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,, ,A hot looking guy just finished bathing from the sea. Seawater was trickling down from his manly chest to his eight-packed abs. He shook his head so that he can dry himself. After drying himself, He sat on the seashore and sadly looked at the sea whilst the setting sun‘s ray hit his face. The Golden rays of the dusk reminds him on how golden her hair was on the day she met the girl who taught her that life was worth the living. ”Stella,” He unconsciously said. Then he looked at his hand where he holds the seashell necklace. Then the sad memory that summer came back again,., ., ., ., It was dusk already when Leo reached the seashore. He was about to go to his cabin when he saw a girl singing in front of the vast sea. Her hair was flowing along with the gust of wind. The golden rays of the setting sun even made it more magical. Leo was enchanted by the wonderful sight he saw., The girl then stopped singing and looked at Leo’s direction. He met the girl eye to eye and then the girl smiled at him. Leo never understood the feeling of Love for his heart was cold as ice, his eyes was brimming with sadness and pain but he knew, when he saw that girl, his heart of ice melted, his eyes of pain vanished. Like the warmth of the setting sun, that girl melted his heart of ice. ,“Stella! Where are you?!” A guy shouted from one of the huts in the beach. ,“Brother I’m here!” Then the girl named Stella ran and jumped to his brother’s embrace. ,“You silly girl,” then Stella’s brother flicked her forehead. “I was looking everywhere for you. Where have you run off to this time?”,dating chat rooms J Crew,“The sun looks magical so I can’t help myself but to sing.” then Stella released herself from his brother’s embrace. Along with the wind she danced, she twisted, jumped and leaped from one rock to another, you can see how happy she was on what she does. She pulled her brother from the hut, encouraging him to join her madness. When they got tired, they lie down on the sand and both of them just laughed at their own silliness. Leo was still standing there astounded by the things they do. His heart was now full of wonder, astonished by the way they act, like they own the world., ,Evening came and Leo was now settled in his cabin. A knock was heard from his front door so he lazily opened it and the girl with the blonde hair was there. Panic engulfed him and he immediately closed the door. His heart was beating fast; he can even hardly catch up his breath. Once again he opened the door and said the words, “Hi.” Stella just giggled at him and asks if Leo wanted to come for dinner. “Well, it is a tradition in our village to welcome the guests, so come on!” she then Grabbed Leo’s hand and pulled him to the nearby shore where the villagers are dancing around the fire. , ,It was an entirely different feeling for Leo, He used to be all alone in these nights in the city having dinner on a nearby fast-food chain but this time he has companions. Though words were foreign, He can already feel what he has been longing for, Home. “Come on! Dance with us!” then Stella pulled him once again and they joined the dance. He, himself isn’t a good dancer, but when the beat started, the music played, the villagers sing, it’s like his own feet have their own life. Laughter filled the shore and it echoed throughout the night.  The party ended with a bunch of drunken people. Leo then stood up and walked till he reached the seashore, he then sat and looked up at moon. ,“Can’t sleep?” Stella asked as she approached him. Leo just gave him a smile and tapped the seat beside him. She then sat beside him and also looked at the moon. Stella closed her eyes then started to hum. Awed by its inexplicable beauty, Leo was enchanted once more. Stella stopped humming for a while and left the place. When she came back, she have drinks in her hands. “You’re name is Leo Right? Here it will help you sleep.” She then gave Leo the drinks in her hand. Leo was cautious at first so Stella giggled at his action and then drank her drinks first assuring that the juice isn’t poisonous. Leo then took a sip of the suspicious drink only to find out that it was just  carbonated water. “See? It’s not poisonous.” She then laughed. “Well, It’s better to be cautious than sorry. “ then Leo smiled too. , ,An hour had passed and still the two was on the beach, admiring the moon. “You know,” Stella broke the silence. “There’s this folktale in our village.” , ,“Wait, it isn’t some horror story right?” , ,“Oh no, no. It’s just a story I’ve heard when i was a little kid. It’s a story about the moon and the stars. So the story goes like this, Once upon a time, the moon thought that she was all alone. But no she was wrong, even though she rarely met her brother sun still, his brother is the one giving him light, she felt all alone in the darkness of the night because she can’t see the stars who is accompanying her throughout the darkness. When she realized this, she felt assured. For now she knows she will never be alone. Her brother is there always giving him light, she have to stars to be her company. Even though the darkness overwhelm them still they struggle to shine so that they may serve as a guiding light to humans below. This story served as my guardian throughout my childhood. It taught me that no matter how dark the world may be we will and always will  have someone out there to be with us no matter what.” ,completely free dating Sandstone, ,“And because of that story, i have more reasons why i should look up at the moon.” Then Leo looked up smiling at the thought that maybe, just maybe Stella is telling him that she is there to be his company. , ,date my age Mc Bee,“I’ll tuck in first, Good night Leo.” She then stood up and walked away. Leo just watched her as she walks away but then she stopped midway, looked back with a smile, then waved her hand. Leo then waved his hand in response. ,over 50s dating East Pecos, ,Leo looked at the moon again and muttered, “Someone to be with you huh.”, ,A week had passed and Leo enjoyed his stay. He was so into the island that he was reluctant to leave. He felt that as if he go back to that old and bustling city, he may never find himself again . For there he found peace, joy and Home. And more importantly, he found the girl who can melt his heart of ice. For the past few weeks, they've gotten to know each other, their minds started to think like the other and their hearts grew fonder.,single women in my area