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dating over 40 Mauricetown,dating military men Delphia,dating older men Univ Of Colorado Med Ctr,,casual dating URB Santa Cecilia, Something Old“Well?” Harper twirled, her white gown swishing past her legs. Her mom was silent.“I look old, don’t I? I look like an old lady. See, I told you, it wouldn’t fit me right and-”“Sweetheart you look beautiful…” Harper’s mom got up and went to hug her daughter. Harper hugged her back.“Careful, we’ll ruin the dress,” Harper said, which got both the women laughing. Harper did look beautiful. The dress was white, of course, as it was for her wedding which was the following week. It had little beige floral designs at the bottom, and the waistline had swirls of the same color. “Oh, this still doesn’t feel right!”Harper said, frowning and sitting on the bed. “Darling, your grandmother would have wanted you to have this. It’s been passed down for generations.”“But-but…. You didn’t wear it!”Harper whined.“I know…. It didn’t match my theme. Besides, you need to just stop worrying. We’re shoe shopping tomorrow.”Harper sighed. Her mother was right, she knew.“Alright. I better go change. Wouldn’t want to wrinkle the dress before the big day,” Harper said, picking up the dress at her sides and waddling over to her bedroom to change into something comfy for the night. Something New’“Now is not the time to admire perfumes Harper,” Harper’s mother said, arms crossed. Harper ignored her and continue spraying samples on her wrist and bringing them to her nose to smell them.“Oh my god, this vanilla lavender is so great. We’re getting it!” Harper declared picking up a boxed version of the perfume she had sampled.“Fine. Now can we look at the shoes?”Harper’s mother asked, growing exasperated.“Yeah, yeah. From the way your worrying, it might as well be your wedding next week, not mine.”Harper’s mother just rolled her eyes as the two continued to the shoe aisle. “Okay, so, what type of shoes are you looking for?”“Well….I was thinking of some fancy sandals or something like that. It is a beach wedding after all.”Harper said, going to the sandal section.“You can’t just get sandals for your wedding!”‘It’s my wedding mom!”Harper said. Her mom followed her grumpily into the sandal sectional.“Honestly, I never knew a 23-year-old could whine as much as you. I told you one hundred times an outdoor wedding never works!”“Ha-ha. I am not whining. And the outdoor wedding will be fine,” Harper said picking up a box with simple beige sandals. And sitting on a chair to try them on.”These look nice, don’t you think?” she said, walking around and posing for her mother.“Nuh-uh. You cannot possibly be thinking of wearing those for a wedding! And it’s your wedding too! Try these.” her mom said, giving her a box of long lacy white sandals that went around the legs almost until the knees. Harper rolled her eyes and took off the beige sandals to try on the white ones. They fit perfectly. They also looked amazing.“I don’t know…”Harper said posing again. “Allow me to know for you. We’re getting them.”Harper’s mom declared. Harper laughed and reboxed the long sandals, check out the price tag.“Mom! It’s $156! Isn’t that expensive?”Harper said, speed walking to catch up with her mom who was on her way to the checkout counter. Her mom shook her head, motioning to Harper to hand her the shoe box and the small perfume as well.“Consider it an early wedding gift darling.”Harper smiled.“Thank you, mom. This means a lot.”“Anything for my bride to be!”Something BorrowedHarper sighed and sat down at her large bed and opened up her jewelry box. She removed the simple gold necklace with the locket. She would obviously be wearing that to the wedding, for good luck. She wouldn’t wear any rings, as she would be receiving a very special new one during the ceremony. But what about a bracelet?“Hey, hon!” Charlie walked into the bedroom and sat next to his fiance.“Oh, hey Charlie. What’s up?” Harper replied, still thinking about her bracelet problem. Charlie lifted Harper’s chin so she was looking into his eyes.“Is everything alright? You’re not worried about the wedding, are you? I told you I would contact the caterer tomorrow.”