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first date American National Bank,interracial dating Libertyville,,singles near me URB Maria Del Carmen,dating over 30 Groton,dating in your 30s Preble,dating long distance Kieler, The police were called to Kaytlynn Barrett’s wedding before it had even begun.The “bridal suite” on the second floor of the Stately Motor Inn overlooked the parking lot. Kaytlynn watched as members of the wedding party were led out in handcuffs to waiting patrol cars. Her fiancé came out first, followed by his father and another man she didn’t recognize – possibly a staff member from the inn. A small group of locals trained their phones on the procession. She prayed the videos wouldn’t end up on YouTube.Once the lot emptied she turned from the window and looked around the room. A collection of wedding-themed gift bags, colourfully-wrapped boxes and a few envelopes lay on the king-sized bed. Her cousin Mary-Lynn had brought them up piecemeal as guests dropped them off downstairs; she feared someone might steal them as soon as the wedding started. Kaytlynn was tempted to tear open the envelopes, take the money and just run away, but she could hear Mary-Lynn knocking on the door and begging her to unlock it.“Your mom wants to talk to you,” Mary-Lynn said.After what I just saw you do? thought Kaytlynn. Over my dead body.^^^Mary-Lynn had warned Kaytlynn that she was too good for Justin Church. After all, he’d served time for assault with a weapon (baseball bat). Kaytlynn had spotted him at the local pub one night. She’d heard of him, knew her mother was friends with his father, but had never met him. She had been struck by his big blue eyes and wide smile. And she guessed he liked what he saw as well; he came over and offered to buy her a drink, just like in the movies. Kaytlynn, unused to attention from men, blushed and nodded with her head down.When he left to get her a beer Mary-Lynn nudged her. “He just got out of prison,” she said. Kaytlynn wasn’t sure she believed her cousin, but she asked Justin about it and he said yeah, he’d beat some guy with a bat, but it had been self-defense.They’d only dated a few months before Justin knelt before her with a small jewellery box in one hand. The ring was not to Kaytlynn’s liking – the oval diamond had a yellow tinge and the bezel setting looked crooked – but she figured she could upgrade someday when they could afford it.It was only after they officially announced their engagement at a big family dinner at Justin’s house that they learned Kaytlynn’s mother had been sleeping with Justin’s father.As she beamed around the table while holding out her left hand, Kaytlynn saw how uncomfortable her mother looked, how outright distressed Justin’s father looked, and how furious Justine, Justin’s sister, looked. Justine then made her own announcement about the affair, her voice getting louder and louder as she recounted how their mother had just found out yesterday and that’s why she suddenly left to stay at Gran’s. “I’m ashamed to be a part of this family,” Justine cried, then announced her plans to join the military to get away from them as soon as she graduated in June. She concluded by calling Kaytlynn’s mother some very strong words. Drinks were thrown, chairs overturned, tears flowed, yells and screams filled the air, and eventually the neighbours, sick of the damn Churches and their damn parties, called the police.Kaytlynn and Justin, who had been living at home up to this point, quickly found a cheap place to live and moved in together.Kaytlynn’s mother, Barb Godreau, tried to tell her daughter it was a sin to live with a man before you were married. Kaytlynn couldn’t help but remind her mother that Barb and Kaytlynn’s father had never married, and that someone sleeping with a married man wasn’t in a position to throw stones.Barb had always tried to be discreet when Kaytlynn was young, keeping her many boyfriends away from the house and only meeting them in motels or at their place if possible, but eventually she tired of the sneaking around and just brought them home. Kaytlynn figured her mother must have been a prostitute but said nothing, only confiding in Mary-Lynn, who cast doubt on this premise by pointing out Barb’s generous disability cheques, as well as the money Barb’s parents sent her monthly to help keep the roof over her head. Kaytlynn conceded, but still wondered.Mother and daughter didn’t speak for several weeks after the dinner. When the wedding shower was only a few days away, Barb called to apologize and ask if she could attend, she’d