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dating for singles Pie Town
, ,,Heaven Scent,Marcus pored over the books one more time, not registering the evidence before him. The numbers were all a blur at this point. He didn’t want to believe his restaurant was hemorrhaging money. Slamming the books shut, he swore.
meet women near me Healing Springs
, ,,My mother was a true artist.,       She breathed new life into everything she touched: tools, furniture, plants, even other people and her presence alone was enough to make miracles. All of the villagers in Vaaldorf knew that there was no
singles near me Laguna Woods
, ,,TW: Mental health, substance abuse, ,“We have plenty of time,” he crooned back to me, his voice like warm honey on a biting autumn morning. He tilted my head up, forcing my eyes to meet his. The smile he gave me was enough to make me forge
casual dating Winchester Bay
, ,,Dear diary,,It’s been 16 days since the apocalypse. I can’t overemphasize how much I miss the world before it ended. You already know this. But as the days go by, I wish for this new world to be better. I hope for better things in the futu
interracial dating West Storm Lake
, "I'm sorry Elle, I lied to you"Why did I have to say that? Ugh whats wrong with me. Now I have to explain. Why am I hugging her too? Ever since I found out about my feelings I've been doing ridiculous things. Its like I have these urges that
first date Nordman
, The desk had become a labyrinth of letters and papers.Piling strewn papers into misshapen stacks, Roslyn shoved her homework into her bag. Yawning and methodically bolting her locker shut, Roslyn squinted out of the window to see the bright
dating 50 and over Wainwright
, Teddy mobyBabe, hope your having a nice day.Tanya mobyYeah not bad – cant wait to see u l8r.Teddy mobyWell that’s what I’m texting you for. I’ve been talking to the boys and I think we need to cool things down.Tanya mobyYou wot?Teddy mobyI’v
match dating Dominion Park
, ,, My name is Viola Fletcher. I left my man at the altar, resigned from my job, sold my house, then drove across the country to Maine for a different life. Here’s my confession, I guess., …………………………………………………………………………………………, The drive from Po
one night friend E Springfield
, ,, “Why are there three quarts of sour cream on your mother’s list?” Heather asked, “We’re a big dip bunch!” Rosalyn said with a wide grin, “I could have gone my life without hearing that phrase.”, They both shared a laugh as Rosalyn pushed
dating over 50 Longfellow
, ,,Throughout the ages, heroes have traveled many paths in multiple kingdoms. The strength of such heroes cannot only be measured by the danger they face. Their true strength comes from their integrity and passion for their cause. ,Mallory dr
dating 50 year old man Walstonburg
, ,, There was one word that changed my entire existence. One word that I now recalled with a different understanding than I had four months ago. When I first heard it I had feelings of anger and sadness. Now, upon hearing the response in a ne
over 50s dating Wyalusing
, ,, ,“For God’s sake!”, Charlie threw her curlers down into the sink with more force than was necessary. She ran her fingers desperately through her hair, groaning at the tangles which she was attempting to transform into flowing locks. Her p
meet singles near me Clarks Hill
, ,, Do I regret it?  Of course I do, but I can’t go back now.  I made a mistake.  I had a small lapse in judgement and then it spiraled.  But what was I supposed to do, it was an impossible situation.  But first let's go back to the beginning
dating 60+ Poetown
, ,, Michael Cavendish liked to think of himself as a simple person. Not simple as in dumb, but simple as in easy to figure out. A young man with few wants, and relatively easy to please. Almost like a linear function; you plug in different nu
mature dating Stephens
, ,,The Red Hijab, , , , “Hey, hey wait please don’t leave please… Rehab… Rehab….” Mourad was shouting these words in the middle of the city square wondering how futile his words are and watching quietly the moving image of a young girl going
dating military men Tercio
, ,, As I walk along the pathway that lay beside the rusting playground where I grew up, a million memories swarm in my head… But what catches my attention isn’t the new statue they’d built, nor the rose beds but instead, a man who looked all
casual dating Boones Mill
, ,,Connor settled on his couch at the end of a long day. Not that he didn’t like his work in the library, he loved it. A little peace and quiet was just what he needed in his job. Just sometimes, the peace and quiet could drag a little. It al
over 50s dating Barrington Hills
, ,, ,Love. So many people have confused this beautiful ever existing phenomena with emotion, infatuation and even pain. But Love is none of these things.,Love is a pure ever flowing energy that has existed from the beginning of time. It is av
dating military men Roseau
,  Jenni walked the leaf-covered streets just as she did every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Thick heeled Oxfords clacked against the cobbled stones as she neared the city, her place for fresh veggies, fruits, milk, and if she felt exceptiona
transgender dating Limestone Hill
, ,,“Chest stand everyone! Alexis, extend your legs out a little more, You’re too compact. Maddie, come up here and show the class how you do a chest stand properly.” I walk up quietly, taking petite steps until I'm at the front of the gymnasi
transgender dating Mt Enterprise
, ,,He charges $200 an hour. I give him the cash upfront.,“What’s your pleasure?” he asks in his Spanish accent. I expect him to present himself in a more sensual manner, to really try for my money, but no. He was as overused as a felt doll. I
asian dating El Rancho Loma Linda
, ,,“I don’t think I’ll have enough for this,” you remark, fumbling around in your purse, trying to produce the coins necessary to purchase the blanket you had your eye on from the moment we walked into the store. , ,I smile at you, my eyes gl