Yeehaw, ,dating older men Denver Federal Center,match dating Intergraph Corporation,A month came by quickly, and he decided to stay. He finally found his home so why leave? He may have the greatest bed and house in the city, but is he happy? No. He may be bustling with money and extravagant things but can it buy happiness? No, for home is where the heart is. It is where you find comfort, joy and peace. He found comfort on Stella's voice, he found peace on her. He is her home for his heart was hers.,quick flirt No Bethesda, ,Leo quickly settled on the island and he received warm welcome from the villagers, Especially the girl named Stella. They've had parties, tours and events for the past few days. Indeed the islander's welcomed him with such grand gesture. After the party, Leo stayed at the beach and once again admired the beauty of the island has to offer. There were no city lights for the torch was the only one who litted up the shore,  the sounds of the sea waves crashing the shore was the only thing you can hear, no noisy streets nor busy cars honking at each other. He saw Stella walking at his direction so he waved at her then tapped the place behind him. ,dating 45+ North Walpole, ,dating local Teresita," Hey there neighbor. Still can't sleep?" She then giggled and sat beside him.,"No, i'm quite sleepy actually. I just wanted to admire the beauty of the moon once more." He then looked at Stella's direction. She met her eyes, his heart was pounding, his breathe becomes heavy. He leaned in closer and so was Stella, both of them closed their eyes and was about to kiss each other when Stella suddenly opened her eyes and pushed him away. , , "I-I must go." Stella shyly muttered, her face  flushed and Leo's too.,"S-sure." Leo replied whilst looking away.  Then Stella stood up and hurriedly left the place., ,Another month quickly came to pass, Stella and his brother was nowhere to be found. They went missing a week after that night, they said that they would only be gone for days but its  been weeks now since they've left and still they are nowhere to be found. Summer almost ended when they've returned to the island and to their surprise they saw that Stella was sitting on a wheel chair, pale and weak. Hundreds of things he wanted to do, thousands of things he wanted to say, but he was dumbfounded, his feet paralyzed. All he can do is to watch them as they walk away., ,dating apps for women Akaska,Evening came and they are at the campfire place having a gathering. The atmosphere was so heavy, none dared to speak, you can even hardly breathe. Shaun, Stella's brother started to speak. "6 months, that's all she have left." Millions of questions are running in their minds but no words came to escape. All of them remained silent. Leo left first and returned to his cabin. Astounded by the things he heard, Leo silently cried then muttered, "I finally found my home, will it just slip out of my hand right away?", ,mature women dating Point Washington,Morning came and Leo didn't even notice it. A knock from the door was heard and he didn't even bother to open it. He came back to reality when someone hugged him from behind. The familiar scent of the ocean and the evening sun, the hair of gold he always love. "S-stella," words from his mouth escaped. Then he turned around and immediately hugged her. Then he looked at her eyes and asked," Is it true?" Stella just smiled and nod for She too, is on the verge of her tears. She stood up and grabbed Leo's hand and said "Follow me.", ,ukraine dating Locum,"Stella, where are we going? What if--" Leo was immediately cut off with a kiss. Astounded by what Stella did, he was shaking all the way to the top of the hill. ,"This is what i wanted to show you." She then looked at the Morning sun where it meets the vast sea. It was a spectacular view, even though he sees it every morning he wakes up, he was still astonished by it. ,mature dating St Mary Of The Woods,dating older women Bombay,date you Dover Township, ,"Just like how the sea meets the sun every morning, i know in my heart that we will never part. Why sulk in the darkness of the night when you know the morning will come? I pray and i know Leo, that even though i will leave this world earlier than you, our hearts will never part for our hearts is on the same boat right?" She then walked farther until she reached the edge of the cliff. She sung, she danced, twisted and leaped. She turn around with a smile and open arms, her hair was flowing with the wind. With the dawn behind her, once again He was enchanted by the magic she brings. "I love you, Leo." ,mingle dating Macon Brm, ,Summer ended and Autumn came, Stella grew weaker each day but she knew she will never be alone, for each and everyday she have Leo, his brother and all the villagers. Winter came and Stella grew worse, she was bedridden, unable to reach the sea nor see the dawn and dusk of the sun. She can't even sing that she loves so much. Still, despite all the ugliness and sickness of Stella, Leo stood by her side. ,Winter was about to end when Stella decided to breathe her last. Everyone was devastated, especially Leo. His heart aches so much, he wanted to scream, to cry, but no words nor tear was found for he was too hurt to even speak. Shaun approached him and gave him a box. "Sister asked me to take care of it. Then give it to you after she l-leave." He then looked away and handed Leo over a small ocean blue box. After Shaun left, Leo opened the box with his hands shaking. In the box he found a seashell and a letter. , ,dating multiple people Elsie,Dearest Leo,, Please don't cry, you look so ugly while crying. I don't have much strength left so i'll make this quick. I love you. I love you sooo much, but fate never let me to make you feel the love i have for you. May this sea shell help you smile dearest, i saw this on the hill. It has a sunset color and a spotted ends, just like the sky when we first met. Also remember the day i told you about the moon and stars folklore? Remember that ok? I love you Leo, always and forever.,Love, Stella, , , ,dating en español Saint Marys City, ,50 plus dating app Gypsy, , , , ,dating apps for women No Attleboro,He was back to reality when Shaun tapped his back. "Still thinking about her?" He then gave Leo a glass of carbonated water.  Suddenly a voice came into his head, " matter how dark the world may be we will and always will  have someone out there to be with us no matter what.” He then, looked up at the stars whom accompanying the moon.,,,