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single women in my area West Pike
, ,, There he stands behind the table in his booth at the town’s annual holiday festival.  Displayed in front of him are his bakery’s greatest accomplishments - cinnamon rolls, over-sized muffins, cookies, and several confections created just
singles to meet Newcomb
, So, I’m at work and everyone is running around like headless chickens. The deadline at four o’clock sharp today and it’s just past lunchtime. We’re all competing for the holiday at a resort in Bali and you can take one other person you like
match dating Halsted
, ,,Erin Flaherty was a normal young woman. ,Normal in the sense that she was like 65% of the women out there. ,She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, but she had a cute smile. She didn’t have the charisma of a social media super-star, but she could c
interracial dating Leicester
, ,,I cheated on my husband just once. With just one man, that is. ,The marriage was not what you’d call a happy one, but lasted just over twelve years. We had two wonderful children during that time, so we must have had sex at least twice, bu
dating over 50 Rociada
, ,,The day was bright and beautiful as I entered the beautiful golden gates. Huge mansion came into my view which was surrounded with beautiful trees. I heard laughing and giggling, so I followed the voice. ,I saw a beautiful girl and a hands
dating multiple people Balaton
, ,,Sweet Revenge,By Gloria Dawn,Chapter One, The silence at the dinner table was deafening. , “What did you say?” Allison asked in disbelief. ,Her father had announced that Allison’s younger sister Jill was getting married to David in three w
dating in your 30s New Carrolltn
, ,, As an injured God, the twilight descended upon the tired city. The God seemed to devour the feeble afternoon light and in some minutes a new cold, opaque and dim light emerged from behind the grey clouds. From the fifth floor of the build
65+ dating Goehner
,        I was a college student in Butuan City . Philippines. Cris was a worker in a pier. I boarded a boat bound for Camiguin, a small island in northern Mindanao, Philippines. I was on a summer vacation, a privilege I enjoyed because our pa
over 50s dating New Salem
, I was wearing my favourite butterfly wings over a one-piece the day I met my future husband on a beach in Scotland. He was busy building a campfire to light after the town’s solstice celebrations. I approached him with my arms full of driftw
17 and 20 year old dating URB Palmar Sur
, ,, The Marathon, , My name is Samuel Winston and I have a story to tell. But first, a little history before we get to the main course, so bear with me., My wife, Melody, and I were in our late twenties when we met Jacob and Laurie Larrabee.
date my age Garth
, ,,I recall the day of our wedding when she said during our vows that “I want to be part of it all” and I had a lot of ambitions and dreams for the both of us. I look at where I am, I have a multi-million-dollar apartment in New York, the shi
match dating Trivoli
, ,, There was something about being an angel that Astrid hated with all her heart- perhaps it was the very fact that she could never physically hate anything. And while it was seen as a blessing to everyone in New Jerusalem, it was nothing mo
chat and date No Kansas City
, "I'm telling you, she's really your type. She'll want to see you, and she'll like you. Trust me, mate."My eyes travelled from the book back to my best friend Frans in one swift motion, like I was swinging the baseball bat. When my face wasn'
meet women near me Black Diamond
, Note: First story on Reedsy, yay!LilienLilien Blake paced restlessly in front of rows and rows of Mythian soldiers, smart in their uniforms, ready for battle. As the mayor of Mythia, Lilien’s gift was inspiring people. She gave pep talks to
mingle dating Salt Point
, ,,Getaway Car, Unfortunately, love makes you do crazy things., Those were the words in the back of my head that day., “We’d be kinda like Bonnie and Clyde,” Marcus said, shaking my arms. He wiggled them so they jiggled like worms, and I shru
mature women dating Mc Clures Bend
, ,,// Trigger Warning: This story includes description of a person’s TOXIC RELATIONSHIP EXPERIENCES and EMOTIONAL ABUSE. //, , , ,A girl is looking out the train window. She is attractive and nicely dressed. She is young and appears to be in
asexual dating Telogia
, I remember everything. I’ve been here a long time. There isn’t much that goes on around me that I don’t notice. Every crack, every step. Every passerby. It is as if I know every leaf that falls, personally, and let them go to die. No matter
mature dating Moose Lake
, ,,Jen Anderson sat two places at the table for a special dinner. Tonight, it was all about celebrating romance, and she intended to do exactly that. She’d carefully prepared the very same meal that she and her husband Michael had enjoyed so
40+ dating Saugatuck
, ,,Jyri Hunter,I sighed and stepped back. My booth was going to be the best one in the fair, I mean I make the best cookies in town. Nothing like those monstrosities made by Linus Noxon. We are the only two cookie makers in the city and are m
dating over 30 Lebeau
, Tim had always been a busy man. Sometimes his career could actually cause him a little bit lunatic. He never had his own privacy since he stood in his early juvenile year. Every time he tried to go out, people all around him had always recog
dating over 50 Yanceyville
, ,,Twenty-six-year-old Ephraim held his new wife close to him as she lay sobbing beside him. They had been married a few hours earlier in Greyfriars Church, and although he had expected some immaturity in sixteen-year-old Chloris, he was unpr
one night friend Hacienda Primavera
, TW: trauma, abuseThe smell of freshly ground coffee surrounds me. I am sitting at the table in the corner right next to the door, breathing in the fresh morning air, the scent of summer rain on cobblestones. I listen to the sound of the seag
dating chat rooms Greater Indiana District
, ,,“Want to come up?”, Renee asked as David parked his Toyota Prius in front of her apartment building. It had been their third date. Dinner and the ballet. They had a great time., ,David gripped the steering wheel and stared straight ahead.