dating older men Grimstead
, Breakfast and the sunrise were one in the same for a sunflower. Helian breathed in the lingering dawn, its once frigid breeze warming somewhat. The sun had brought the blossoms along his arms, shoulders, and chest a bountiful meal, but the c
date club URB Verdemar
, His ice blue eyes reflected his anticipation, deepening to nearly black as he lingered from the shadows of the veranda, silently awaiting her arrival.                                                         ****************Adrienne stepped t
gay dating Ringle
, 20th January, 2021.**Diary Entry**Some people don't believe in love. True love. Well, I understand them when they say they don't because I, too once didn't either. I used to believe that it could only be found in the old dusty pages of ruste
one night friend Moshannon
,    “Whose horrible idea was it to do this?” I asked the air, my voice catching and dying on the recycled hot air. I leaned my forehead and cheek against the cool glass of the window, looking out at the craggy rocks capped with snow.    Phill
dating books for women Robeson
, ,,(TW: mentions of sexual violence, gun violence, and bullying), , Betty sat, criss-cross applesauce, underneath the bleachers in the gym. She set down her lunch tray in front of her, taking occasional bites of today’s meal: biscuits and gra
dating over 60 Sulphur Springs
, The bird flies at me, it’s sharp beak pointed at my eyes. It lunges and I duck, screaming. It’s talons get tangled in my long, golden brown waves. As it tries to fly away, I can feel some hairs giving way and snapping, allowing the bird to g
dating over 30 Glen Fork
, ,,Candles flickered in the Shadow King's throne room, illuminating walls and vaulted ceiling surfaced entirely from skeletons of innocent victims. Their blood gushed from grotesque magical fountains. I could see nothing out the windows - the
date me Comunidad Arenales
, ,, I was startled awake as a warm fire burned across my thighs. That hadn't been any ordinary dream, it'd been a premonition.,I jumped out of bed, burst through my bedroom door almost breaking my door, jumped off the landing and landed on th
dating 60 year old woman Antigo
, Boxes littered the living room floor and for as far as you could see. I pulled one down from the stack that had built up. If truth be told I had started to build a fort. Childish yes, I know, but I had needed something to entertain myself….
dating for singles Veterans Hospital
, The sun had yet to set, but the friendly early evening crowd was beginning to trickle into the outdoor eatery area of The Court Street Bar and Restaurant. It was, after all, a little past seven on a Saturday night in Hobohemia, and after a f
dating over 30 Kirwin
, ,,  As winter was quickly approaching, everyone could be seen taking preparations. From the cutting of the firewood, to stocking up on can-goods, and refilling their everyday supplies. Though it was undoubtedly the most merry of seasons, it
flirt for free Vermont
, ,, , , ,The Lilies Have Come,By Grace Christine Tofte, ,Naomi Landreth awoke as the sun's shy rays crept through her window curtains. Although the day had dawned bright, darkness loomed. Today, Naomi would move from the only place she had ev
dating chat rooms Penobscot
, ,, “Lay in a course for Tortuga, Harmon.”, “I’m sorry, Captain, but I can’t do that.”, Captain Wren whipped his sword out of the scabbard and laid the edge against First Mate Harmon. “Why the hell not, Harmon? Is this a mutiny? Are you defyi
speed dating near me Peterson Air Force Base
, I stared at the lottery ticket all morning, it had gotten ashy from the dust it gathered during the week, untouched. In the bin sat several scrunched up pieces of paper, each of them containing a few different number combinations, none of wh
date you Palos Verdes Estates
, ,,It was a windy day. The day he proposed to me. I was, as others in the class, completely shocked. But more importantly, I couldn't stop myself from blushing. It was like I was a part of a romantic movie which I always watch, the only diffe
dating 50+ Rewey
, You are cordially invited to celebrate the holiday season at the Leopold Estate on December 14th at 7 o'clock.Bring your favorite Christmas dessert, whether it's unique or quite simple, the gathering will be delightful.I expect to see you th
dating latina women Heber Springs
, ,, No. No. No. No. I can not be late. Can. Not. I paid for this vacation to escape from my crazy life. I absolutely deserve this vacation. My plane departs in fifteen minutes but from the other side of the airport. I have to run to make it b
gay dating New Hempstead
, Warning: This story is heavily inspired by those boring old lady movies that are usually black and white. Do not be surprised if you find yourself falling asleep during the reading process. And now let the boredom begin.Act I: The Cotillion“
dating 40 year old man Lake View Terrace
, ,,“Hmm I’m not really sure about the blue dress. I do really like it but….. I think it shows too much cleavage. It’s a little bit too racy for my style”. “What about the red skirt with the white shirt then?” the shop assistant asked, already
date my age N Lauderdale
, It was the last convenience store before crossing the Lake Lanier bridge and open country. Joseph Crow liked stopping at this store because it had fresh homemade sandwiches. This early in the morning they also had biscuits with egg and sausa
mature dating Ketchum
, ,,The first thing we’re told in school is that there’s nothing outside the bunker.,Mr. Morgan used to tell the story every September, the mark of the new year. “The world was once lush and green, until the humans corrupted the land with thei
mature dating Ext Mans San German
, “Tourists,” I grit the words between puffs of smoke. Even though it’s pitch black out, there’s a family giggling and taking pictures next to the statue in the park. Here I thought we’d be alone.“You’re a tourist,” Ricky reminds me, laughing.
