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Stay in bed all day long and make some instant noodles when feeling hungry.I would not let anyone ruin my perfect Saturday.Just when I was about to fall asleep, my phone rang. I groaned thinking it was my alarm. Ignoring it, I tried to go back to sleep.It rang a few more times but I didn’t really care- I was too tired to even turn it off.It was only a while later I heard the main door of my house open. I’m probably dreaming.I felt someone shaking me and opened my eyes slightly.A yelp left my mouth when I saw a guy smiling and waving right on top of me.“Min Ki! You scared me!” I sat up, my head getting dizzy.My boyfriend, Min Ki just laughed it off and took out some coloured pieces of paper from his pocket.“I got tickets for the amusement park! Come on, get ready, let’s go!”Oh, those pieces of paper were tickets.I almost confessed about how I watched a whole K-Drama in one night but caught myself in time. He would get really upset if I told him I did that.I just nodded and smiled nervously, “So you finally got your paycheque? You shouldn’t have wasted it on these tickets!”He shook his head, “Nope! I had planned to buy them since last month! I want to make it up to you for the party mess last time… Anyways, go get ready!”I got up and went to the bathroom and washed my face a few times- yet, I felt dizzy and sleepy. Hell, he looked so excited… I would’ve been too… If I wasn’t feeling so sleepy. ~~~“Look, if you feel afraid, you can always hold my hand.” Min Ki said, flipping his hair.I chuckled at him acting cool but the last time we went to the Maze In The Mirror I sure did panic. Not sure how I’ll react this time because I’m too tired.I felt my head getting dizzy again and grabbed his hand- just in case I tripped.“Already scared?”After a whole of 15 minutes in the maze, Min Ki slightly panicked.“Hmm, look who’s terrified now?” I kind of surprised myself when I said that- I still have the energy to tease him?He held my hand tightly, “You look unbothered…”I just shrugged and let him drag me to whatever way he thinks is right.~~~“That’s it, we’re never going there ever again.” Min Ki mumbled.I hummed back in response, my eyes drooped and I tried to keep them wide open.“Come on, let’s take the Ferris wheel!”He recovered pretty fast from the shock…~~~After several rides for almost an hour, we finally sat down to take some rest.It hadn’t been two minutes and Min Ki got up, “Come on, let’s go to the arcade.”I shook my head, “Let’s rest for a while!” Even a normal person who got enough sleep would be tired after running so much.Min Ki shook his head, “Nope! No time to be lazy! And besides, you can sit in one place for a long time in the arcade!”I hummed back in response.The Arcade Center looked similar to the Internet Cafe my brother used to go to with his friends.I sat in a vacant seat in the corner while Min Ki played some video games.I decided to take a very quick nap.“Wakey wakey!” I jolted up right away. “What time is it now?!”Min Ki dragged me to one of the gaming computers.“Here, play some games- you must be bored!” He gestured to me to sit down.To be honest, I have no interest in these sorts of things but I couldn’t refuse because of his pleading look.“I’ll go bring some chips and cola in the meanwhile.” He quickly went out.I stared at the screen. The graphics looked intimidating. Would’ve totally played it but all I wanted to do was sleep.“Would you like a drink, miss?” A lady walked up to me with some bottles of energy drinks.I took one and gulped it down.A sudden burst of energy replaced the tiredness in my body.As soon as I held the mouse, I felt a bit different- as if I was entering a whole new world.I started playing the game, and boy was it amazing.Min Ki returned but I didn’t really notice. I was too busy playing.He waved the food in front of me “Hey, I bought a packet of chips for you and it isn’t tomato flavoured-”“Not now!” I yelled.“Okay… let’s go back in a while, alright? It’s getting late.”I didn’t even hear that.~~~Min Ki glared at me, “I shouldn’t have let you play! You were glued to the screen like it’s your only priority!”I couldn’t even say anything. I felt even more tired than I did before drinking the Energy Drink. Side-effects of caffeine, I guess.I mumbled an apology and put my head on his shoulder.We reached my home and sat down on the couch.“I’m hungry.” Min Ki said, out of the blue.“Let’s order pizza,” I suggested.We chose the menu and waited for the delivery.It arrived sooner than expected.“I don’t know why I ordered this pizza at all. I can't possibly have pizza without pineapples.” I groaned.“You can eat pizza first, and then have pineapple as dessert. No one eats pineapple pizza!” He jabbed me. We both laughed and enjoyed our pizza.A/N: This story doesn’t really have a motive or goal— I just started this and let it go on by itself. If you noticed all the TXT references (+ a VICTON one), I love you (I feel like I’m the only K-Pop fan on Reedsy though ;-;).,dating older women Curtin,