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, “Miranda, can I ask you a question?”My red dress feels awkwardly tight, as if someone’s decided my lungs don’t need to function anymore. I glance down at a waterspot on my skirt, then at the glassware refracting the light. I don’t look at hi
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, Esmeralda hurried her steps as the chimes from Notre Dame rang out. Late, again! The stone bridge, Pont Neuf, created a beautiful backdrop to her city of love. She waved both her arms spotting the one man in the world who held her attention
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, (Write a story about a proposal.)George sits on the old wooden front steps of the house in which he grew up. He is waiting for the best part of everyday. He is waiting to see Gladys open the curtains or drapes of her dining room windows. If
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, The secretary had learned to make herself invisible. Not literally of course, if anyone cared to look they would see her, but no one ever bothered too. She sat quietly behind her desk, handed out paperwork, and gave out ‘hellos’ and ‘goodbye
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, 5:13...5:12...5:11Grayson grieves to see what he has revealed behind the paneling in the elevator.In the meantime, Patty is trying to wriggle her way around his broad body, “What? What is it?”Postponing the inevitable, he turns to her with a
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, ,,I threw the door open loudly but the sound was drowned amidst the buzz of dozens of kids getting ready to go home even though the bell wouldn’t ring for at least ten minutes. I saw her sitting in her usual seat and immediately felt calmer.
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, ,,At 6:14 a.m. Fiona opened her dark brown eyes. She remained motionless, anticipating the nausea that plagued her every morning like clockwork and threatened to replace her daily alarm. It never came and her smile grew like slow moving mola
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, RICKToday is the day I talk to her. Today I won’t chicken out. I will walk up to her and say hello and she will say hello back. Then I will introduce myself and have a nice little conversation with her. It would be perfect.I am still in bed.
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, ,,Scanning the small cafe, I smiled as I spotted a familiar face. ,"I'm late," he sighed. ,"It's okay, David.",After the first few tutor sessions, I questioned him about his tardiness.,"I am so sorry! I am late again," He complained.,He had
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, ,,  I felt an odd tingle on my back. I turned to see someone leaning dangerously close to me in line. It was just another normal day, I was ordering my double espresso from Starbucks so I could get to work, but something made me think it wou
dating in your 30s Arrowsmith
, ,,I hate winter. But she loved it, so I tolerated it for her. She was my fire in such a cold environment. She made everything warm and sparkly. I would do anything for her, even brave snowy bitter weather, because she was worth it. I watched
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, ,,,"This way please!" said an aircrew member , as she ushered ,Brooke to the waiting lounge. After a fourteen hour lay over , the foyer seemed swarmed with people who couldn't wait to reach home . Right in front of her was a class of student
one night friend So Ute Indian Res
, "So, who is it?", he asked her, his black hair fluffy on the top and cropped on the sides, black eyes deep, clear, bright and curious, she laughed, she does enjoy playing with his curiosity. "It is better if I don’t tell it….why don't you fi
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, It was the day when everything began. The wind rustled the leaves and the shutters clattered. Dark clouds gathered on the sky and the chirping birds flew away as soon as the hissing sound of cold blowing air hit the doors and windows, produc
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, It takes two minutes to microwave, is what the cover of the instant noodle packet says, but it actually takes a minimum ten; when you include the time taken to build up the will to walk up to the microwave at the middle of the night. However
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, Time is a fleeting concept, it never waits for anyone, your person or issues doesn't concern it, it fulfills it's only mission which is to move and push the world to it's end. She had read on a website the various type of people who were wra
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, ,, He arrived on the platform with time to spare, patting his pocket to make sure that the little box was still there. As he climbed aboard the train and made his way to a vacant seat, his mind returned to the heady moment when he’d decided
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, ,,Logan,The cool breeze sweeps past us.,My heart beats faster, and faster.,Every inhale feels like it takes years, and every exhale decades. I can feel the stares as people file in and out of the movie theater.,Thump Thump Thump,Though I don
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, ,, , “Wait!” Mel called, pumping her arms as she ran in her boots. Seeing the Greyhound bus taking off —  without her on it —  made her heart plummet into her stomach. She gave up the chase and stomped her foot, not unlike a five-year-old. ,
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, ,,I am waiting for an answer to a question. I have just asked my boyfriend of five years to marry me. I don’t know why I did such a thing. Well, I do. I love him very much. He’s always been there for me. , ,He’s always come around when thing
