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dating over 60 Hoag
, ,,Last year, on Christmas day, I and my friends —Nix, Janet and her boyfriend, Max— were having the heck out of life, we were over the moon and going after whatever wild idea our fun-hungry minds incubated. There was a lot to celebrate, we h
dating rich men Demotte
, ,,Ronnie's tale,As a young Subaltern, I was posted to Bombay and was staying at the officer’s mess at Cotton Green. A barbwire fence separated the station from a small road leading to the BPT headquarters. Many a time, I would observe a bea
speed dating near me Tennessee
, ,, ,Words: Approximately 2600, ,FROM THE ASHES,By Elzaan Botha, ,           They say that in life there is a defying moment. A moment that bends you and breaks you. A moment where you must choose and face the consequences of that choice. I h
dating over 60 Shannon Hills
, Do you want to go to the dance with me?Tick either Yes --- or No ---Dear Diary,J and I are spending a lot of time together. It’s insane! How we can sit together for hours and it feels like no time has passed or most insane of it all, how I k
asian dating Dyess AFB
, ,, The supermarket was packed at 12:30 on a Tuesday afternoon. Stay-at-home moms with their toddlers in tow, elderly couples struggling to read their shopping lists, and business execs on their lunch breaks bustled down nearly every aisle. T
one night friend Crary Mills
, ,, “Oh Jack, do you remember our first date?” Estelle asked, but for me this was a dangerous question fraught with many dangers, a minefield if ever there was one.  Our anniversary was coming up.  My blood chilled when I thought I had forgot
single women in my area Geismar
, ,,Phineas Franklin Wallinson was very angry, which was not so uncommon, and today he was mad about some flying pies. He held the flier in his knobby, hairy hands and slowly, deliberately tore the paper in half, then wadded it up, got ready t
muslim dating Kasilof
, ,,The ship they found themselves huddled got dark at night … and Theo meant really dark., With only the moon to really light their way, and the lack of resources to keep oil lamps running all day, many inhabitants refused to work during this
singles near me Birdsnest
, Soooo… the world has pretty much gone to hell. If that wasn’t already obvious by the fact that I’m using a trash can as a bout, it was now.Sweat built up my noodle-estic arms as I paddled with a stop sign. My eyes kept a close watch on the o
dating older women North New Hyde Park
, ,,Finally, after three exhausting days, Jada got a long evening nap. While fixing her hair in the bathroom mirror, she heard a particular ringtone coming from her phone. She knew exactly what contact she had set it for, but she just couldn’t
dating 55 and older Shoemakersville
, The summer rain thrummed on the rooftop in the charcoal twilight. A wall-clock tapped in syncopation with their quiet breaths in the early morning of the cabin. There was an occasional percussive pop from the dying fire, rounding out the fam
transgender dating Browns Valley
, Becky, after sleeping upon the couch, had now emerged from her stupefied slumber. As she slowly entered our bedroom, her inquisitive voice had unavoidably awakened me:    “Oh, Christopher, are you asleep?”   “Yes, I am, Becky, as a matter of
singles to meet Shotley
, ,,Charlie Bemis tugged at the celluloid collar around his neck as he waited for the judge to grant him a private audience. He peered out the tiny window at the people on the dusty street of the mining town outside. A man was arriving on hors
mature dating Lockheed
, "No""Please?""No""Please, Declan," I flutter my eyelashes in a way I know he hates, "please, please, please-""NO!" He slams the book back down on the shelf, nearly crinkling it's jacket. "No, we're not dating and also I hate you.""You know w
meet singles near me Internal Revenue
, ,,Khaki-wacky, off the cob, mud, joe, lettuce… , The words seemed to pop off the screen to Ally, and she received them with a certain thrill. ,Jive-bomber, floy floy, gammon, hen fruit…, A juvenile giggle escaped her bright red lips, just pa
dating virgo man URB Highland Gdns
, ,,The bell shouldn’t have rung at seven. , ,   The mailman didn’t deliver that late where I lived but since there was a chance he had, I sighed and pulled myself off the couch after peeling my eyes away from my television. , ,   The fool thi
gay dating Longs
, ,,The Girl with Someone Extra,By LuAnn Williamson, , , “Must you leave so soon?” Bridget, frequently called Gidget, due to her small size, tried to put just the right tone in her voice. A question that sounded sad but not needy.,         “Ye
bbw dating URB Juan Mendoza
, ,, Today is a huge day. Do you know what day it is? It is the day before my wedding!!! I am getting married to Jack. He is the nicest guy, and he loves to help people. He is very hilarious, and very caring. The only downside? He is very unsa
40+ dating Clearlake Pk
, [Note: references to pandemic and mental-health]It was New Year’s Eve 2019, a little over a month when the COVID-19 pandemic was born, but a good 3 months before it spread its tentacles and became global-news and a household name. People wer
date my age Wallins Creek
, ,, An ancient, high and creepy looking castle towered over the river. Flocks of black crows flew around the sharp spire flapping their wings and croaking loudly. Black clouds completed this picture, making it even more sinister. The clouds m
interracial dating central Pulga
, Words Fall Out“For two years you have done nothing else but put all your attention, effort, and motives into meeting this girl. For TWO YEARS you’ve been filling your head with the cheesiest and Hollywood-brand romantic daydreams and keeping
interracial dating Center Port
, Daze of the Weak (Miner Crisis)"Well, fellas, let's get going! The sooner we finish this job, the sooner we can head back home. Great breakfast, as usual, Hap!”Ralph Hale pushed away from the table, the legs of his chair scraping with a pain
dating near me C S U Long Beach
, ,,As I packed up the house that I once loved so dearly, I couldn't help but feel as if I was discarding all of the fond memories of that place. From moving in, having social gatherings with friends and family, to even raising kids in the hou
completely free dating Danzig
, “We are meant to bond and break sometimes, there is always a reason to keep them but there is no need to stay with them. Just because there is certain time where the lie and the truth feel the same. That is life and you won’t skip it anyway.
