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I've been doing this every since I got General from a kill shelter. He was there much longer than the other animals. And considering that I live alone, I figured I needed more company other than my cat Rex. Who by the way was a stray...rubbing Rex's head. So, I decided to get a dog. The day I walked into the shelter, and our eyes met, I knew that he was waiting for me. It was love at first tail wag...Smile* The woman that worked there told me. "That was the first time she's ever seen him wag his tail. Usually, he'll just sit there head bowed, looking sad and depressed." "He's had many owners, she said, and they've always brought him back"! And I told her: Well, not this time! We were meant for each other. So, I brought General home that day. That was last year. Any way, back to my story: About three months ago a new neighbor moved into our neck of the woods. I mean that figuratively and literally. I live in the suburbs, and we're half surrounded by woods. There is a river that runs far beyond the woods according to the teenagers that lives here. I wouldn't know, never gave it a try to find out. It only takes forty-five minutes to get to the big city from here. "Any how, the new neighbor". Nothing odd at first things ran like clockwork. Get up, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, change clothes then fix dinner, feed Rex and General. Have dinner myself, clean up my mess than General and I would go for our walks. My new neighbor more or less stayed to himself. Except, for when he first moved into the Porter's old house next to mines. Everyone welcomed him, brought food, asked questions, et cetera, et cetera. And after that it was morning greetings and whatever else could be said between neighbors. Now, don't get me wrong he is very easy on the eyes. A little to easy on the eyes if you ask me! Groaning* He's tall, with broad shoulders, hair the color of copper that hangs a little past his shoulders. Aqua colored eyes with a trace of green mixed in. Well formed body must work out, tanned the outdoorsy type, not the sunbed kind. Lips full but not to much those kissable lips. And a smile that will melt ice after a storm. Yes, I was paying way to much attention...rolling eyes at herself. I suppose that is the perks of ones' job who deals with art. I'm a arts restorator, as well as an arts dealer. Must pay close attention to details. I digress: Nothing odd in the beginning. But then strange occurrences started to happen. People around the area started seeing unusually large paw prints in their yards no matter if the ground was wet or dry. Some even claimed to have seen a very large animal. Not a bear one would say! This one was different almost walking like a human. But it was rather dark I could be wrong, said Mr. Travis. James, our neighborhood watchman said, that he's heard noises like howling, unlike a dog's it was a bit more fierce that would send shivers down your spine. Plus, he says that one of the electric fences at the end of the field that protects the reservoir was ripped open. No man can do that without getting the shock of a lifetime, remarked Mrs. Lewis. Everyone said the same thing. They've only heard and noticed these things after a full moon. Maybe it's a werewolf, said Clyde the neighborhood trickster. First, we didn't have a full moon last night I'd remember. Obvious reasons! In fact, we haven't had a full moon in a while. As for werewolves!? I exclaimed, Ha! This is the real world! Things like that don't exist. I just figured they've all lost their marbles, shrugged my shoulders then walked away. Boy, I was wrong! While walking General that night I too witnessed this creature. Except, he wasn't the creature everyone was talking about. But returning back into his human form. Yes, the creature was none other than my neighbor: Darius Sebestyen in all his morning splendor. Ah! Better make that nightly splendor. Luckily, I brought along my heavy cape because there was a chill in the air. We stared at each other for some time, before I realized that he was motioning for me to hand over my cape. Can't have a naked man running through the neighborhood. Especially one that just moved here. Some people might get the wrong impression, I said. While trying not to stare so long. "Well formed body indeed"! Cool it! Paige. You act like a young girl in her first bloom of life. Looking at me with those aqua eyes, Darius ask. Aren't you going to say anything? Scream? Pray? Call the police? I'm trying to process this if you don't mind! I replied back. Give me a minute! It's not often I run into a naked man who changes forms in the park. There is only so much the mind can handle in these situations. Then looking down at General, I said you're no help. You didn't even bark. He just looks up at me, wags his tail and smile. Darius replied, animals have no need to fear me. I won't do them no harm unless they intend to first. They know that I am on a much higher level than themselves. So, I get along well with them, he said winking at me. I can't believe I'm standing here talking to a naked man who shapeshifts into a wolf on full moons. It's not a full moon Darius replied wrapping my cape