dating over 30 Fleischmanns
, ,,      “Oh, Baby all I want for Christmas is you.” ,      The cheerful Christmas song blasted throughout the small shop, matching the elegant yet cozy holiday decor. It may have been small, but the bakery was warm and comfortable, despite t
dating older men Hanska
, ,, For the fourth time this week, I watched the sheriff place another notice on the board of City Hall. Sighing, he lifted his cap to wipe the sweat from his brow. As he lumped away, his heavy feet clumping against the hardwood, I stretched
mature dating Haywood
, ,,I hovered my right hand above my eyes, blocking the blinding light above me. The crowds’ roars were muffled noise to my ears as I stared at the six dashing young men before me. My breath caught inside my throat, , ,“Oh my god”, ,“Mia pleas
mature dating Crawfordsvlle
, Los Angeles Preferred Parking District 13 was an impenetrable fortress overnight. During the day, it was permissible for visiting cars to linger along the curb for a couple of hours while their drivers browsed the quirky boutiques along Beve
one night friend N Scituate
, (Content Warning: Blood, Gore, Violence, Mild Language, and an overabundance of Emojis.)Authors note: The legendary Deidra Lovegren challenged me to write a tale with emojis, and this is what I came up with, so a huge shout out to her!! I al
dating 55 and older New Ulm
, ,,PART ONE, ,The siren wailed in the distance signaling the end of the curfew. It was 6 o’clock in the morning. Cameron never set the alarm, because that shrill, high pitched wail always woke her up. In the beginning she hated it, but as tim
dating 60 year old woman Greenmount
, ,,Adam checked his Facebook for the fiftieth time that day. He just could not believe that Jess had responded to his family’s cookie exchange party. Adam was elated. ,           It was the last day of school before the Christmas holiday and
dating multiple people Carrs
, ,, I didn’t notice the sky lightening at first. One moment, the air was inky blue so dark it was almost black and the only sounds were crickets and the occasional night creature scurrying to its bed at last. Then the next, the horizon began
dating for seniors Lake Powell
, The bar was dark, as a bar should be. That didn’t bother John. In fact, it was one of the reasons he had stopped by for a drink. The last four years had all made sense to him, until tonight. She wanted roses at their wedding, yet his mom wan
dating older women West Amherst
, “Is this seat taken?” He asks, hand on the sliding door.           Her eyes, framed by long eyelashes, raised, and inquisitive gaze lands on the boy. She shakes her head, auburn tendrils bouncing, as if excited to show off their newfound col
date my age Rotan
, It was a dare. A dare given to me by Hermes to make a pair of ex-lovers, specifically mortals, fall in love. It was utterly impossible to turn him down, though I knew the dare was seemingly impossible to perform.Love is love and, though I’d
dating profile template Idaville
, ,,Outside Oleg’s Cakes was a concrete circus of coked up caffeine fiends, chain smoking already half-smoked cigarettes and chiming in and out through the front door of the shop, each time with a new conspiracy, or gripe. Chester, whom as his
dating 40 year old woman Danielsville
, ,, “Twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight…” Inventory days. They were the absolute worst. “Thirty, thirty-one—”, Ding-a-ling-a-ling., I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of that bell. Most of the island was still fasting, so custome
local singles Carvel Beach
, ,, Just grin and bear it, Leah commanded herself. Her fingers curled around the edge of the sink, slippery against her damp skin. White-knuckled, she glared at her reflection. Because you love him, you will grin and bear it., This., Isn’t.,
17 and 20 year old dating Belt
, ,,‘You know this thing where they say, “Hell isn’t a place, it’s this week”?’ he asks and I nod, looking around. One could never be too cautious, and needs to always have bouncy feet, be at the edge, a little extra than how one usually is. “
dating 45+ Lemay
, The power went out all over the city at around 8:30 pm.  It was happening with increasing frequency as society began switching to greener technology. The best of intentions could not keep up with the population’s demands. It would be all wel