casual dating Delcambre
, We hadn’t seen each other in two years, hadn’t spoken or even texted since then, until she liked my post about moving to the city and asked, in a comment, if she could show me the best coffee in Chicago. And I, having no friends and a roomma
singles to meet Cochecton Ctr
, ,,Write a story that weaves together multiple lives through their connection to a particular tree. , ,It’s a known fact that you can tell the age of a tree by the annual rings on the inside, but what people don’t often talk about is how tree
date me Amaranth
, On a planet called earth in a very large city there was a very tall building where the 27th floor was just above the halfway point. And on the 27th floor was a business that had a breakroom in the center of the floor, next to the main stair
gay dating Big Cove Tannery
, Elouise and Arnold Fletcher moved at a steady pace, carried on a current of humanity, Arnold traveling with the impatient, stiff legged gait of a general suddenly and unexpectedly relieved of duty, Elouise limping on one broken shoe.  A
dating for seniors Helmsburg
, ,, “We’re going to be late,” Janelle complained from the bedroom, her words clipped and tone curt. I could tell she was still a little mad. “We’re already late,” I quipped, flashing a smile in her direction. She rolled her heavily made-up ey
flirt for free Groves
, That day, Una asked me ever so nicely- looking at me with those coy, puppy dog eyes. "Granny teacher wants you to write a letter to the girl you were when you were twenty years old. You write such good stories, granny. So nice.
50 plus dating app Back Gate
, ,,Everything was tar black, especially around me. Suddenly “everything” grew into more and more brightened, not white but brightened, like an outburst. I felt the warmth, and I felt my eyelids tickle. I remember I ran. I ran so fast that fel
asexual dating Frenchglen
, ,,The love between him and me isn’t right. Some would say it’s unnatural. Wrong. All they see is his size, and it intimidates them. He is massive, too big for his own good, really, but he’s also handsome-so handsome-with chocolate brown eyes
dating older men Sand Hill
, ,,Twenty-six-year-old Ephraim held his new wife close to him as she lay sobbing beside him. They had been married a few hours earlier in Greyfriars Church, and although he had expected some immaturity in sixteen-year-old Chloris, he was unpr
40+ dating Cookson
, “Howdy, ma’am," he said, sitting down on the barstool next to her. “My name is Charlie and before the night is over I’ll have your attention, your name, and your phone number.” “Excuse me, what?”“I said, Howdy…” “I heard you the first time C
dating 60 year old woman Willey
, ,,My boyfriend and I had been dating for four months when he invited me to his work’s Christmas party. I had just gotten a cute new red dress. It was perfect except for a lack of pockets, so he had to keep my phone. He insisted on wearing gr
dating apps for women Dixmoor
, ,,   Love grows.,Scaling through the hurdles of life wasn’t easy for Roland, he is just a little boy when he both parent died in a ghastly motor accident, after his parent were buried he went back to live with his uncle, uncle Ben, uncle Ben
bbw dating Beaver River
, ,,A Tricky Gift of Memory,The person and the pages both brittle and yellow with age, she worries to reminisce through the photos inside for fear of forever losing the proof of her existence: there is no one left, only her and her photos. Wit
dating in your 30s Delta Junction
, I am never going on another first date.I don’t care much for dating in general, but I guess it beats drinking alone. On second thought, no, that’s a bald-faced lie. Drinking alone is kickass. But heed my warning: if you stay in hermit mode f
dating over 60 Mc Cook
, ,,Layla was sitting on a wooden chair on her balcony. She leaned her head on her hand and looked out into the city. One lonely star was sitting up in the sky and she looked up to it in wonder and let out a sigh., The streets were all lit up,
mature women dating URB Dorado Del Mar
, “Remind me, what time is the Christmas party tonight?” I walk out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around me, and Jim is still in bed, just like he was when I walked into the shower.  “Seven, I think? Or maybe it was six. I don’t know, I th
17 and 20 year old dating Syringa
, ,,Sun peeks longer this summer at San Diego- a suburb of Alhambra. It is exactly five in the afternoon, and the sun’s still grinning up high. What a perfect Sunday to go on multiple dates. This is evidently why eighteen-year-old Antoinet Gar
muslim dating Hillfield
, ,,A man is walking down the street, looking down with a humble look. Ashamed to show his face, I would say. Under his long brown jacket is hidden a sad person. His sadness can be seen from miles and miles. Clearly, he had a bad day. He lost
adult personals Negley