single women in Elk Plain
, It’s near the end of June 2009, and Alexander Blackwell is between a rock and a hard place. After his substantial year-end bonus in January the worldwide financial crisis hit France. Also, in January the CEO of the communication agency where
dating books for women Cardale
, His hair felt fine as he slid his face through his palms, before resting his forehead on the cold stone counter of the bathroom sink."This is stupid," he murmured inaudibly under the heavy fan, left on to conceal his shame from the visitors
adult friend finders Rockfield
, ,,When to Die, This was the fourth time he had died this year. The first occurrence only lasted a few minutes before he was resuscitated. Each seemed to last a little bit longer than the previous experience. Every time Lucas felt pain all th
dating long distance Kenroy
, ,, Marie didn’t know this house., The door behind her had cracks down the front, and the floorboards beneath her squeaked once she flattened her sandals against the grain. There were small dust particles floating in the sunbeams by the livin
asian dating URB La Alameda
, ,,Lying on the old double bed covered by a blanket I knitted myself, I struggle to fall asleep as I listen for sounds of danger. I average a few hours of sleep at night, usually when I know Mark is awake and keeping a watch. But I worry that
mature women dating Fraser
, ,, The first sign of trouble was the outbreak of the virus in Venice. It had come in on a cruise ship a week into July and spread faster than the speed boats on the Grand Canal. By the end of the second week, the doctors at the Servizio Sani
dating rich men North Crows Nest
, ,,‘This is the biggest mistake I have ever made.’ He thought, as he stood beside the car staring in horror at the smoke rising into the air., ,It was supposed to be romantic. , ,A rustic cabin, in the middle of the woods. No electricity, no
asian dating Bryant Pond
, ,,In the highest level of heaven, sat a throne made of light which emanated light reaching all corners of creation. The one who sat on this throne bore the name of “Ancient One.” Through this light, the Ancient One could see all of creation
flirt for free Feed Springs
, ,,My cheeks flush. My heart hammers in my chest as she sits down on my lap. Every word that might come up to comment gets stuck in my dry throat. Her soft fingers dig into my sandy hair. She asks how I wash it that it smells so sweet and fee
casual dating Kindred
, ,, ,Rose sighed and put her phone face down on the table. She had been scrolling through her social media and had received a private message from an old school friend inviting her to a party. It was actually a school re-union but her friend
match dating Rattan
, Lydia does her absolute best to live every day with gusto and positivity. Even though it is often a struggle to get out of bed, she soldiers on. After all, giving up is not an option. Though she often wonders if her mother even loves her, sh
date you Fontanelle
, ,,  Trevor and Pam, , It was Monday morning and the big news on Campus was that Trevor and Pam had broken up. Burton College was what they called a ‘community college’ and didn’t have a large student population. In fact,
chat and date Williams Crk
, ,,The purple waves of the Rocbish sea crashed on ash white shores. Unclothed or swim harness clad furry aliens sunbathed, frolicked in the spray., ,I paddled after my alien girlfriend until my feet touched sand. An eel thick as a rainbow pyt
bbw dating Talihina
, The woodsy smell of sandalwood soap greeted my nose, as I watched the steam delicately roll out from the cracks in the bathroom door. The sound of water beating like rain against the shower curtain and fiberglass floor of the bathtub, soothe
65+ dating Bosques De La Sierra
, ,,Jeremy was sitting in his kitchen as suddenly, the room went dark.,Great. Two months living here, and the house is already falling apart. That was just Jeremy’s luck, wasn’t it?,He got up from one of his brand-new kitchen chairs and starte
chat and date Ext Villa Interamericana
, ,,Tomorrow was Christmas Day and she was still shopping for the perfect gift for one special man in her life, her Dad. Since mom passed on two years before from a heart issue, he needed something in his life; he would just go out to buy it. 