around his body. The full moon isn't until next week. You mean to tell me, that you can shift at will? asked Paige. Yes, answered Darius. WOW! was all Paige could utter. And I'm taking all this in with stride. Maybe it'll hit me later once I'm home alone. Ah, my head is starting to hurt...rubbing her temple. Hey, Paige! That is your name right? Darius asked. Yes, it is! You've remembered even though we've only met a few times in our comings and goings, replied Paige. How could I forget you've made an impression on me. And we are neighbors. But enough of that, he said. I don't mind the small talk, but could we please take it somewhere warmer? I mean standing in the cold covered in fur is one thing. Standing in the cold in nothing but human shin is another thing entirely. My bollocks are freezing off! said Darius..Grinning*. Bark! Bark! See, even your dog agrees. Oh! I'm sorry. Yes, lets go replied Paige feeling stupid. Looking back at General saying you Benedict Arnold. General began barking again, both Paige and Darius started laughing.laughing. While making their way back towards home Paige and Darius made small talk. Darius? Hmm! How did you become a werewolf? Did you get bit? Or scratched? No! I was born this way, answered Darius. Looking forward as they walked. Then turning and looking at Paige, taking in her features. Mousy brown hair with natural waves that she had piled on top of her head. A round face but not to round, straight nose, small full rosy lips that fit her face perfectly with just a touch of lip gloss, ice blue eyes surrounded by long thick lashes. Her eyebrows where the same color as her hair just a tad darker well formed. No makeup tonight, must have just gotten home. Though he's noticed many times before that she barely wears makeup even to work. Maybe just enough to enhance what she already has. He was 6'1" so she had to be at least 5'7" naturally curvy which he likes in a woman. Do I have something on my face? asked Paige staring back at Darius. Oh, no he said. Have anyone ever told you that you're beautiful, Darius asked Paige as they continued making their way down the street towards the square. Laughing...Paige says no. Mostly people consider me eitherto dull or just average. Unlike my sister Elizabeth, super model material. Well, allow me to be the first! said Darius stopping for a moment Paige Allison Stockton, you're a very beautiful woman would you like to have dinner with me? Darius asked. All in one breath. Paige just stood there eyes and mouth wide open taken off guard. By both the statement and the question. Pffft! Shouldn't you get dressed first, she replies with a laugh! Then they both started laughing. Not tonight! said Darius. Shaking his head still grinning. This Saturday night, unless you have other plans? This is so unusual, she remarked. I've never been asked out on a date by a naked man wrapped up in a woman's cape before. No, I don't have plans and yes I would love to go out on a date with you Darius. But wait! What do you eat? Can you eat regular food like us mortals? You're not allergic to anything specific are you? Darius looks Paige straight in her eyes and with a smirk says, "You really ought not believe everything you see in those horror movies. They'll really mess you up". Oh, okay, said Paige feeling very embarrassed. And by the way Mr. Sebestyen, you are a very handsome beautiful man yourself. Bark! Bark! You're handsome and beautiful too General, said Paige. Both Paige and Darius looked at each other smiled then continued their walk home. Once home they stood outside and talked for a few more minutes discussing plans for their date. Then Paige says, Don't you think you better get inside before your bollocks falls off from freezing. Smiling the whole time. Darius with a twinkle in his eyes agreed. But how are you going to get into your house? Paige asked. You're naked and no key. Darius replied, I leave the door unlocked for such an occasion. He must do this all the time thought Paige. Thank you for the use of your cape Darius said. I'll wash it then return it back to you tomorrow. OK, replied Paige. In that case, I'll invite you for coffee in advance. That way I can introduce you to the other man in my life, my cat Rex! Sure, I can't wait, said Darius walking up the stairs of his front porch as Paige was doing the same. Neither one wanted to go inside their homes first. So they counted and at the same time ran inside laughing. So, here we are diary two days later! I have a date with my neighbor who's a werewolf in three days and I haven't picked out a single thing to wear. And for some reason it's unnerving and exciting at the same time. Boy, I'm really messed up in the head. Should I bring a leash just in case he turns and my cape? Don't want him running around the city naked nor running around loose. I'll buy one of those chain like leashes and collars that I've seen on pitbulls. Not for you General. For Darius. Nope! Better make it two, he's a big guy. And a blanked that goes on beds, no doggy blanket for him. My cape barely covered his thighs, but at least it covered the important parts. I'll do all this on my lunch break tomorrow. Ahhhh! 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