, ,, It had been twenty-four years since she'd last seen it, but the place looked exactly the same. Ruby's eyes crinkled as she smiled fondly at the run down cabin that had been in hiding for over a decade in the middle of the woods. Ruby lean
bbw dating E Setauket
, Break a leg, they say. Theater people do love their jovial irony. But when Erin Eberhardt crumpled onto the stage during the first act of Our Town, the audience’s collective gasp told her she’d done exactly that. In the breathless beat that
mature women dating Newburg Corners
, Contains sexual content and some physical violence.----------------------------------------------------It’s our first excursion away from the safety and sanity of home. Macey splashes in the ocean like a fetus swinging from an umbilical cord
dating direct Crab Meadow
, ,,Spark of the Moment, ,As I looked out through the window watching the sunrise, I started reminising back on the day I met the one and only man I’ve ever loved.,I wake up, I take a shower, dry my hair, put on nice clothes, choose some nice
date you Belvidere
, ,,“Hey guys! Today we’re going to be doi-” Marie gave a long pause as she looked to the figure that was standing in her doorway. This was her everyday life. She would try to make her daily vlog for her YouTube channel and at that second, her
dating 40 year old man Ctr Sandwich
, I knew going to the apple orchard would get me in trouble, but I had to see it one more time. Alan wouldn’t let me go back once he married mom and I had to be there one more time, before I couldn’t anymore.I shivered slightly as the cool Oct
dating 55+ Bokoshe
, Her name was Heather, like the heather that was scattered endlessly across the beautiful moors.The moors of Dartmoor called to Heather, both in her waking hours and in her dreams. They beckoned as she slept in the comfortable bed that had on
dating 55 and older Curtisville
, ,,“So, you want us going on this reality show… and claim we’re married?”,“We’re together.”,“For now? Only for the show?”,Sheila nodded. He finally got it.,Tom shimmied. “Sexy!”,“You’ve got the wrong channel, bub.”,He continued, “So, nothing
dating 50+ Levels
, ,,        Paula was a year older than Fred to the day. She reminded Fred of that fact each year on their shared birthday. Each year at their shared birthday party, Paula would lean over to Fred and whisper, “you know I am a year older than y
dating 40 year old woman Cabazon
, ,,Anniversary Dinner, ,I didn’t go into work today. I called my boss last night and told her I was sick. We both knew I was lying but she didn’t say anything. She knew what I had to do today, so I don’t think she minded., ,           I woke
mingle dating Alorton
, ,, , Joan and Norman sold the old house finally and ended up in a duplex, though it took nearly two years to get there. It was a small, simple place. They'd had to give up a bedroom to afford the yard Norm wanted, so the interior was crowded
dating books for women Frogmore
, ,,We are all connected., ,At least that is what the gurus say. , ,Some force beyond us—call it God, the Absolute, whatever—links everything together into one beautiful, harmonious symphony. , ,At least that’s what I think., ,If you’re paying
dating for seniors Mohnton
, ,, Lola Barlow stared at herself in the full-length mirror, smoothing her hands over the silken skirt of her dress and wondering if this was how she was supposed to feel on her wedding day. , , Her mother stood over her shoulder, weeping, he
transgender dating Usf
, ,,A setting sun painted the town with a red glow, the sky clear of clouds, birds and even dragons as it had been for days. Only silence prevailed, from the once fortified northern wall - now lying in ruins – to the southern temple desecrated
completely free dating Snoqualmie Pass
, ,,She didn’t want to do this. She didn’t want to be here. She hated blind dates; they were so uncertain. None of the parties involved knew what they were going to get, they just hoped for the best. Well, she wasn’t a big believer of hope. Av
dating over 60 URB Cambalache Ii
, ,,I should never have let Travis check the mail. I'd known that, in the beginning, when he first moved into my home; but normalcy has a way of creeping around your defenses when you're looking the other way. ,Besides, the way he laughed off
date my age Givens Hot Springs
, ,,   She stood in a peaceful meadow, where the tall grass grew past her ankles and purple wildflowers were scattered amidst the yellow and green. Everywhere you looked, you could see some sort of life. Whether it was the small yet colorful b
dating for seniors Camilla
, ,,CW: Harsh language including homophobic slurs , , I was eight years old the first time I kissed Winnifred. We were in one of those covered tubes on the playground, the hard plastic rife with static electricity. It was warm, and mostly dark
dating 50+ Greater Peoria Airport
, ,,This story is dedicated to a person I really care about. To F.A.L. You’re the Fabian to my Jamaralys., ,Love is so confusing and I hate it. I hate how in a certain period of time you spend with someone you barely know you can fall in love