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All it took were some intense blue eyes and some sharp cheekbones and a few calculated hands running through unruly curls and SOME women just fell for it, fell right in love.But Elle buried this all deep inside her gut."Cam, please, just stay in with me tonight," Elle pouted as she dramatically hung half off the low bed, arm over her eyes."Oh, shut up Elle." Cameron rolled her eyes in the mirror as she dusted her cheeks with liberal doses of apricot blush. "I know you don't like Keenan but I swear he's not as devious as you make him sound.""You only met him last week. At the bar. At the club.""I know, but there was something. There was just something. In the air." Cam giggled like a lovesick fool. Which she was."Now you sound like Walt Disney.""Don't you mean the Grimm brothers?""I certainly hope not, they're the ones with the heel cutting and eye gougings.""Aw come on, he's not a serial killer.""So they all say.""Who says?""The victims of serial killers." Elle jumped up from the bed and draped her arms around Cam's shoulders."Right. Of course, silly me. Hey, watch it, you're gonna smear my mascara.""Ah, now there's an idea to make you stay.""Hey, hey, no no no, stop it, Elle, stop it." Cam laughed as she shoved Elle off, brandishing an eyelash curler.Elle settled cross-legged on the floor beside where Cam knelt in front of a full-length mirror. "I thought you usually were into girls, anyway.""There's a reason I call myself bi, Elle." Cam smacks her lips. "To widen the pool.""Of victims?" Elle raised an eyebrow."You could say that. I like to call them opportunities." Cam winked.Elle snorted despite herself. "So you're telling me, you, of all the people I know, you. are. telling. me. that you fell in love at first sight.""Well maybe not looove. But maybe." Cam giggled again. "I've met him twice now anyway. I have data to go on.""You fucked him on Tuesday. That's not data. That's sex. Lust.""Oh don't be crude Elle." Cam slapped a hand onto her narrow waist. "It was very good sex, you see."Elle rolled her eyes. "Love at first sight. That's a myth. You only think it happened because it's a manufactured fairytale that sells because people want to believe it.""You've completely lost me, Elle." Cam twisted her earring right side up. "You know you don't make a lick of sense half the time you speak."Elle pouted and widened her eyes in the way she knew her roommate couldn't help but soften to. "But you still love me right?"Cam laughed. "Almost as much I hate you, darling.""Oh, well in that case." Elle brightened and stood up so quickly she was dizzy. Cam rolled her eyes. Elle ignored her and skipped to their small kitchen. She poured herself a glass of wine."You should watch your alcohol intake. Dieting, remember?""I saw you eat that ice cream after lunch, don't lecture me." Elle swayed back into Cam's bedroom, sipping her wine. "Will you be coming home tonight?"Cam laughed. "I certainly hope not," she winked. "I plan to be thoroughly fucked tonight.""Language, Cam, language.""My apologies, Mother Elle." Cam stood up and smoothed down her tight blouse that was just barely sheer enough that you could squint and see her lacy, burgundy bra. "How do I look?" She adopted a smoky, hooded gaze and tugged gently on her lip between white teeth.Elle ignored the heat in her lower abdomen. "Like an office slut.""Perfect." Cam grinned, grabbing her clutch. "Don't wait up.""Wouldn't dream of it." Elle rolled her eyes, following her roommate to the door. "Have fun, stay safe, blah blah blah. You know the drill. Call if you need anything."Cam smiled, looking straight into Elle's eyes. "I know, Mother Elle. Somedays, you are just a regular little nun.""Fuck right I am."Cam laughed almost involuntarily, hooking an arm around Elle's neck. "Love you girl. See you tomorrow.""You almost made me spill my wine," Elle complained as Cam disappeared down the apartment hallway, giggling uncontrollably. Elle locked and chained the door behind her.She leaned back against the door and stared into the murky red of her wine. She swirled it absently, swallowing around the swelling in her throat. With another grimace, she tossed the whole glass down her throat.Love at first sight was real.Elle knew better than anybody.Her legs felt a bit weak so she slid down against the door until she was sitting among a pile of flats and heels and sneakers. The familiar heat in her lower abdomen spread even lower as she bit her lip in the same way Cam had.The b*tch just couldn't fucking see it.Elle's favorite memory still was that first day of college orientation, at the freshman welcome barbecue. She'd turned around and nearly run right into a tall, busty blonde who had laughed and blown Elle a kiss for no plausible reason. The blonde's green-blue eyes had positively sparkled as winked and ran off to some other event of the orientation.Just the memory made her heartbeat irregular. Elle had stood dumbstruck, lovestruck, infatuated, what have you. And her life had never been the same.It had taken a whole semester of careful planning and well-timed coincidences and strategic acquaintances to get into the same class as the mirage and object of her affection the following semester. It had taken a full semester of careful friendship to get into their current situation--roommates. The past year had been bliss. It had been a plan, careful and strategic and methodical and successful until fucking Keenan swept into the picture and swept Cam off her feet for no obvious reason.Ruining everything! Ruining everything Elle had been working toward.And Cam couldn't see it. For a beautiful, intelligent, perfect woman, the b*itch could be incredibly, stupidly, astoundingly blind. Elle had been there for her through it all. These past two years, Elle had revolved her life around Cam. Subtly, but unmistakably. But Cam, Cam could be so fucking blind.Elle exhaled in a slow, measured breath. Nevermind. Nevermind. It wasn't over yet. Elle was nothing if not patient. And careful. And she would always, always, always be there to pick Cam back up when it was all over.Right. Of course. Elle grinned. All she had to do was reveal what a manipulative, selfish fraud this Keenan was, and when Cam's heart broke, Elle would be there to put it back together just so. She would put Cam's heart back together so that it beat for Elle, just as Elle's beat for Cam. And then they would be codependent.Oh beautiful.Beautiful beautiful beautiful.Love was so beautiful.,