“No, no, it’s not that, I just don’t know what bracelet to wear to the wedding. I mean, I want to have all jewelry, you know? And, I was going to wear an anklet, but the shoes I got won’t let me and-”“Wait you got new shoes?!”Charlie asked, surprise in his voice. “Show me!” the two often shopped together and he couldn’t’ help but be a little hurt.“It’s bad luck for you to see any part of my outfit before the big day!”Charlie rolled his eyes. But, he knew how superstitious his soon to be wife was, so he let it go. “Can’t you borrow a bracelet from your sister or something? Anyway, that way you’ll finish that rhyming thing, Something old, something new-”“Oh! Oh my god, I hadn’t thought about that! Mia loves golden bracelets. She practically could open a jewelry store. I’ll go call her now. Thanks, Charlie!”“Yeah, no problem…” he mumbled as Harper walked out of the room to call her older sister.“Hello? Mia?.......No, no, everything’s alright…….Yeah……...So, I was wondering if…………… Really?!........ That would be great! Love you, sis, bye!” Harper smiled to herself. Not only did she have her jewelry set, but she also managed to finish the age-old rhyme! Or so she thought….Something Blue…“So, something old?”Mia asked her sister. They were both getting their makeup done in the dressing room. It was half an hour and counting until Harper had to walk down the aisle.“Hmm?”Harper was zoned out in thought. Thought of the future…Honeymoon, house, kids….“Oh, um, my dress is old.”“Your dress?! Oh yeah, that’s right, it was great grandma's or something. Okay, great, something new?”“My shoes,” Harper said, raising her legs a little to admire her feet which had been pedicured nude the previous day. “Oh, cute. Something borrowed?”Mia asked though she knew the answer. She was just trying to calm Harper down.“The bracelet.”“Great. Finally, something blue?”“Ha-ha.”“What do you mean ha-ha? You don’t have anything blue?”“I thought it was just something old, something new, something borrowed!”“Hon’, please stop moving, I’m trying to apply your lipstick.” the makeup artist sighed, waiting for the two sisters to stop talking. Harper stopped talking long enough to pucker her lips for her lipstick to be applied. Mia did the same.“No, it’s something old, something new, something borrowed something blue!”“Oh my god….Oh my god….I gotta go find something blue.”Harper declared lifting her gown and running out the door.“Hey! You aren’t finished here!” the makeup artist called after Harper, who didn’t listen.“Leave her, she’ll cry during the wedding if she doesn’t find anything. Don’t worry we got 25 minutes left.”Mia said. The makeup artist shook her head and put the finishing touches on Mia.Harper’s breathing turned shallow. She was worried. What if she didn’t find anything? She needed to find her mom. While running all over the building and opening doors, she also stopped at corners checking if her fiance was there, not wanting to risk getting double bad luck. The building had been rented for dinner at the end. It wasn’t very ideal to eat on the beach. The beach was only a 2-minute walk away. At that moment, Harper wished the top floor, where all the dressing rooms were, wasn’t so large. Finally, Harper opened a door and found her mother on the couch.“M-” she began, but immediately clamped her hand over her mouth. There, sitting on the couch, was Charlie, passionately connected at the mouth to Harper’s mother. Tears brimmed at Harper’s eyes, but she didn’t say a word. She shook her head in disbelief. All their late-night discussions. All the sweet things he would say. How he would give her breakfast in bed. How he would look into her eyes and say she was perfect. Did their time together mean nothing to him?! Was it all to get closer to her mother?!Something didn’t look right about Charlie though. It wasn’t his perfect blonde hair, glittering in the sunlight. It wasn’t his cheekbones, which looked even more defined held in Harper’s mother’s soft hands. It was his tie. Not the fact that it was wrinkled, but the fact that it was black. Hadn’t they agreed on beige? “Ch-ch-Charles?”Harper managed to choke out. Harper’s mother jolted up in surprise. She stood up. But the person who turned around wasn’t her mother. It was a random brunette, who Harper just assumed was her mother because of the similarities in their hair colors. “Oh. my. god. Are you the bride?!?!?! Hi! I’m Peter’s girlfriend!” the weird girl reached out to shake hands with Harper. Harper was confused. Peter? That was….Charle’s twin brother. And that meant...the man standing in front of her, awkwardly blushing and turning away wasn’t her groom at all.