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Finally, I looked in the attic. I found it in a box near the corner. I opened the box, coughing as the dust flew up. I brushed off the dust and looked inside, picking up the letter. I dusted the letter off and looked at the letter, emotion welling up inside me. It read,, ,Lily, ,I know this may come as a shock to you, me writing to you like this. It's shocking to me too; I normally never do this. However, I have no other way of telling you this. If I do it in person, I choke up and things would become awkward really quickly. This is the only way. Lily, I love you. I love your smile, your laugh, your sweetness. I literally love everything about you. You are the brightest, happiest, purest girl I know. You are very sweet and you are altruistic. You would do anything for your family and friends. I find that a very admirable trait. You don't see much of that anymore. Ever since I met you, my whole world got brighter. You are everything to me. If you don't have feelings for me, that's quite alright, just please don't string me along. That would hurt worse than anything you could do. Tell me how you feel. I'll be at your house tomorrow At noon., -With love, Jason.,dating 40 year old woman Wolsey,single women in Homestead National Monument,single women in my area Tolleson, ,Tears dripped off my cheeks but I quickly wiped them away, not wanting to ruin the letter. Today, I let myself really conjure up a mental picture of him, his longish dark hair, and a bright smile. His beautiful gray eyes. I missed him dearly. Jason had gone to war, and he never came back, leaving me to assume he died.,date my age Knowlesville,meet singles near me Dayhoit,Carefully carrying the letter, I made my way to the living room, where the box sat. I tucked the letter inside the box and closed it up. Now it felt complete. I put tape around it and carried it outside under a willow tree. I took a shovel and started digging, which was no easy feat. The wind was blowing, making my blonde hair blow into my eyes. The ground was hard, making my body ache all over, but I never gave up. I kept at it. Finally, I got a good-sized hole and gently placed the box inside. I covered the box and smiled at my work. Now, I had to wait for years before I could tell my grandchildren about this. First, I had to get married. I laughed lightly, but there was only one man I wanted to get married to, and he was dead. I stood by the willow, looking at where the box was laid. A good job. I was staring at the spot where the box went, so I didn't hear anyone coming up behind me until he spoke. "Excuse me, does Lily Karlton still live here?" I jumped, my heart beating fast. I smiled and turned. "Yes, that would be me. Do you need anything?" I got a good look at the guy and faltered. He had the same dark hair, the same gray eyes as Jason. Tears threatened to come, but I held them back. "Jason?" I asked, to scared to hope. The guy smiled. "Yes, my love." I couldn't hold them back, the tears came as I hurled myself at Jason, my lost love. "I thought you were dead!" I cried, hugging him tightly. He hugged me back. "No, my darling. I got injured and had to stay in the hospital. Then I had to stay with my parents while I fully healed. I got better a few months ago, and I spent all that time looking for you" I kissed him. "I'm so happy you're alive!" Jason smiled. "Me too. Me too.." I went silent for a few minutes before I spoke again. "Before you arrived, I read your letter" Jason looked surprised. "You still had that letter?" I nodded. "I kept it. I thought it was the best gift I ever received. It came from the heart" "Yeah, I was hoping that would work on you." Jason grinned. "Guess I was right." "You Know...I was thinking..since you and I are reunited and we still love each other, wouldn't it make sense to get married?" I held my breath, waiting. The suspense was intense and horrible. "I wouldn't argue with that logic. I just gotta get you a ring." Jason kissed My neck. "Maybe you could come with, and help pick it out?" I nodded excitedly. "I would love to. Just not right this second" Jason nodded. "Understandable. you look like a mess." He chuckled. I playfully smacked him. "What were you even doing? Gardening?" I shook my head. "Nope, I was burying my time capsule " He raised his eyebrows. "Time capsule?" I nodded. "Yeah, for future generations to find. Guess what's in it?" "Um, a dead body?" I laughed. "No! Don't be ridiculous! I only put highly sentimental things in that box." Understanding came into his eyes, and I smiled. "I'm so glad you are back." He grinned. "All's well that ends well.",dating rich men Athensville,dating over 30 Parc Ponderosa,dating over 40 Pleasant Mls, ,dating over 40 Vallonia,date my age Huttig,,ukraine dating Parq Las Americas,dating 50 plus Cahaba Hts,,