single women in my area Wilmington Is
, ,, The Valley Oak shopping plaza had been designed to attract people throughout the day. Customers started at Bugles Bagels, got coffee at The Last Drop, ate their breakfast on the patio then browsed the bookstore and clothing boutiques unti
completely free dating Col
, ,,Hanging by my apron strings, from a zipline, fifty stories above a waterfall of chocolate ganache… yep, that’s the dream I woke up screaming from this morning.,Weeks of twenty-hour days are catching up to me. But my Nana’s baklava is the l
dating 55+ Rensselaer Falls
, ,,Phil and Jenny, , Phil rushed to get back. He knew the others would be concerned; the explosion was massive. But he had escaped into Second Space ahead of the blast and wasn’t affected. Commissioner Jansen was a different story., The Commi
muslim dating Copen
, ,,The hot ember of her Kool Extra Long cigarette mesmerized him each time she waved her hand in conversation. He had long since lost focus on her words and even her smoldering green eyes. All he thought of was that familiar smoky scent invad
65+ dating Odd
, ,, In the weeks that followed Fionn’s visit to his father, he became oddly distant from his friends. Seraphina and Maegan tried to talk to him, but he pushed them away the hardest of all. The final straw came when Seraphina’s phone ran one a
find a woman online free Chiwapa
, “Hey, hey wake up.”I felt a rough hand on my shoulder, shaking me.“Five more minutes.”I grumbled and rolled over, drifting slowly back into sleep. The hand came back, it was more forceful this time.“Wake. Up.”I groaned in frustration and sli
dating older women Messiah College
, ,,“She’ll be home tomorrow?!” he exclaimed, bouncing in place, his lanky little body half in and half out of a pair of red and white striped footed pajamas. His mother had had them delivered to him for Christmas (Love, Santa the tag had said
date club Hagaman
, “The carriage gave a shock of a hustle and down she fell, right to the bottom of the ravine floor,” I couldn’t help a scowl as I looked over at my sister. She was on her hands and knees, scrubbing inside the Duchess’ fireplace. Her grey hair
dating military men Calico Ridge
, Olive knew of rapid heartbeats. Shortness of breath. The sting in the air that pricked his skin. The wind that slapped against his cheeks.The people he had walked past mere seconds ago were now blurs in the corner of his eyes. His entire fam
dating virgo man San Sebastian
, ,, It had turned into a nightly ritual for Dave. He couldn’t go to sleep without seeing her face. He needed to see her smile. Her blond hair. Her rose-tinted cheeks. Those green eyes that could get your heart rate pumping just by looking at
single women in Mc Minnvle
, ,,,You only have you to rely on, don’t bring anyone else into your messes,Don’t get close, remember the last time you did,Don’t drink, you get stupid when you do,Don’t fall in love, it’ll only disappoint you in the end,NEVER break these, the
single women in my area Midville
, ,,Brent didn’t want to go on his scheduled twelve-mile run, this particular Saturday morning in April; but he was smack in the middle of his meticulous training plan for the Brooklyn Marathon, and he had so far logged 60 straight days of suc
interracial dating central Machias
,  Lying in the cold darkness of an empty room, I didn’t want to get up, there was no point! How many times can you get knocked to your knees before you just stayed down in the muck? This wasn’t who I was, or at least it’s not who I used to
dating chat rooms Hope Mills
, ,,“You have very pretty feet!” the woman said as she held Amy’s bare foot in her hand., ,Amy figured that the woman was just saying this, hoping that she’d get a better tip at the end. Though Amy always thought that she had pretty feet as we
dating 50 and over Best
, I’ve heard about someone’s life flashing in front of their eyes before they die. But mine was more of a movie. An old-fashioned movie. The scenes of my life slowly unfolded, shifting from one to the other on a tape. I could almost hear the c
dating 50 year old man Bel Tiburon
, ,, A Jealous Witch, , Rom Selaret, dressed in an overcoat and fedora pulled low on his head, climbed out of his car and opened his umbrella against the gentle sprinkle. In his other hand, he held a gym bag. He stepped over to stand under th
dating over 40 Hunter Army Air Field
, Rhiannon fought to hold her book open as the wind sent the pages fluttering. Ominous clouds overhead threatened to burst at any moment, and the sand that stretched in either direction blew into her face. She sighed. Not the best day for the
dating 50+ Radnor
, ,,*Nainika’s Note* Hello everyone! I’m sure we’re all ready for 2020 to be over, and as my last story of 2020 (AND MY FIRST TIME DOING ALL 5 PROMPTS!!!!), this is a collaboration with the wonderful Maya Emerson!! She took Cressida’s POV of t
match dating Huber Heights
, David strode toward the centre of the market, his long brown trench coat billowing behind him in the wind, doing his best to disassociate himself with his sister, Mabel.“Don’t you just love it here?!” Mabel slowly spun, arms out and face upl
dating 60 year old man S Int Falls
, ,,Greg Marshall had been working all night on the new project. It was 3 in the morning and he was tired, his eyelids kept dropping every few minutes. His theory papers for the experiment lay scattered on the white desk behind him while the a