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In his hands he held a pair of black shoes. The sand sunk around his long toes. ,dating military men Bryce Cyn Cty, "Are you the only one who survived?" I inquired calmly. "I mean besides me?" He nodded as he pointed to my shelter. Well this is going to be awkward. , "Should I go fishing?" He offered as he took off his coat and shirt. My heart fluttered as my face flushed red. , "Can I have name?" I asked with a nervous smile. "I don't like talking to strangers." He chuckled to himself as he grinned at me., "My name is Charlie." He stated with a laugh. "What's yours?", "My name is Sammy." I answered with a wink. "I will go to find some water if you get food. I should probably get some wood too. See you soon." We took off in opposite directions and my mind raced. He was so familiar to me. , It only took me a couple of hours to find a washed up gallon and pot. Now I just need water to boil. Finally I found a waterfall. I was filling the water when a growl erupted from behind me. A black jaguar jumped in front of me cornering me up to the tree. Gripping the water tightly, I screamed. Not sure why, it wasn't like anyone was going to find me. My breathes grew shorter and shorter as my eyes darted with panic. A makeshift arrow shot straight into the big cat's slick black head and it collapsed in front of me. My heart was beating out of my damn chest. Charlie jumped down next to me. , "I was supposed to find dinner." He joked with a huge grin. Raising my eyebrows, I hugged him out of fear and panic. How typical was I acting. ,dating over 60 N Myrtle Bch, "I guess dinner found me." I teased shakily. "You must hunt with that shot." He laughed as he looked into my chocolate brown eyes. Time stopped around us as he leaned into kiss my quivering lips. He pressed his lips against mine and I melted into his comforting arms. This kiss was the kiss of my best friend from high school. ,mature dating Citrus Ridge,I had always loved him, but never plucked up the courage. ,dating older men La Joya, "Sammy, I am a hunter but most of all I always was hunting for your heart." He confessed with a red face. His heart was racing as he waited for my answer. ,date club Crompond,one night friend Sedona, "Charlie, I always love-" I was about to confess as two uniformed men approached us. ,chat and date Bo Volcan Arenas,single women in Parc La Dolores, "Are you two survivors?" The short one asked looking at the black jaguar. "We will overlook that for it looked like it was going to eat you." ,dating in your 30s Crystal Spg, "Yes." I answered with a squeak. "Are you here to rescue us?" They both laughed as ordered us to four-wheelers., "Follow us to safety." The tall one explained. Charlie and I sat on one four-wheeler and followed them to what looked like a prison. ,My heart fell to my stomach as I realized we were in trouble. Charlie looked at me and we nodded. We jumped off the four-wheelers and rushed into the thick jungle. The men shouted angrily as we ran towards the beach. Hours passed and all we found was an abandoned treehouse. It was now dark., Climbing up the ladder we saw a couple of people laying in hammocks. They had on khaki suits and hiking boots. They were explorers, well at least I hoped. We kicked a piece of glass and they jerked awake. , "Who there's?" A soft female British voice asked. They both stood up with guns. ,dating en español Mammoth Cave National Park,dating latina women Ross Siding, "I am Sssammmmy." I stammered quietly with my arms up. "This is Charlie. We were on a ship wreck. Please help us. Armed men are after us. They almost kidnapped us." They lowered their guns as an older couple walked into the light of their lanterns. A women with brown hair and green eyes offered us her hands. Charlie was just quiet with fear. , "Oh dear!" She exclaimed gently. "James, we must let them stay here for tonight." The blonde hair and brown eyed man simply nodded. , "Are you hungry and thirsty?" She offered serenely. "We will get you to where you need to go tomorrow." We just nodded as she gave us a bowl of fruit and a bottle of water. Eating slowly Charlie grabbed my hand and held me closer. ,muslim dating Pompton Plns,completely free dating Pickens, "Thank you." He stated with a husky tone. "We appreciate it." We talked all night and we walked out to the deck. A parrot flew down next to me as I leaned on Charlie's shoulder. Feeling tired we laid down on some cots pushed together outside. , "I love you Charlie. I always have." I told him with a red face. He leaned over and kissed me with a fiery passion. I pressed my lips against his. His heart started beating faster. He wrapped his long arms around me as my heart sped up. He was the one for me. I guess it only took us getting lost in a jungle to figure it out. How odd was that. We looked up at the sky. Millions of stars twinkled above us as we had hope for tomorrow.,dating chat rooms Pitt,meet singles near me Leagueville,,,