been wrong, she had behaved horribly. In the meantime Justin’s mother Dawne had returned home, but kept her distance from Kaytlynn. Justin said things were really tense in his family, with his father Dwayne walking on eggshells and Dawne slamming cupboards and drinking more than she should.Kaytlynn agreed that her mother could attend the shower. It was held in Kaytlynn’s apartment. Justin went out for the afternoon so the women could have the place to themselves. Eleven people arrived with gifts in tow, shucking their shoes and boots in the front hall, gushing over the shabby apartment with its second-hand furniture, and pouring themselves glasses of beer and coolers. After a few shower games it was time to open the gifts. The loud rustle of tissue nearly drowned out the ooohs and aaahs from the guests as each present was revealed. Kaytlynn, so rarely the centre of attention, cherished the moment: her friends and family gathered around, excited for her big day and offering to help any way they could, even if they weren’t in the bridal party. Her mother sat across from her in the only good chair, taking pictures on her phone and leading the games.Everything was grand almost until the end, when someone knocked on the door. Everyone assumed it was Justin home too early, but Barb opened the door to find Dawne swaying in the hall. Kaytlynn gasped and rose from the couch. Barb backed into the apartment as Dawne stumbled in, arms outstretched – either to grab Barb or to find something to hold her up, it wasn’t clear. Either way, drinks were thrown, chairs overturned, tears flowed, yells and screams filled the air, and eventually the neighbours, sick of all the noise on a damn Sunday afternoon, called the police.^^^Barb promised to keep to the back of the room and leave as soon as the ceremony was over. Dawne promised to come sober and stay that way all night. Dwayne promised to keep the women separated if they even so much as thought of going near each other.Please just give me today, Kaytlynn thought as Mary-Lynn helped her into her wedding gown. She hadn’t seen Justin since early that morning. Kaytlynn and her bridal party – Mary-Lynn, her aunt Carol and a few close friends – had gone out for breakfast before having their hair and makeup done at the salon next to the motor inn. Justin had managed to book the inn’s restaurant for the ceremony, the dinner and the dance, so long as the wedding party didn’t mind moving the tables and chairs. The only small hiccup was the justice of the peace running a bit behind schedule, but he promised to be there on time.“Want something to drink?” Mary-Lynn asked.“Anything cold,” Kaytlynn said, rustling to the door.“You can’t go out! What if Justin sees you?”“I’m just going to the vending machine, Mary.” They went down the hall with a handful of coins each, but the machine had an “out of order” sign taped to it.“There’s one on the main floor,” Mary-Lynn said. They walked to the staircase at the end of the hall. Kaytlynn reached out to open the door when she heard a woman moan. She turned to Mary-Lynn, who raised her eyebrows. Kaytlynn pushed the door open to find Justin pressing her mother against the wall, his mouth mashed against hers, her hands pulling his dress shirt free of his pants.Kaytlynn screamed. Mary-Lynn screamed. Justin and Barb jumped apart, but Kaytlynn was already running back to her room, noisy sobs echoing down the hall. She slammed the door and locked herself in.Justin banged on the door, pleading to come in and explain himself. Kaytlynn sat on the bathroom toilet, crying and shaking, afraid she would throw up. Her mother joined Justin at the door. “It’s not what it looked like!” she called. Kaytlynn put a fist to her mouth to keep from starting a shouting match.Soon other voices joined theirs: she heard Mary-Lynn screaming at them, calling them both whores. More people joined in, demanding to know what had happened. Mary-Lynn told them exactly what she had seen.Kaytylnn could then hear a lot of commotion from her seat in the bathroom: more family members and friends banging on her door, wanting to comfort her or tell her they always knew her fiancé was a piece of shit; angry yelling and cursing up and down the hall; doors slamming; what sounded like a scuffle in the next room; a loud crash somewhere downstairs; and finally sirens. Then silence, blessed silence.^^^Mary-Lynn still waited outside the door. “Just tell me you’re alright,” she said.“I’m alright.” Kaytlynn was tired, humiliated, nauseated, but alright. 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