“Peter?”Harper asked, looking at the man.“Oh, um, yeah….Sorry for the misunderstanding.”Peter said, rubbing his neck.“It’s um, no problem,” Harper said, smoothing out her dress.”I better go….I have to finish my makeup…..I’m running out of time...Okay...Bye….”Harper said, slowly backing out of the room.  She was embarrassed.“Shoot!” Harper said, her hand flying to her head. She hadn't even had any time to look for anything blue! And, if she continued looking for her mother at this rate, she would be late for her own wedding! Harper sniffled and picked up her dress running back to the dressing room. She just had to stay calm. Deep breaths. Didn’t need to ruin her mascara anymore. She bumped into the caterer along the way.“Sorry!” she said, still running. The makeup artist was in room...A?Harper continued running, her sandals slapping against the marble flooring. She bumped into someone else along the way. “Oh, sorry,” she said, trying to continue running, but the person stopped her. It was Charles. To make sure, Harper looked at the tie. Beige. “Oh my god….You’re not supposed to see me…”Harper said but didn’t move as Charlie hugged her. “You look stunning….”Charlie said. Harper hugged him back. Her breathing started to calm down.“Hey, hey, look at me. Everything’s going to be alright. Okay?” he said, breaking away from the hug. Harper slowly nodded, taking a deep breath.“You look handsome.” They both laughed. “Thanks. You better go. Hey, why are you crying? What's wrong?”"It's a long story that involves your twin and a woman I thought was my mother....""Peter?! Oh,...I didn't introduce you to his new girlfriend....Look, I better go, they're looking for me, okay? Will you be alright?" he said, looking into her eyes.Harper laughed again and nodded, picking up her dress and continuing to run to the dressing room. She made it just as the door opened. “Come on, not much time left sweetheart!” the makeup artist said, practically dragging Harper to the chair.“Where’s Mia?” she asked.“Sh-sh No talking. I have to finish.” the makeup artist worked quickly, removing the ruined makeup and applying perfect fresh layers. She was done in 2 minutes flat. “Go!” the makeup artist said, pushing Harper out the door. She had to be at the beach in 5 minutes. The ceremony was almost going to begin. Harber walked down the stairs and walked outside, looking for her ride. Charlie came up to her and hugged her.“Oh. Hey,” she said, but he left into another car before she even had the change to hug him back. She was glad he came, even for a second. It calmed her down a bit.She finally heard a honk and ran to her sister’s car. Mia was fully dressed and at the driver’s seat. She quickly drove them both to the beach.“So, something blue?” Harper shook her head and smiled. She didn’t need good luck from something as silly as an old rhyme. She had her family. That was the best luck of all.They arrived at the beach and Harper quickly made her way to her position where her older brother was waiting, filling in for her deceased father. “Ready sis?”“As I’ll ever be.” she said, and they walked until Harper was left on her own, to walk to where Charlie was waiting by the priest. The wedding march was being played over the speakers that were hastily set up on the sand, but Harper didn’t hear them. She didn’t hear the baby crying or the small whispers of the crowd. She didn't see them either. All she saw was Charles, and all she heard was when he softly whispered I love you once she reached the end of the ‘aisle’. It seemed like forever until they finished their vows and said I do. They kissed and everyone clapped. After all the commotion, they went back to the building to eat. Harper ran into the brunette again while she was filling her plate.“Oh! Hi! I never got your name earlier today?” Harper said, now feeling much lighter.“Hi! It’s Daisy. I obviously know you, Harper. Peter told me. And, oh my god, lemme just say, he explained to me what it must have looked like when you walked in. I am so sorry.”Harper laughed and shook her head. “It’s no problem. I think we’ll be good friends.”Harper said, looking across the room into Charle’s eyes, blue and sparkling in the sunlight. 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