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,,dating in your 50s W Brattleboro,Josh and I have been together for ten good years, we met in college and the rest was history. Love at first sight? Some might argue it doesn’t exist, but I saw it manifest on the both of us the very first time we met. Sure we’ve had our ups and downs but there is absolutely no one else in the world I would spend the rest of my life with., ,adult personals Fish Haven,We met as freshmen at Boston University. It wasn’t one of those out of the blue romantic encounters, but it turns we were both majoring in Accounting., ,“I’m getting ready for my first lecture of the day; I’m all bundled in nerves and hope I don’t mess anything up. I am dressed in what I hope is my best first impression outfit, a pink power rangers beanie, Marc Jacobs hoodie , pairing it off with some leather pants, now that I think back to it the outfit sure screamed straight out of high school. As I enter the lecture hall, I find an empty sit and place my laptop and books on the next chair. The class is already half full and buzzing with sound. I’m gazing into thin air waiting for the lesson to begin when a boy walks in, he is lean and muscular, and it suits him I think to myself. The black skinny jeans and white tee are doing him justice too. He is carrying a laptop and a thin notebook. As he walks over to find a seat I quickly look away lest I be caught watching him like a hawk, how mortifying. He seat two seats away from me and I freeze. He turns and stretches out his hand, ‘Hie I’m Josh’ he says to me. I’m caught in a daze staring at his beautiful grey eyes, I know I’m being awkward but I can’t help it. ‘Savannah’ I reply reaching to shake his hand. The moment our hands touch we both part our lips in shock, what is this electric current that is flowing in my veins?, I feel butterflies fluttering in my tummy, neither one of us seems to be prepared to let go of each other’s hand nor break the silence. The sound of a throat clearing jots us both to our senses, I quickly let go of his hand, my cheeks changing into a deep shade or red.,‘Hope I wasn’t disturbing’, the student says with a smirk as he passes in between our seats. I feel hot from head to toe. If I could disappear I would. ‘So that happened’ I hear Josh let out a nervous laugh drawing me out of my thoughts. ‘Yeh, it did’ I reply trying but failing to hide my smile. We grew inseparable ever since, he intoxicated my whole world, by the time we finished college we rented an apartment together while hunting for jobs”., ,When I reminisce back to all these beautiful memories we have shared together over the past years, I can’t but fall even more deeply in love with him. It might sound strange but sometimes I think we were only meant for each other, we fit the puzzle so well together. ,Both our families get along, Josh’s parents love me like their very own daughter, my mother loves him like a dear son, my dad was reluctant at first but he soon warmed up to him. I’m both a mummy and daddy’s girl if that makes any sense? Everything is so perfect., , I know Josh will make the perfect husband and father; he is so caring, attentive, loving and kind. It seems like whoever crafted him dropped a dose of angel in his whole making. I giggle to myself; I know I’m going overboard with the flatter., ,‘What’s got you cheesing so hard?’  Can’t handle the thought of marrying a full package of awesomeness huh? Josh asks. I am standing on the balcony watching the busy street, I  turn around smiling while looking at him, as he stretches out to reach for me; I duck under his arm and attempt to make a run for it. I’m barely two steps away when I’m pulled flush against his chest. , ,‘No getting out of marrying this guy Miss Patterson’ Josh says while wrapping his arms tightly around me. ‘Back hugs are the best’ I sigh. ‘I wouldn’t dream of not marrying this guy’ I turn around and poke his chest and give him a quick perk on the lips. I wrap my arms around him and place my head on his chest., ,date my age URB Flamingo Hls,mature dating Fountain Lake,‘I can’t believe we are getting married you know’ I tell him. ‘I was just thinking about how perfect we fit together. You’re the best boyfriend ever, can’t wait for you to be the best husband ever, and of course I ‘will be the best wife ever, I love you’ I say squeezing him tighter., ,‘I know babe, I love you even more’ he says pecking my cheek while pulling me even tighter.,‘I love you more than your parents’ I say laughing out loud.,‘Well I love you more than anyone else, even you” we are both a laughing mess when we realise how silly we are being, I can feel our chests vibrating together. ‘Okay you win this one’ he says,‘How long are we going to stand like this?’ I muffle into his shirt. ‘As long as it takes’ he replies., ‘Well mister some of us have the whole day full of appointments today’ I say and pinch his butt, he yelps. I release myself and make a dash for the bathroom. I feel a slap on my butt and I throw him the nastiest glare I can master. ,dating 55+ Masaryktown,singles to meet Pelican Bay, ,Once I’m done freshening up, I dress up in a yellow floral summer dress and sandals and get ready to head out. I look over my wedding checklist, most of the things have been crossed out, I must say I have the best wedding planner in the world. Chelsea is sweet and professional at the same time.  