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, ,,The sun shone down with great intensity at the desert. A man and a woman stood facing each other, several hundred meters apart. Their eyes bore insurmountable hatred and anger. The woman held a short sword in each hand horizontally and par
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, ,, It's a certain station. A pretty girl just entered the ticket counter. She saw that there is a huge line of people in the counter. She was feeling sick as she just discharged from the hospital yesterday. She had an minor operation last we
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, Warmth filled her cheeks but coldness gripped her heart. She hugs herself tight amidst the buzzing crowd. Her eyes, trying to capture dark curly hair, tall and built figure, but nothing. Maybe he won’t come again, she thought. She brushes th
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, ,, Margaret ran her hands across the lap of her dress, taking great care to smooth its pale, pink surface of even the smallest of wrinkles. Her fingers, lined with their own wrinkles that she cared not to smooth, quivered slightly as she did
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, ,,The view from the peak is something to stop and look at. , ,This was her place. The spot where she always stopped to rest before descending the trail into the valley below, back to her car, her apartment, and the rest of her life., ,Today
dating over 30 Santa Catarina
, ,, I remember the taste of the cheap merlot on my tongue. The green bottle has been in the refrigerator for four days now. It’s going to go bad soon, and that would be a waste of money. The hum of the refrigerator and the beating rain outsid
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, ,, Time flickers., Hospital., The clock ticks. I take another breath., Silence., Another tick. Another second goes by. , I close my eyes, staring at nothing but the ceiling. My hands hold a blanket, but do not feel the comfort, the warmth in
quick flirt Wood River Junction
, ,,You don't need to keep checking your watch, I reprimand myself as I look at my watch for the hundredth time. It's not going to make the line move any faster.,I hate the DMV. But then again, I don't know anyone who can claim to love it.,The
dating over 60 Greensboro-High Point-Winsto
, ,,Again.  , , ,It's the first thought that goes through Alice's mind, when a text of her boyfriend pops up on her phone screen. — ‘I got caught up on something. Gonna be a little late. Love you.’ , — it said.  , ,There comes a moment when yo
dating over 60 South Suburbn
, I still walk in the dark, searching for a light to guide me to find the exit door. Nobody is here, the place where I stay. Only me with my empty world, filled with loneliness. Sometimes I feel like I do not exist at all, and sometimes I feel
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, She noticed his hands before anything else. They twitched and fidgeted as if they were late for something and the rest of his body would just have to catch up. Next were his eyes. They darted from one corner of the room to the other, watchin
date you Braintree Highlands
, ,, , His mother whispered her last words to him. She was half way through when they pulled her away, a great wrenching swipe that left heat burns on his hands and his chin where it pressed into her cloak. She was ready to go, bonnet and glov
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,  ,I’m sorry, Noah, it reads on the back of the faded postcard he holds. It’s not safe here. Go home. I’ll catch you later.  , ,There’s no signature, not that Noah needs one. Not when he can find that familiar lopsided scrawl etched onto the
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, ,, ,I grip the cool metal of the chair arm. It feels smooth and nice to my touch. I look up from my tattered jeans. The room is devoid of color. The only interesting thing is a stack of books that sit on a plane white end table in the corner
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, ,,I was exhausted. I was sleepy. , ,I want coffee. I need coffee., ,I swear I already had so much caffeine in my system that it was filled with more coffee than blood. And I am not complaining. Who doesn’t like coffee? , ,But I swear I will
transgender dating Rodale Press Brm
, The small diner at the end of the street was open twenty-four hours. It had a bell over the door so every time a new customer walked in, it was annoyingly announced to the whole shop. But the people who dined there were used to it, maybe eve
dating over 50 Mans De San German
, ,, And it came to me then, that every plan is a tiny prayer to Father Time., ,  This seems so true now. I used to listen to that song, with you. My eyes would water and you’d call me cute. You’d concentrate on the road and I’d squeeze your h
local singles Marble Falls
, Two minutes, but they were the most agonizing two minutes of my life. That included the time that I had to sit through two hours of boring lectures. And, the day that the power went out, and I had to watch paint dry. There I was, down on one
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, She couldn’t quite believe her eyes. He matched the description - blue jeans, yellow and red tartan shirt, weather-beaten brown Timberland boots and a chequered blue cap. It had to be him. The only other person in the waiting room was a youn
first date San Ardo
, ,,"Sorry I'm late, but Kendall couldn't tie his shoelaces, and asked me to teach him.",Mary is like this. The two friends agreed to meet at Lexa's house to work on a school project together. The two of them combined could create marvels. Onc
