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,,17 and 20 year old dating New Rumley,My name is H, and that day, the day I was going to get married with my fiancé, whom I’d just met and dated for a few days could be the most romantic day in my life., ,He is a really handsome man and that’s why there’s a bunch of girls having a crush on him. He’s also charming and kind, and his sense of humor just drives me crazy., ,However, something unexpected happened and it became such a big memory that I could not forget until now., ,20 minutes before the marriage started and we finally would become husband and wife, I saw my mother and him kissing passionately in the garden.,dating over 60 Smoot, ,You know what, I was completely shocked, being trapped with a bunch of emotions that might explode just in the next few seconds., ,I was thinking about a tons of things. Should I cancel the marriage? Should I go there and yell at them? What should I say to my mother? Should I hit his face? Should I ask someone to hit him for me? Etc., ,After all, I decided just to watch, take a few pictures and do nothing else. When the priest asked me if I agreed to be his wife, I would definitely say no and tell everyone about what I’d just seen. , ,At that moment, I saw the look on my fiancé‘s face, happy, satisfied and proud., ,Oh yeah, I was not imagining things. He was definitely feeling proud of something. That man, he was such a disgusting, creepy creature, cheating on me like that and then he was acting as if he did such an awesome thing., ,Well, maybe successfully dating both mother and her daughter is really something. , ,Anyway, let’s skip that part. , ,Back to my story, I was waiting really patiently to hear what he was about to say, yet suddenly he raised his left hand and I caught a glimpse of his watch. , ,Oh My God! That was exactly the same type of my mother’s., ,Ok, more evidence. , ,Next., ,I heard him say:, ,”Madam, you’re really a good, beautiful woman. Your charm would definitely win over any man’s heart. You’re so fragile that any man would sacrifice himself just to make you smile...”, ,”...” ,meet women near me City Of Lubbock, ,That was disgusting. , ,Totally disgusting!, ,I didn’t know that he could say those words! I meant, I knew he was really a sweet guy, but I’d never heard those words directly from.,find a woman online free Woodmere,ukraine dating Boystown, ,Wow, I was kind of envious with my mother now. , ,dating virgo man Leeds,If the couple I was watching from behind were not my mother and my fiancé, I would definitely burst out laughing when I heard those sweet words. That’s not even sweet, but exaggerating words., ,I let out a sigh of regret., ,I should have used my phone to capture every single moment instead of just to take a few photos in the first place. I really wanted to see everyone’s expressions when they heard those words coming from an engaged man with his fiancé’s mother. That would be so entertaining., ,“... But madam, my heart belongs to H and only H. I’ve been crazily in love with her since the first time I saw her. Her rosy cheeks, her beautiful smile, everything of her are so precious that I don’t want to do something that would hurt her...”, ,Wait!, ,Wait! Wait! , ,Something was wrong here!, ,Had I just misheard his words?, ,I blinked several times and tried to regain my focus on their conversation, but what I’d heard was exactly what I tried to deny., ,Oh my goodness!, ,meet women near me Duke,Why was he suddenly complimenting me so passionately? He kept saying those thing and I could see my mother’s face was turning so pale as if her face was drained out of blood., ,Could someone tell me what in the world was going on?, ,“...Therefore, I cannot accept your love. Please forgive me madam, no, my precious mother in law.”, ,transgender dating River Heights,dating 60+ Reynoldsburg,And you know what, I saw a glimpse of relief in his eyes after my mother running away with tears in her eyes., ,Well, I truly didn’t expect that, but it turned out that my mother was trying to seduce my fiancé but failed because his love for me was so deep and earnest., ,dating long distance North Grafton,So, what I did next was really simple, agreed to be his wife without mentioning anything.,dating 50+ Provo, ,And I had such a really wonderful life for the next 3 years. , ,And it was just a calm moment before the storm attacked., ,One day, after my husband came home from work, he tossed his phone on the bed while it was on and went to take a shower., ,I had just finished cooking and wanted to take a break, so I went to the bedroom and decided to lie down for a few minutes.,dating en español Sulphur Springs, ,It was when I saw his phone and out of curiosity, I grabbed it.,mature dating Coffee City,dating 55 and older Picnic Point, ,He was chatting with his best buddy, Adam, a few minutes ago., ,Well, they talked about a lot of stuff, and I basically didn’t really care about those messages. , ,Just when I saw the last text, I was totally in shock., ,dating latina women Eighty Eight,casual dating Loraine,“Bro, you should be really thankful for me, your best dude. If I didn’t go to the garden that day and accidentally saw your wife watching you and her mother kissing passionately, you would never have a chance to get married with such a beautiful girl like H.”, ,“You’re such a jerk, you know? That’s true that her mother is a widow, and she’s indeed pretty, but you shouldn’t do that.”,quick flirt St Joseph Indian School, ,“Anyway, next time when we go to the bar, your treat.”, ,Guess what, it turned out that HE really CHEATED on me! Thankfully his best buddy appeared on time and became his life savior by helping him to hide the truth from me.,dating rich men Texas Creek, ,That’s why he suddenly looked at his watch! That’s why out of the blue he complimented me so passionately! And that’s why he let out a sigh of relief after turning my mother down!, ,Wow! Such a huge surprise!, ,gay dating Colonial Mortgage,dating 50 year old man Old Station,Obviously, I and him divorced after that.,dating military men Summit Station, ,My marriage turned out to be some funny story, wasn’t it?, , ,,,