I have been stress free throughout the whole process. I sit in front of the mirror on the dresser and put on little makeup and nude lipstick, I feel like toning it down today., ,‘Don’t you look ravishing today’ I hear Josh say. He is lying on the bed facing my direction with both hands folded behind his head. ‘Don’t you have anything better to do than stare at me the whole day?’ I ask feigning annoyance. ‘What could be better than staring at you babe?’, ,I just smile in return and look back at the mirror once more. It is crazy how he still makes me blush after all these years. Two days from now Josh and I will officially become Mr and Mrs Hamilton; I feel the butterflies in my stomach at the thought. I look at my wrist watch and realise that if I don’t move it I’m going to be late.  I grab a pair of flats from my shoe rack and snatch my purse. I kiss Josh goodbye and head out., ,I arrive downstairs and make my way towards the front door. I get into my car and drive off to pick my best friend Sam and my two bridesmaids Natalie and Portia, we have all been friends for a long time, Sam and I naturally gravitated more towards each other but I loved them all. The four of us then head to my mother’s to pick her up for our dress fittings. We have to go pick up my wedding dress from the bridal shop and the bridesmaid dresses, hopefully everything is still in order, check the wedding venues one last time and we are done, yes I’m careful like that., Josh has assured me everything was in order but I had to check one last time.,My mother is also going to be picking up a brand new tux for my dad, which is supposed to be a surprise to him; I swoon at how cute they are, I was an only child but I never felt lonely, my parents were always around when I was growing up. They showered me with love, they always looked happy, in love with each other.,dating older men Steele City, , We are getting married at this beautiful ‘Haga hotel’ a small quiet beach resort with a magnificent scenery and a fragrance of wild flower and bird watching. It is truly breath taking. Our parents offered to pay for the venue even though Josh and I could very well afford it; apparently we have to save money for raising a family. , ,We arrive at the bridal shop; we all try on our dresses once more. I come out of the dressing room in my lace ball gown wedding dress with ¾ sleeves and a court train, I feel so beautiful just like a queen. I can feel the tears starting to sting my eyes as I look at my reflection in the mirror, what is with these wedding dresses?  My mother approaches me and pulls me in for a hug. She sniffles over my shoulder too; I can tell she is crying. I take comfort in her hug.,‘We are done in four hours and I feel so exhausted. I drop everyone off and head home. Josh and I are seeing each other for the last time before the wedding, the following morning the girls and I will be heading to the hotel., ,I arrive home and hear sounds coming from the living room; Josh is sitting with his three pals watching television, Brad, George and Nathan his best friend. The only thing that can get them talking this loud is football.,dating for singles Vaughn, ,‘What a pleasant surprise?’ I say cheerfully. Josh didn’t inform you guys were home already, I would have come sooner’. ‘I didn’t want to worry you babe, besides they are not that important anyway, it’s all about you and only you’ Josh replies while pulling my arm, I fall on his lap with a yelp. I can hear the whistles going around the room, the swooning sounds coming from Brad don’t help matters either. I quickly hide my face in the crook of Josh’s neck from embarrassment. I bet he can tell how heated and hot my cheeks feel, I feel him let out a little chuckle. ,bbw dating Garrattsville, ,interracial dating central No Conway,‘Will you stop embarrassing me in front of your friends?’ I plead with him. ‘Say please’ Josh replies. ‘Pretty please’ I reply. ‘My boy is whipped like whipped cream’ Nathan says and bursts into laughter afterwards. He is that one friend with the awkward jokes in the group that are never funny, we all stare at him like he has finally lost it,  he doubles over clutching his tummy., , ‘I will see you boys at dinner; I’m going up for a bit. It’s lovely having you around, I quickly stand up from Josh’s lap and make my way upstairs to our bedroom. , ,The next morning, I freshen up and quickly kiss Josh goodbye after I’m done packing my mini suitcase. Josh apparently had some ‘things’ planned with the rest of day with his boys; they all refused to tell me their secret, how rude!, ,I arrive at the hotel, and the girls are all settled. The makeup artist is in a room next to ours.  I can’t wait for us to relax and enjoy, a full day of pampering at the spa. We gorge ourselves with delicious food for breakfast. The slumber party is going to be epic. ,dating long distance Calera, ,At around ten we exit our hotel room to go and get our nails done. I opt for a fresh French manicure boldly painted on at a curved slant while my bridesmaids go for pearl accents. ,We arrive at the spa and they give us brand new towels to wrap our bodies. As the masseuse begins to work their magic on me, I can feel my whole body relax., ,‘Let us never leave this place’ I hear Sam say. We all chuckle but no one bothers to answer. We head back to our room after two hours. After changing into loosed fitting clothing we all decide to take a walk around the hotel just to watch the beautiful scenery, everything feels serene., ,The girls decide to go for a swim after our tour; I don’t really feel like swimming so I go back alone. I arrive and check my phone; I roll my eyes when I see six missed calls from Josh. I call him back and he answers in an instant.  