some faint highlighter and I was finally done. I went back up to the full-length mirror. Smoothing out my dress, I sighed. Am I ready for this? ,Rosetta came up behind me and squeezed my shoulders. Like she read my mind, “Everything is alright, you are gonna be so happy with Henry!” I sighed happily.,“I know, thank you, Rosetta, for everything.” I pulled her into a tight hug.,“Anything for you my Mi Amada.” She whispered that last part. ,dating older men Walt Disney Co,“What was that last part?” I questioned. ,interracial dating central Moon Township,“Ah, uh nothing, nothing! Ah well, look at the time! Gotta go uh, do my makeup or something like that! Bye!” She hurried out the door. ,I giggled. “She can be so weird sometimes…” I thought aloud. ,****,“30 more minutes Maddie! It's almost go-time!” Rosetta yelled through the door.,“Thank you Rosetta, but not helping!” I was having a minor panic attack. What if the food is bad? What if I fall while walking? What if my dress rips? What if Henry fled? Actually...I haven’t seen him in a while… “Hey Rosetta, have you seen Henry recently?” I walked out of the room. ,speed dating near me Ottsville,“Now that I think about it...I haven’t.” ,“OMG ROSETTA DO YOU THINK HE LEFT?? OMG, WHAT AM I GONNA DO?! I’ll have to cancel everything, the guests will be so disappointed, my mother with die! ROSETTA MY MOM WILL DIE!” I paced back and forth in the doorway. ,50 plus dating app W Mansfld,“Hey, hey, hey Madds! Calm down and take a deep breath. One, two, three. You all good now?” ,“No, Rosetta!! It’s only 20 more minutes before we're supposedly getting married! Where is he?? I’m going to look for him!!” I dashed down the hallway, careful of my dress. ,asexual dating Marblemount,“Wait no Maddie! Damn it!” She dashed right after me.,40+ dating URB La Meseta,40+ dating Dash Point,“Henry, Henry! Are you here?!” I looked through every doorway and no sign of him. ,match dating Univ Nv Reno,I had gotten to the end of the corridor with no hope. ,“Gosh darn! Where is he-” There was moaning coming from one of the supply closets. The door was cracked a bit and whoever was in there, they were extremely loud. I gagged and was gonna walk away when I heard…, ,“Oh, Henry~”, , I was in pure shock. My mouth was ajar and my eyes were wide. Then, I heard it again, followed by more moaning and giggles. I was praying to god, that it wasn’t Henry, not my Henry. Please, oh please don’t be Henry. I opened the door all the way. I gagged. Henry was there, locking his lips with….MY MOTHER. I stared at them, watching them basically eat each other’s faces. “WHAT THE F*CK!” I screamed. They got off each other and stared back at me. ,“Madds, i-it’s not what it looks like.” ,“WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE THEN HENRY?! IT LOOKS LIKE YOU WERE MAKING OUT WITH MY MOM, MY MOM!! ON OUR WEDDING DAY!” I screamed. He looked so ashamed. ,dating 60 year old man URB El Comandante,dating 40 year old man Culp Creek,“AND YOU!” I directed my glare at my mother. ,“WHAT THE HELL?! YOU'RE MY MOM! THAT’S MY FIANCE!! WE’VE BEEN PLANNING THIS TOGETHER AND YOU'VE HAVE BEEN KISSING HIM TOO??!! AND OH DEAR GOD, PROBABLY OTHER THINGS TOO, HUH! F*CK BOTH OF YOU! I HOPE THE TWO OF YOU ARE SO HAPPY TOGETHER! DON’T CALL, TEXT, OR EVEN THINK ABOUT ME!” I flipped them both off and ran down the hall, not stopping for the desperate Henry calling for me, not for the confused Rosetta that I passed, not for anyone. I was too hurt, I couldn’t even speak. All there was were tears. I made my outside of the church. I didn’t have anywhere to go. My life was ruined, everything I’ve been planning for the past year and a half, those 3 amazing years I had with Henry, the future I planned for us... The moment we were engaged, I knew I was gonna be happy forever. The tears wouldn’t stop. They gushed and gushed. I couldn’t breathe. I collapsed onto the ground, not caring about my wedding dress. ,dating 60+ Donalsonville,mature dating Elbow Lake,Suddenly, I felt a warm hand press on my back. They started to rub circles, trying to calm down. “Hey… It’s gonna be okay Maddie, come here.” Rosetta placed her arms around my trembling shoulders. ,interracial dating Edenville,“W-what d-did I d-do wr-rong?” I leaned into her warm and comfortable hug. ,“Nothing sweetheart, absolutely nothing! They were in the wrong! Those disgusting motherfu...You did nothing wrong. I’m here now and there’s no need to worry. I’ll deal with them and this so-called wedding.”,I laughed. “Thank you, Rosetta...I love you.” I had stopped crying and we were just looking at each other. Before we knew it, we were leaning in. “Wait, Maddie-” Our lips collided and the whole world changed color. We parted.,completely free dating Laughlintown, “W-what was that Maddie?!”,“I...I don’t know, but I kinda liked it….you wanna do it again?” I asked sheepishly. Rosetta looked at me and nodded, quickly putting her lips back on mine. We parted again and laughed.,“I love you so much, Madeline.” ,“I love you too Rosetta.”,Maybe today wasn’t the best day of my life, but it turned out pretty alright. , ,,,