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, I dreamt of you the other night. You took me into your arms and held me close. I hid my face in the darkness of your chest. I haven't seen you in years. From the very first moment my eyes met yours, you made me feel nervous. In that conferen
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, Lord Sparkle was eating his fourth bowl of glitter and milk when he realized he was choking. He coughed and coughed and choked some more before the stars in his eyes went dark and he fell to the cold kitchen floor."You were late again, Giova
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, |February 23|The door creaked open ever so gently as his body moved through the wooden frame. Hours and hours have passed. Days have turned into night. He knew that she would be asleep by now; she always was. After freeing his keys from the
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, Kennedy swiped right and matched with a handsome twenty-six-year-old named Cody. The tags on his dating profile claimed he worked out, looked for a relationship, had no kids but wanted them someday. He didn’t smoke, earned a college educatio
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, ,,Waiting!!!, ,Waiting required patience., ,Patience was a virtue I clearly never possessed., ,But sitting here now silently I wished more than anything I possessed that ability. Sitting here by the window, I could see the sun was about to s
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, Juliet French glanced at the clock tower as she frantically paced up and down the empty platform. It was half past one. The train was late. Or perhaps she was early? She didn't know. It didn't matter. Oh Romeo! How much longer must I wait?Sh
adult personals Big Bear
, ,,“How is it you know Rupert?” , ,Concentrating on dust particles, dancing beneath sunbeam spotlights, deemed difficult when the rasp of her voice tore through my ear drums. I didn’t need to glance her way since her peach curls framing a kee
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, ,, “Would you rather live in a box or sleep on a bed with no mattress?” Afra asked the stranger next to her on the bus, being careful not to lean too close to them. She had just eaten her lunch and the onions were pretty strong, so she didn’
dating 50 and over Franchise Tax Board
, 120 seconds leftTwo minutes is barely any time at all. At the same time, it is eons and eons. Time is relative, as the great scientists have said. When she met him, it had taken her only two minutes to decide that he was the one for her. Suc
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, It was hard not to appreciate the beauty of the water: the way it lapped against the shining rocks, and how the sun danced off the gentle waves. The breeze was rippling across the surface and biting at Lauren's face. Her eyes watered from th
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, On the day I proposed to her, the sun shone brightly in the sky, peeking out from creamy clouds, and the willow trees bent down from some forgotten place to sweep the ground with their limbs. They waved in the wind as I presented the ring, w
dating virgo man Colorado National Monument
, ,,"It's been twenty minutes where have you been." I asked him., , , ,"I woke up late I'm so sorry!" He said as he looked down with a frown upon his face. , , , ,"It's okay just arrive on time when we meet again okay?" I smiled showing him th
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, ,,If you had the power to change someone’s fate, would you do it? How about this: if you had the power to change your own fate, would you do it? Would you take someone’s life in your own hands?,            When I was 5, I learned that the sh
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, ,,The superhero known as Leopard stepped carefully through the undergrowth. With no path to follow he looked through the misty air for broken branches or the acrid smell of scorched bark. Tracking a dragon took experience. Not that hard, onc
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,    I see the world from rusted trains; with a name like mine, you can’t go everywhere. I don’t have a need for open roads, ‘cause all I own is on my back. There’s no coming home, no matter how much I miss him. Or them.   My name is Leah Lest
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, ,,You can hear the music coming from inside; it is a mix of classical instruments and electronic beats. The bass is so deep that you can feel it in your chest even as you stand outside in the parking lot. Your heart starts to flutter, antici
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, The first time that Phoebe goes to see Jude play live in concert - four years since she’s last felt the warmth of the sun - she has to leave halfway through the second song while choking back on an echoing sob. I wish you would follow me her
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, ,, , , , “Look at me and tell me how you feel.” , “Right now? How I feel right now?” , “Yeah. Tell me.” , “I feel like a million different things and also like I’m whole for the first time since I knew left from right. I feel like you’re the
find a woman online free Goodville
, ,,It was too late. The worst sentence in the English language, in your opinion of course. It could mean several things, but for you, it means the worst day of your life. Sobbing alone in the empty waiting room. Staring at the closed door, wi
date me Montpelier Junction
, ,,The sun blazes down on the blacktop outside your garage. You stand with your hand in a lowered salute to cover your eyes from the brightness of the rays. You turn your head to survey the cramped hatch of your SUV. A checklist of the conten