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over 50s dating Mavisdale,quick flirt Weatherford,dating 60+ Angelo State University,,dating profile template Melvindale, It's summer time...time for melons, watermelon and so many wonderful fruits and foods to eat. And the best way to enjoy summer is visiting my grandma. She live in country side. With nature and mountain. And I really love those. Cool breeze touch my skin as we arriving to grandma places. Even in the summer, just sit under the tree and wind will make your day.There are lot of thing to do. Adventure in forest but not to far. Playing in pond, which is very fun. Me and my brother always try to sneak out to forest. But we don't go much far. It's dangerous!!As we arrived we see our grandma who was sitting outside doing something. It's almost evening sky trun orange and little pink. It's look so beautiful. Ahhhh nature is so beautiful. But a louch sound disturb my lovely moment.It's sound like factory or something."Nana!! What this sound??" My younger brother who 17 asked nana."They setup a factory of Oil and Biodiesel Industries." Grandma said and look tired."Is it bad for the forest or nature?" I asked as I sit beside her. She was peeling Cashewnuts. Which we grow in farm."Maybe. Maybe not." Grandma said and Star peeling the last one."What that's mean?""Dear. You know people are not getting job or work in this economy. So having a factory in this area, they hired people who mostly live here or little further." Dad said as he comeback after he take bag inside."But what about the forest?" I asked."Well. It's good until it's over exploited." Dad said."But that not good. We barely have my mountain or forests left.""Yes darling but.. it's government...."I get know that it's been 7 months of that factory. People getting earn am happy for them but... it's feel uneasy. Nana said the sound of honk or something stop at night and began at morning. How annoying.At the night come we eat peaceful and went to sleep. Mom and dad sleep in other room and me and my brother in another. Am tired to not roming around forest or anywhere tonight.But then I heard...water...river..sound like am there. I opened my eyes I was in my room. But I can still heard the water. What's going on. Did I left open the tap? I checked every washroom and taps.. everything is fine. Then how can I still heard. I site on couch and cover my ears. Then I heard someone? I consertrate on that sound. Singing... someone is singing a guy. It's sound beutiful..but I can't understand what it's saying. I try to follow that sound...which leading me to forest. I took my phone and went. I know this are well no animals only snake sometimes. As I going deep I can hear more... clearly. I heard the sound of water. I turned off my light and try to look who is there.I saw a guy who was sitting near the pond. He look so... shiny..he's skin was glowing... whatever his wearing... that's glowing too. I stop myself to admire him.I can feel my leg was slipping...before I could do something I fell in the ground. But I didn't get to hit the ground. I open my eyes...I was in water bed. A layer of water was on the ground. It's didn't wet me.I look around..I saw the guy..he was look at me..he was on other side. I saw him.. walking towards the pond??I saw am not hallucinate. I saw his naked feet... walking in the water. He comes to me and said."You.. alright?"He give his hand to stand up.I take his hand..oh it was was cool not cold. When I stand up..I saw the water bed disappeared on ground."Who are you? What are you?" I asked he smile and said."Am Vartan. God water...this pond."I feel so.. amused and confused. I grew up believing in fantacy and fairy tale and all...and that true.."You really...god..of water..?""Yes I'am ...and I know you... you're...Lucy...who come here in summer."" know..""I watched you...watched everyone who come here and use my water...." He said and smile.We talk and talk...anyone who listen to this found this stupid and dangerous. It was flow of the moment. I can't believe..I made such a great bond with him. Like a long lost lovers.Like that I continue to sneek out at night and come talk to him. He tell me so many things like..there are god of everything...and fairy. And they love what they do. He can do anything from water...he usually come out at night and look around... it's only been a month he start coming out of the water. The more I talk to him the more....the more I fell for him. The way he talk. And curious to know outside his range...and world. And like know something about me too.Am doing PhD in geography.. second year. And I love nature that's why I took geography. He look proud of me"The more you know abhout nature..more you fell into it." He said and he continued to show me around. He even make me walk in the water. That was so fascinating. I tell him that am here for only for month. He look sad..."Don't worry I'll come back next year. If winter too." I said but he smile weakly. We have two more week left. He always come to drop me by my house..nearby...way before morning so I can sleep as required.Next morning...I wake late as usual and brush my teet and get some good breakfast. Mom and nana were talking while tv was on..saying.. heavy few day.... weather is unpredictable. As I was almost complete my breakfast. I saw dad and my brother were ready to leave the how."Wait..! Where are you going.?!""Factory site seeing..!" My brother. Jack said as he put on his shoes."Why didn't you tell me...I want to go too."I completed my breakfast and get ready and went with them. It's not that far it's good walking. Little far from pond. As we reach I can see lot of people were going to work. They used to work in farm..they still do. As we looking around the big area then big health guy come to us."Hello you guys not from here..I guess." That man look three of as and I look at his name.. Mr.Ross."Yes..we come to spend some time with my mother..""Oh summer break..that very Ross.. director of this factory."My dad and him shake