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He plopped down onto the brown long sectional couch and asked Lindsey what was for supper. She happily handed him the small baggy and said first he needed to open his surprise. With a confused look on his face he opened up the bag and started to cry. Tom looks up at his wife with a smile and says, "so we are finally having a little one huh." He reached up and gave her a hug and they ate dinner which was a delicious chicken fettuccine meal. They went to bed so happy they made love over and over again. They have been trying to have a child for a few years now since they got married 3 years ago. The first appointment was a week away and it went very well. The heartbeat of the baby was nice and strong. A few appointments past and the baby was growing healthy as ever. At 16 weeks they found out they were having a little girl. They were so happy they went and bought up a bunch of pink and purple dresses with headbands and bows. The crib was full of recieving blankets and socks for the baby. They planned on naming her Abigail. She always kicked and moved around when Lindsey ate fruit and spicy foods. Both Lindsey and Tom loved feeling Abigail move in the tummy. But 2 months later they went for a special 4D ultrasound and couldn't perform the ultrasound, suddenly there was no heartbeat. The dr was very confused and sad to tell Tom and Lindsey the news. The dr explained it as a very special case. There could have been numerous of reasons as to why the baby's heartbeat wasnt beating anymore. As sad as they were they told each other that they would pull through it together. They held each others hands and made a promise to never give up on each other. But coming home to an empty house knowing that their little one isnt anymore is a whole new feeling. Emotions ran high in the house for the first few weeks. Lindsey and Tom argued almost every day. Lindsey just stayed in the nursery holding and looking at the baby clothes that they picked out. She sat in the rocking chair singing to the empty onesies. Tom stayed at the bar mostly drinking his problems away. He felt if he stayed away from home that maybe just maybe the stress and the sadness will go away. Every time they passed each other in the house they just smiled once and then walked away. When ever Lindsey would mention something to Tom about how she felt he would just brush her off his shoulders and tell her it's her fault for the way she feels. Lindsey would cry in the nursery in hope for relief. Lindsey would even go to the park to look at the other kids playing but it would only make her more sad. Not even going to the mall anymore would help with the way Lindsey was feeling. She would just pass by so many mothers with their daughters and she would break out in tears in the dressing rooms. Lindsey felt like her husband left her and that he didnt care about how much torn apart she was. 4 months later, one night in the bar Tom was found drinking a glass of mixed whiskey when a friendly face from his church walked up to him to ask him how he was doing. It was their preacher Jack which is the same person that married Tom and Lindsey. He stood 6 foot and 6 inches tall. He may have been really big but he always has a friendly smile on his face. Tom explained the whole situation to him and how his and Lindsey's marriage wasnt doing so well. The preacher looked at Tom and gave him a hug. Then asked him, "do you feel a little better after the hug?" Tom nodded his head yes with tears running down his cheeks. The preacher then said with a smile, "sometimes people need a hug and sympathy for what they go through to get through the tough times." It then clicked in Tom's head what he had said to Lindsey 4 months ago that he wouldn't leave her and that they were going to get through it together. He finally realized that he broke his promise to his wife and now feels terrible that he left her to deal with the feelings and depression on her own. Tom paid for his drinks and he rushed home and ran up to his wife then gave her the biggest hug. Lindsey started to cry in relief to see that her husband has come back to her. They made sweet love that night. Probably the most romantic night they have ever had. A few weeks later Lindsey started to throw up constantly so Tom took her to the doctor. They ran a few tests and found out that Lindsey was 4 weeks pregnant with their new baby. They conceived the night thay they first made love again. Each appointment that passed the baby grew stronger. They grew weary of if something were to happen to their little girl but each appointment was more relief to them. 8 months later they had a beautiful baby girl that they call Amanda. And they wouldn't love her any less. She is their miracle baby and she is the baby that brought them together.,speed dating near me Moody,,speed dating near me S Burlington,dating for seniors Throop,meet women near me Campo,date me Murphys Corner,singles to meet Perkinsville,completely free dating Kent Woodlands,dating 55 and older Simmons,