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,,(This story is set on a small island state in the planet GAIA2 which is earth’s twin though backward by about 800 years and is still evolving.),Awake! For morning in the bowl of night/Has flung the stone that puts the stars to flight/I start a story I will tell you anon/Of a Chief which I now start upon. The Chief who was head of the island was tall wide and handsome. He was young too and was a law unto himself. That morning he was in his garden looking at the plants and flowers and the butterflies darting amidst them Hearing a noise he turned his head and saw his mother-in-law Milli coming out of her quarter. She was heavy set with prominent stretch marks on her stomach. Soon he saw Maxie his second mother-in-law coming out of her quarter with clothes to dry. He thought “Having two mothers-in-law can only end in tragedy. Their bickering can’t be tolerated.” He went back into his quarter.,Milli stood staring into the distance when she caught sight of a young woman coming that way. Forgetting the enmity with her neighbour she called out to her co-mother-in-law who came. The visitor was now drawing close, and they saw the woman who was dressed in the local fashion waist down.,40+ dating La Reforma,Maxie said “That woman is Boon who is engaged to Minz the wastrel.”, “She has a good figure. Of course with no stretch marks! In the modern way she has painted her body with striped designs using plant extracts to highlight her contours. Those are nothing special. All women have them. That woman has painted a flower over her navel. All these are done to tease the male. If I had been a male with the genital bulge, I would’ve been tempted to chase those stripes with my fingers which will lead.....”,Milli laughed and said “I know what you mean.”, “I wonder why she has come to Chief’s house, that too this early.”,“These decorated women are a threat to our daughters. There  she is entering Chief’s house. We should go there and investigate.”, Chief was seated on a cushioned chair fanning himself with a reed. His 2 wives were seated on either side of him. Milli and Maxie entered and found stools to sit.,local singles Colquitt,over 50s dating King Of Prussia,dating 60 year old woman Calvertville,meet women near me Est De Trinitaria,Boon said “My salutations to you chief. My name is Boon and I am engaged to Minz. He is an active outdoor man and goes hunting and is a wizard at archery.”, Chief said “Speak on.”, The women around did not miss his appreciative appraisal of the visitor.,dating 50+ Topia,Boon said “Sire, Minz wants to be a chariot racer.” She paused and then continued “He wants to buy a racing chariot and horse which will come to a large sum. He lacks money and seeks a loan.”,Chief said “I have heard you. Continue.”,dating 55 and older Golden Valley,“He went to Tex the cloth producer. The man has the money but won’t grant a loan as he thinks it would be risky.” Chief nodded.,Boon continued “Sire, we know your eagerness to support sporting activity. Chariot racing is very popular and people stake a lot of money on well-known racers. Having no other recourse, Minz seeks a loan from you Sire.”, “When does he propose to return the loan amount?“,one night friend Travelers Ins, “He thinks he can do it in instalments over two racing seasons.”,“Can he do it?”, “He feels confident of living up to his word.”,casual dating Willow Park,Chief was thoughtful a few moments and said “There’s no collateral. I have only his word for it. I would’ve to think it over a lot.” He was silent and after a long pause said “I’ll consider it. There may be a few more points to be clarified by you. Meet me at the Seaside Court tomorrow evening.”,When Boon bowed and turned to go Chief said “Why didn’t Minz come to ask me for the loan? Why did he send you?”, Boon thought a little and said “Despite his abilities with chariots and archery, he is poor at verbal skills. He said I was better at explaining various points that may be raised and sent me.”, The informal session was over after Boon left, following which the others dispersed.,When the two were alone Milli said “Maxie, Boon is a real threat. I know what will happen at Seaside Court.”, “I don’t think Chief will stoop to doing something wrong particularly as Boon is engaged to Minz.”, “We know what happens when a sperm gets active. Barely a month after my daughter was born, my husband had me pregnant again. It was most unexpected.  Don’t give Chief a clean chit in advance.   I’m always suspicious and invariably have been proved right in many cases.” She thought a moment and said “”We must warn our daughters.”,When alone, Millie called her daughter and said “I can see Chief has his eye on Boon. You’ve to stop him. Don’t cooperate with him in bed. Starve him there.”,“But my co-wife will be available.”,Unable to answer she said “I can’t explain everything to you. Tease Chief and when he needs you most urgently, deny him access.”,“I’ll see what I can do.”,mature dating Dalecity,Maxie told her daughter “Chief seems to be after Boon. Exhaust him. Give him everything he wants so that he won’t look to another woman.”,single women in Petersburgh,“That requires my co-wife’s cooperation also as his appetite is huge.”,“I don’t know how you women are so ignorant in these matters. I can’t be there to guide you. So do as you please.”, Milli and Maxie had a private talk and consulted their doctor. He gave them a medicine and said “Mix this in his food and his vigour will wane.”,dating older men Kelsay,Milli said “That is the right thing to do. Boon will find him far from horozontal and reject him.” The medicine was administered.,The next day Boon went to a witch doctor well-known to her. She confided the matter and sought a spell in her favour. The witch said “A spell may not work. They may try to feed him something to lower his vigour. I can give you a love philtre which is normally used to help the work of generation. Use it and you can almost raise the dead.” The witch gave the philtre and said “Good luck!”,Boon asked “How long will it take to act?”, “Only a few minutes.”,Boon next contacted Minz and said “I’ve a feeling Chief wants me as his wife.”,“So be it. I’ll find someone else.”,singles to meet Wynnedale,adult friend finders Hye,dating en español Willow View Heights,Boon was very offended at his casual remark and decided to keep it in mind.,Boon went to the Seaside Court and found Chief waiting for her. As they chatted he asked her about her mother.,She said “I was told she passed away immediately after I was born., He felt happy that there wouldn’t be another mother-in-law if he chose Boon. He said “Come and have dinner with me.”,over 50s dating Parsonville, She found he had arranged a variety of dishes, a veritable feast. She found the opportunity to mix the witch’s philtre into his food. As they ate she asked “What about the loan that Minz wanted?”, “I’ve decided to refuse him the loan as I hear he is a wastrel.”,Boon was happy to hear that response.,Chief then asked “What would you say if I asked you to become my wife?”, She said “But you’ve already two.”,first date Deford,dating en español Jefferson Proving Ground,“I’ve decided to send them away after providing for them.”,one night friend New Cumbrlnd,muslim dating Piru,“In that case I will be glad to accept you as my husband.”,Without much ado he carried her to his bed when he saw the moon through a window and feeling high in spirit recited the anonymous doggerel: “O Moon when I gaze on thy beautiful face,/Careerering along through the boundaries of space/The thought has often come into my mind/If I ever shall see thy glorious behind.”  Boon not fully aware of what was said merely added “And you may see whatever else you may wish”. He wished the night would last long. It did! As the poet says “Moon of my Delight who know’st no wane/The Moon of Heaven is rising once again./How oft hereafter rising shall she look/At me and Boon together again and again!”,END,NOTE: Lines from Omar Khayyam have been borrowed and linked for poetic effect!,*, , , , , ,,dating direct Rexburg,,