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,,“This was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives,” She barely stood upping from her bed because of the loud vibration and noise of her clock. It's another day, the sun rays all over her face. She hears a birdsong from the window, the breeze of the dancing trees. "She sighed, Maybe it's Christmas season". , ,singles near me Ludowici,But wait, suddenly hit her head. Oh, it's her boyfriend playing with the soft cotton blend pillows. Caroline is living with her boyfriend since her life goes into chaos because of her family. Her boyfriend's family is open to her and there's no problem even though she lives in their old ancient house. Caroline's life with her boyfriend's family is just like she's part of the family. But she can't keep on her sometimes mind that she missed her family, and she wished that someday she will feel the lovingly care just like her boyfriend's family. Day after day she goes to university. She's a college student the same as her boyfriend, but they're not in the same university. Every morning they ride a bike and separate ways going to school. ,ukraine dating Gackle,bbw dating Bradley, ,While riding her bike, Caroline suddenly recall her dream. It is weird because she can't recall the place where she's at, but she remembers this tall guy with a pale white milky skin with a dark hair and the dark brown eyes that summoning her to get close. But Caroline stop from thinking, she was closely bumped into a tree. "That was closed" she looked around if there are others that saw her. Luckily there's weren't, she sighs silently. After class, she rides her bike back to home. When she arrives her boyfriend was there, studying with a bunch of book whiles in front of the computer. She greeted him and went to her bed. She's thinking again of her dream. "Caroline! Caroline! Caroline!" her boyfriend shouted her name thrice but dear Caroline just back on her conscious after her long staring at the window. It's already evening, and they get up for dinner. Before, going to bed her boyfriend kisses her forehead every night. Her boyfriend loves her so much to the point that he can sacrifice his love for her. It's 12 a.m. midnight the moon is crescent shining like the sun, the stars are spreading all throughout. When, Caroline suddenly enters her dream. She was like in reality but there's something that has change into this world. It was the same but this time this world that she's in is full of aesthetics and magic. While she's walking around every corner and every step there was this light that shines throughout. But from distance she saw this guy again from her past dream a day ago. He was looking at her silently. When, she saw his eye her heart suddenly beats rapidly. Caroline doesn't know what's happening to her. But this stopped her boyfriend wakes her up. Caroline's boyfriend is worried because it was middle of the night while she's sleeping she was murmuring and crying. Her boyfriend hug her and pat her hair and they'd go back to sleep. The next day and every day Caroline's dream was the guy. She doesn't know who it was. But one time when she was too curious about her dreams. She gets her phone and search for her one and only dream of the guy that holds her hand. It states that holding a hand in a dream often indicate love, connection and affection you feel for this person. Holding hands in dreams also symbolizes friendship, deep emotions and affection, as well as a close bond you have with someone. But sje was so confused because she didn't even know who was that guy in her dream. The days past and she still dreaming about the different world that was a little bit the same in our world with this guy. While thinking deeply Caroline suddenly enters her mind that maybe there was a another world outside. And maybe there was another her on that world with that guy. Because of this weird things that's happening to her he always think of the guy. And one time she questioned her self. " Why am I missing that guy in my dreams ?" Her boyfriend suddenly enters their room so she's out of her mind again. One evening when Caroline is about to sleep he suddenly pray that she wants to be with the guy again. She was confused of herself. She wasn't supposed to be like that because she has her boyfriend and they'd love each other. But what is happening with her is a different level of confusion. Her boyfriend observed that there's something about Caroline. But Caroline refuses and kept her dreams. He couldn't tell her boyfriend about it. She's worried because she also loves her boyfriend. But on the other hand she is slowing down to fall inlove to the guy that he doesn't know and the weird funniest thing is that it is just in her dreams. ,dating 50 plus Luebbering,interracial dating central Anderson,meet women near me Haciendas Florida,dating latina women Palm Desert,mature women dating Powhatan Pt,She doesn't even know if it is alive or not. But one thing for sure for her is that she wants to see that guy. Caroline is in her dream and this time the guy gets close and closer to her he lend his hand and stand up Caroline from her sit and dance her gracefully. The guys is smiling so Caroline's heart is beating rapidly. But this time when the guys holds Caroline's hand suddenly a wave of air force Caroline to see what's her connection to the guy. Her eyes were close as the guy holds her hand. It was her and the guy, they were holding hands at the beach with a orange yellowish sunset at that time. They were walking around, the next scene was them again there's a sunset again but this time they had this cute little gray fur cat. It seems like the memories of the guy with Caroline is living with him. Caroline doesn't stop from crying when she saw the scenes and memories of them even she doesn't knew it was her and the guy. Caroline slowly open her eyes the guy was not holding her hand , the guys was not by her side. She woke up from her dream and cries silently. Her boyfriend is still in a deep sleep. She was crying throughout the night and when the sun rise up the rays hit her face and the tears where dry. It's another day to live. But she can't still forget what happened at thst night. So she opened her phone and talk to her friends. When she suddenly tell one of her friends she knew that the guy on her dream was the friend of her friend. At her surprise she can't believe what she's saw. Her friend tell her that his friend also dream about a girl when he tells his friend about Caroline's dream unfortunately the girl that his friend holds a hand is not Caroline. Caroline was still confused why she had that dream. She didn't know that guy is a friend of his friend. She doesn't know him. They didn't know each other. But why does it happen?Is there really another world? That was the continuous questions that playing around Caroline's mind. But her boyfriend she doesn't know about it. He loves Caroline so much. At Caroline's surprise her boyfriend know all about what's happening to Caroline but he's just playing blind and deaf all around to not hurt Caroline. He is alright to be hurt by what's happening with Caroline but he doesn't want Caroline to be hurt when she know that all this time her boyfriend was just a lie. He's the one from another world. Looking for her and know living with her. But Caroline still wish that someday her and the guy still meet. But for this time she sighs " At least we've met". By then it was too late. ,asexual dating Springdale,,dating older men Wilsey,blind date Malta,dating 60+ Widecreek,dating 45+ Emory University,adult friend finders Coffman Cove,,dating over 60 Milnesand,completely free dating Craftsbury Common,blind date Marco,muslim dating S Harrison Twp,asexual dating Est Del Paraiso,dating for singles West Meredith,mature dating New Philadelphia,