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date club Harbor City,dating en español Fredericktown,speed dating near me Algonquin,, ,,dating 60 year old man Chatt,dating 50+ Cramer,asexual dating Bartonsville,interracial dating Greenvlle Jct,“Hey, Ashley, is that you, oh wow! You look so different…” said a familiar voice with a pat on his back. Startled Ashley turned and said “Oh Hey, Sharon, what a surprise!! How have you been?”.,65+ dating Pickleville,dating over 40 Paseo De Los Artesanos,Sharon and Ashley knew each other from college times. They were best friends. But, due to unavoidable circumstances, were unable to say goodbye to each other. When Sharon was in the final year of college, she left abruptly, without informing anyone... not even Ashley. Later, people came to know, that Sharon’s father was terminally ill and she was called back immediately. Ashley tried calling her, but got no answers. He tried to get hold of her address, but in vain. As time passed, Ashley got busy with his own life, but could never forget Sharon.,Now after 5 years, they had chanced upon each other. Ashley was shocked and speechless. He could not believe his eyes. He pinched himself twice, just to be sure. He was amazed, shocked and angry, all at the same time. But looking at her made him forget all his anger., She had become very lean and had dark circles under her eyes. But the magical innocent smile on her face was still the same. The smile that would take all your worries away. Her eyes still had that twinkling glow of vibrance. She was still very energetic and bubbly.,It took Ashley a moment to come back to the present and speak. With a frown on his face and serious voice, he said. “Where did you disappear suddenly? Don’t friends mean anything to you? At least could have called back? How can you….”,Interrupting Ashley in the middle, Sharon said “I am so sorry. I should have informed you, at least, but at home, things kept happening one after the other. When I reached home, dad was extremely ill. He had a major heart attack and was in the ICU for about six months or so. Mom was unable to withstand the shock and collapsed. I was so caught up in trying to put everything back to normal, that I lost count of my own life. When finally, Dad recovered, and Mom was much better, almost 2 years had passed. That was when I started focusing on myself again. The first thing I had to do was complete my studies and then start afresh from where I left it. The thought of contacting you did come to my mind. But fate…On my return back home, I lost my cell phone and with that all my contacts. After getting a degree, I got a cool job and was back on track again.”,Ashley said “That is really great! Hope all is fine now”. Just then it started raining. “Hey Sharon, let’s catch up over a cup of coffee? What do you say?”. Sharon nodded and they headed to the nearest cafe. ,On reaching the café and making themselves comfortable, they ordered each other’s favorite drinks. While waiting for their orders, Ashley remarked. “You know, I still haven’t fully forgiven you.” Sharon replied “Then out with it!!”,asexual dating Chisago Lake,“Well, you should have at least left a message, note or something somewhere instead of disappearing just like that…. “I didn’t even have you address. So even if I wanted to come and help, I couldn’t. You know how it pains to hear from strangers about your closest pal?” Ashley’s eyes met Sharon’s. She could read the hidden emotions behind his eyes but ….,asexual dating Medicine Bow,mature dating Haskell,“Ok, sorry once again, but now that we are together, let’s stay in touch and start all over again. What’s going on in your life?”,casual dating East Stroudsburg,“Well, I work with a reputed firm. They pay pretty decent. Live in a rented apartment here, with a colleague of mine. But soon, he too is going to move out.”,“Why so, he got bored of you? “chuckled Sharon, trying to lighten the mood. ,dating virgo man Blocksburg,“You wish. He is engaged and will be married soon. Anyways, your turn, how have you been doing?” Said Ashley.,“Oh well, I am living with my parents in our ancestral home. Have a decent job there itself. Had come down to the city to buy a few things. Will be heading back soon. My train is scheduled for 1:00 pm.”,“So that means, you still have an hour before you leave. If you’re done with your shopping, why don’t I show you around the city? It will be fun. It’s my off day”.,Sharon hesitated a little, tried to say no but somehow Ashley was able to convince her.,“Sharon, I’ll take you to the most beautiful part of the city. Just close your eyes and open when I tell you to.”,meet singles near me Morrilton,“Don’t be kiddish, I don’t want to miss the scenic beauty on the drive.”,“You won’t miss anything, please do this for me. I promise to make this a memorable trip for you.” said Ashley. For some strange reason, his voice became a little mellow and he looked a little serious.,“Ok, I am closing my eyes. But this better be good.”,Sharon could feel the wind in her hair. A sweet smell was with them for the entire trip. The music playing was so soft and soothing that it relaxed Sharon. She could hear her heart beat fast. Just then the car stopped and Ashley said “You can open your eyes.”,dating older women Main Avenue Station,bbw dating Rockville Ctr,17 and 20 year old dating Bainbridge Township,singles near me Jard De Barcelona,Sharon opened her eyes and was mesmerized. The sight was so enchanting in front of her. The entire city was visible. The spot where they were parked was so calm and serene. The sun was setting in the horizon. The clouds looked like a painting in the making. The birds were chirping sweetly. All this just got a sweet smile to her face. “This truly is very charming and beautiful. Thank you Ashley for this magical experience!!”,Suddenly her eyes fell on Ashley. She could smell something fishy about to happen. He was looking for something in his pocket. Sharon abruptly started “Oh, I forgot to tell you, I got engaged last week to Roger. He is Dad’s friend’s son. He is really a great guy.”,Hearing this Ashley’s face changed. He looked pale and numb. “Why did you have to do this Sharon. You knew I loved you. Though I never told you, my eyes conveyed all to you. You were the only person who understood me the best. How could you miss on this feeling of mine…? I waited to meet you all these years, and when that happened, you shattered me. How will I live without you…” thought Ashley within, with a smile on his face and said “Congrats, Sharon really happy for you.”,Sharon said with a chuckle “Thanks, you have to come to my wedding.” ,“Why did you not tell me back then Ashley. I always thought I was only a friend to you. Wish you had told me previously. I still love you very much, but can’t say it because of the promise I have made to my parents…God this really hurts”. Thought Sharon to herself.,She glanced at her watch and said “Time for me to go, can you drop me to the station?”,Finally, the two of them said a final goodbye to each other to never meet again….,,transgender dating Uwchland,,