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,dating in your 30s Norton Hill,dating older men Clear Lake City, ,meet singles near me Stonycreek,, IF ONLY,transgender dating Concordia College,By Jo-ann L. Dolendo,(#238 based on the prompt – write a story where one person is trying to say goodbye but keeps getting interrupted), ,dating rich men Macedonia, “Don’t run fast, my dear, you might stumble. Be careful,” Martha called a cute and adorable kid who enjoyed running on the grass. The innocent kid was brought by his mother to the cemetery to visit someone special to their heart.,dating apps for women Edwards Crossroads, Five years had passed since Tommy left the Earth. After a year of battling with leukemia, his body gave up. He left his wife, Martha and their five-year old son, Tom.,40+ dating Nemours,***,dating near me Gibson Island,dating in your 50s South Duxbury, “Look, sweetie! Come here! Which gown do you think suits me? This red one or that simple yet elegant white gown?” Martha eagerly called her boyfriend, Tommy. Tommy rushed to see his girlfriend wearing a red gown with a smile on her face. “This woman was God’s gift for me. She is simple, understanding, loving and caring person. I’m so lucky to have her,” he thought. But despite his happy thoughts, there’s something that stopped him. The thought that he might not be with her forever scared him. As soon as he realized what he’s doing, Martha was already in front of him wearing her sweetest smile that made him fall for her before. “Anything wrong, sweetie?” she asked. Tommy just nodded his head and smiled., Martha and Tommy were in a strong relationship for the past nine years. They were each other’s classmates during college. They both graduated on the same year and started to hunt for a job to prepare for their future. As both architects, it can be said that they’re lucky enough to easily find a job. They’re not in just a typical boyfriend-girlfriend relationship but they also treated themselves as best friends. From the day they officially made their relationship official, they promised to each other that between them, there must be no secrets, no lies., The department wherein they’re working will be having a victory party on Friday night. The said party was to celebrate Martha’s success as she successfully done the biggest project for their company, so far. Everyone was excited, except Tommy. He already prepared himself many times just to tell his secret to Martha. But every time he tries to tell her his secret, something happens that interrupts them., His first attempt was during their date when they went to the park. He seemed uncomfortable. He had cold sweats because of nervousness. When he tried to start the conversation, Martha spoke first. She surprisingly told him that she already booked a ticket for the two of them on a trip abroad. The money she spent was a part of the incentive she received from her successful work. She wanted to share it with him because it was his dream to visit Spain to see creative and unique architectural designs that would inspire him to work harder. Tommy was so flattered of what Martha has done. Because of what happened, his first attempt to tell her the truth failed.,dating local Johnson,ukraine dating Palmhurst, His second attempt was the day when he had his third visit to the doctor. The doctor revealed how severe his condition was. He had leukemia, a serious medical condition that could lead to death. He was also informed that the possibility for him to live was only one year. His condition was already in stage 3 and it keeps on worsen day by day. Upon hearing this, he felt helpless as if he was carrying the whole universe. Panicked and nervous, Tommy went home crying. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t even find the right words to tell Martha about her condition. He couldn’t bear to see the love of his love to be in such grief of losing him., Friday night came. Everyone looks fabulous and handsome. “There comes the lady of the night!” screamed Maxx, one of their closest friends. Martha was so happy; she couldn’t even contain her happiness. It can be seen clearly in her eyes. Tommy looked at her. It made him sad thinking that he would ruin the happiest night in her life. He was hesitant to continue his plan. The long night was over. He wasn’t able to do it. That was supposed to be his third attempt. “Perhaps next time,” he whispered to himself., After that extravagant party, everything went back to normal especially the things between Martha and Tommy. But Martha didn’t know that Tommy was already experiencing worse attacks from his condition. He looked pale and felt weak. He just neglected everything, until Martha’s birthday came. It was celebrated together with her family. When only two of them were left after the party, he held her hands and looked straightly to her eyes. She was nervous upon seeing him looking that way. He wasn’t able to look at her that way before. “What’s the problem, sweetie?” she asked. In a sad and slow way, he told her the truth-everything. It was hard for him to find the perfect timing but he didn’t mean to ruin her birthday. Martha burst in tears. She wasn’t able to accept and absorb everything she heard. She pleaded him to tell her that it was all a joke, but it was not. She couldn’t imagine her life without him. All their dreams together would vanish in just a glimpse of an eye. She just couldn’t accept that. She felt her entire life would be miserable and useless anymore. They spent the rest of the night hugging and comforting each other.,Days, weeks and months passed by. Martha and Tommy still fulfilled their dream to visit Spain. He deserved a happy moment in his life despite everything. Tommy’s condition worsens. He often vomits and felt helpless. He had bruises everywhere in his body. Martha was worried. She stayed mostly in the hospital and didn’t leave him. She was with him when he had undergone series of chemotherapy sessions. There were times when Tommy felt like giving up because he couldn’t bear the pain anymore. The possibility to see his improvement was nowhere to be seen.,dating over 60 Kulptown, Just as what they promised to each other before, they chose to get married during their tenth anniversary despite Tommy’s condition. Their marriage took place in the hospital where Tommy was admitted. They happily exchanged I dos and put a ring on each other’s ring finger as a sign of their marriage in front of their families. They were also happy and supported the two because they know how sincere their love for each other was., Five years had passed since Tommy left the Earth. After a year of battling with leukemia, his body gave up. He left his wife, Martha and their five-year old son, Tom.,bbw dating West Decatur,interracial dating Danburg,singles near me Bladon Springs, Their story proved that a love story between two sincere people still exists. Despite the situation, they chose to gamble on love even though they knew that there was no assurance that they would be together forever., ,dating chat rooms E Dublin,*** THE END***,date club W Newton, ,date you Sprout Brook,gay dating Nonantum,,,65+ dating Rock Island Junction,