hand."If you like I can show you around."He was very proud what he's work his. He was talking like he dose everything and all. Which to me sound very annoying."That were the good oil come out and paked procedure began....""What about the bad oil..?" Jack asked."We disposed them...."What... disposed them where....I don't like this..By evening..I went to see Vatten....but I can't find him.I searched for him. I saw him lying on the ground behind the big rock. he never bring me here....he doesn't sleep on ground. He sleeps on water.I run to him and try to wake him up."Vatten wake up!!" He look pale and dry. He need water?I bring water from pond and try make him drink it was very hard..I saw water which drop in his shirt absorbed them I drag him to pond and try to make him wet. It's feel like am killing him.He then open his eyes and lay there for a bit and come out. I imidetly hug him."Oh my alive.... oh god...." I grab his head and kiss his forehead.Tear were coming out."Am Lucy.. don't worry."He said and we come out of the water. He dry me."What was that...what happened to you..?"He was not saying anything.."Please tell me."I asked or begging him."Am sorry... but am dying."Thay word break my heart. Dying what..? How."What are you saying? Vatten.." I hold his cheek."Please don't do that to me.. please.. how.."I heard something pouring in water. I saw a pie..not so big which was made..under ground just pop out before the pond..I saw oil coming out of it."Can't you do anything...""Oil is the outsource...I can't control it. I can only control..water and those who live in me.""How you been dying..""Ever since that factory was working."I have to do something...and quickly."Don't worry Vatten... everything going to fine...I'll save this pond.. I'll save you."I said and went back after making sure he's fine. And I know what to do.For four days...I try to dig dirt on the factory..if it's legal or not. And it's turn out it's not. I found that this are is very fertile and government do not want to destroy the soil of this area so that why government ban on building factory..That would work out.. I'll call and register a complain. But the people...After four day I went to see Vatten. He look more pale and tin..He saw me hugged me immediately."I missed you.""I Missed you too."I love am feeling can't be explained. I didn't tell him how I feel...or maybe that the better way."I brought you something." I take out four water bottle..and give it him."It's filtered." I said and he drink. I can see his began to glow...he finished one bottle. And the rest...he use his power to make ball. And use some more.. remaining good water of pond and I saw fish were going in the ball. And other few things too. And he released the ball in the pond. The water can be compared. Which one is good one."Wait...if I keep giving you""No Lucy...this pond is the god of this..I can accept the outside water.. but I can't go..""Don't worry Vatten...I found the solution..""But the people.." he said."Don't worry... everything is fine.."Next day...I heard that someone's cow die..and here is the rituals that if an anime who die...who works hard for you...they prayer for that animal. And Vatten said many farmers leave there cattle and anime to Rome around. They come drink water..he do his best to separate the oil... but...not any longer...This afternoon we went and pray for animal. After that...I haerd people talking about how animal were dying at young age."Maybe it's the factory." I said and lot of people look at me."It can't be..that factory disposed the bad big jar...and send to other companies."Other people agree with him."No that not true..that all thing are realised in the pond. Your pond that servings you for so may land..near by the harvest get spoied because of that factory. Why..think about it....I know...that give you an chance to earn...but what animal.. our water...."After hearing my speech..many went parents were.. confused and consern about me..but all am think about...him.After all that cheking... people believe me...they are with register a complaint against the factory. There's nothing important then there land.After we complaint..and we called them..they said they're coming tomorrow.I went meet Vatten..latter. we talk and all. He look sick and I gave him some water. But it's not enough."Is there something I can do.." I asked hopelessly."Don't worry...I can survive for one more days..."That line take my breath."Please don't say that..""Listen... tomorrow is going to be very heavy rain fall...that rain is not natural....but it will give me enough.. strength to survive..."I was unable to say that people are coming can I...may if I call them...come day after tomorrow..then..maybe...I try to call them..but not working."Nana phone not working..not even am getting network..""I don't know...this happens time to time... don't will come back.."What do I do will be fine..but latter I get to know that they're are coming tomorrow or next month..what the hell..Like this how can I save Vatten?Tomorrow comes...I can see the dark clouds... people were worried if it's rain... people from government won't able to come....Then cloud went away and we all can see the sun. The people from government come the check everything and closed and factory. After all this..I run to Vatten.. carrying lot of water bottle. But he was not there.After searching for him all around..I find a paper...he know how to write.It was for me.dear Lucy.i know what are thinking. Why rain didn't happen. It's because of me. I heard few people who come to check the pipe..I heard what you trying to do. And I must very proud of you. You did great...I know my surviving chance are very low. But don't worry. I know am dead...only if the pond is dead. If the get clear...I know the people..which they will. By the next year... I'll waiting for're Vatten.after that I make sure to tell people to clean it. And they to earn without losing their land and animals. I can't wait to see him. 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