Turns out he just missed hearing my voice; this boy!!! We say our goodbyes and hang up. , They also have a full room for themselves opposite ours but on the far end, Josh insisted they didn’t need one but would arrive with the rest of the boys just to freshen up bit in the morning., ,I receive another call from my dad, we chat, and he tells me how proud he is of me I can’t wait for him to walk me down the aisle. We hang up after some time. The girls finally arrive, we play a couple of games before finally calling it a night., ,The sound of my alarm ringing jolts me awake from my slumber. The day has finally arrived; I feel a nervous feeling coursing down my body. I wake the rest of the girls up and we start preparing. There are two bathrooms, we take turns in bathing. After we are all done the makeup artist arrives and starts working on our makeup. I feel like I’m looking at a completely different person when she’s done with my face. I look so majestic.,dating 50+ Clinton Twp,dating 60 year old woman Moultonborough, ,An hour left, Sam helps me fit into my wedding gown, she smoothers invisible creases down my gown, and I Just smile at her adorable act. She pulls the veil over my head and grabs both my hands into her own. ‘You are the best bestfriend I’ve ever had, I love you and I’m happy for you’ she says. ‘I fan myself with my hand and try my best to stop myself from crying. ‘I love you too’ I reply and you guys as well, you have really helped me a lot, I turn to Natalie and Portia., ,meet singles near me Parkdale,Thirty minutes left I hear a knock on the door and immediately assume it’s my mother. ‘I see my dad standing there and I can’t help but smile. ‘Impatient much daddy’ I ask. ‘I don’t want you running late so I thought I would come and fetch you myself’ , ,‘Where is mom?’ I ask hoping we get a chance to have a heart to heart before I officially wed’. ‘I bet she is coming now, she said she wanted to check on her son in law , I told her the groom and his team are now probably waiting for you to arrive at the reception but she insisted, you know your mother is a little slow’ my dad says with a chuckle. ‘Daddy’ I reproach him while laughing along, he holds his hands up in surrender., ,transgender dating Richfield Springs,‘Twenty five minute, time to get moving girls’ my dad says. Sam and the bridesmaids make their way out of the room heading downstairs, they look stunning. ‘Can I make a quick dash into the boys to see if mom is still in there, I really need to talk to her, please Dad’ I plead. He sighs and tells me to hurry up. , ,Only twenty minutes left, I dash quickly out of the room, holding my gown in both hands. I know I should hurry. I reach the knob of the boys’ room and turn it, it’s still open, I take a peep inside, I let out an ear piercing scream and submerge my full body inside the room. I never curse but no f***** way am I really witnessing what I’m seeing. Josh has my mother pinned against the wall; it looks like he is swallowing her whole mouth. They spring away from each other as if someone just poured boiling water on the both of them. We all stand staring at each other in shock.  As Josh takes a step toward me, I take a step back still in shock., ,dating older men Kotlik,“Savannah wait!!’ I shut the door, mind still buzzing; I walk slowly towards my room. I reach the door and push myself inside; I sink on the floor by the door my face still pale in shock. , ,“Baby girl what’s wrong? my dad asks rushing to my side., ,“They, they, they, Josh-h-h-h-, they” I can’t help it anymore I bawl my eyes out and cling to my dad. I cry uncontrollably, the more he talks the more I cry, my whole body is shaking. I can even feel snout forming in my nose but I don’t care. I feel like someone is stabbing me with a knife, the pain I’m feeling is so intense I feel myself starting to choke from my own tears. , ,My dad is now visibly very shaken; he is torn between bolting out of the door to find help or leaving me in this state. ‘Let me call your mother real quick” he says now rocking me back and forth. I tense and cry even more. I try to speak up but I can’t, my voice is caught in my throat. , ,singles near me Stallion Spgs,The door to our room budges open; Josh stands there with dishevelled hair and bloodshot eyes.,transgender dating Heilman, ,‘Savannah let me explain; It is not what it looked like please, baby just let me explain, he says now crying. He tries to get closer to me and I shrink back clinging to my father bawling some more.,‘I’m going to need you to step back son’ my dad says. ‘What the hell is going on?’ , ,My mother walks in in that very moment. It is now the four of us looking at each other searching for answers., ,muslim dating Mc Crory, , , ,,adult friend finders New Ipswich,,dating local Marconiville,