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dating 55 and older Conway Springs
, Ten.How long does it take to change a life? To put it on a new trajectory. To take one action or make one decision that will either propel it to new heights, or send it plummeting to the depths. How long?Dr. Brandon Walker was about to find
chat and date Mc Andrews
, ,, , Joe wiped the beads of sweat forming on his hairline, smoothed his jacket, tugged on his sleeves, and answered the door. She was the most beautiful girl he ever saw, and now she was at his door. He smiled and led her into the living roo
gay dating Lorena
, AFREDThe blonde receptionist sitting behind the looming black marble desk is typing furiously. Alfred stares down at the questionnaire on the tablet. Sweat drips down his forehead and pools in the small of his back. He clears his throat whil
meet women near me Umbarger
, “What do you have there?” The voice brought the young man out of his scrutiny, and he was surprised to see a pretty woman seated on the opposite side of the table. He hadn’t even heard her enter the common room. Was this how college studen
dating local Cathlamet
, ,,Hello everyone,, ,This story is the sequel to 'Blue Bates bed and breakfast'. (You can find 'Blue Bates bed and breakfast' in my previously published Reedsy contest stories. Thank you.) , ,In this story, 'Love and hate' Weston and Miss Dan
chat and date Myersville
, CW: Language, alcohol.Thanks for your help today. It’s been a rough week. I leave the text message sitting at “read” for several minutes. Every fiber of my body is alive and vibrating. After all this time, after the awkwardness of my teen ye
17 and 20 year old dating W Atlee Burpee Co
, ,,      It had been a long day for Lily at work, she is the lead neurosurgeon at the private hospital she works at and she had just finished a 19-hour brain surgery where she and her team had to separate a set of conjoined twins and all she
dating over 50 Ext Rexville
, ,, ‘Oh Mike, it’s wonderful.’, Ned watched as his parents looked around them with big smiles on their faces. A spring festival. That was all it took to make them happy. They loved anything to do with plants, flowers, gardening. He didn’t tho
dating 60 year old man Taylorstown
, (Vermont, 2018.)The air in the library was cool and fresh. It was like taking a big gulp of clean air compared to the temperature outside. Most kids would rather stay outside in the heat than come into the library. Nellie didn't understand w
dating 55 and older Eugene
, ,,“It’s just in; nuclear waste has been leaked by a biological factory. We advise everyone to pack food, water and essential items and head to the public bunkers. From there we will put people into gro-” Dazai turned the TV off before the ne
dating 55+ Hollis Hills
, ,,It was almost time. M13 entered the code into his rover and initiated transmission. As the dish deployed itself over the vehicle in the Earth’s direction, he observed the dark lunar landscape, jumping over its dusty surface in low gravity
dating 50 year old man Lake Joy
, ,,Carla looked out into the quickly gathering storm, watching the lightning flash. She had always been fascinated by lightning. All that power, unleashed in a moment, never knowing where it might strike next. It reminded her of her partner,
dating 60 year old man Yards
, ,, 10 years ago I had woken up from surgery after I got my appendix removed with no memory of who I was or where I was. The only thing I seemed to “remember” was an unknown woman who had curly ginger hair smiling at me. I couldn’t make out t
one night friend Ennice
, ,,“Why aren't you supposed to wait like 50 years for these things to happen?!” I said, staring skeptically at the front of my parent's fridge. At the top was an invite to the Class of 2023’s high school reunion. It had only been 5 years sinc
singles to meet Pharr
, ,,The library was a wonderful place. In fact, this certain library was quite exceptional., ,It was the type of library that could quiet even the loudest trouble makers. An unsaid hush fell in the air like a weightless blanket and dust hung i
dating 50 year old man Preston Hollow
, Somehow, Wanda knew it was Calvert.The knocks woke her up at 3:13 in the morning. She rose from the cushioned depths of sleep. A second later, Wanda dropped back down into the magical dreamscapes. But before sleep could retake her, a second
over 50s dating Nezperce
, Note: I am going to "bang" out this one just to keep my hand in here. We'll see what comes out in the next hour or two. This is what I meant when I told my kids "just write whatever comes into your minds"--which is the way to get creativity
date club Rutheron
, ,,The darkness and snow subjugated the night. It's the vernal season to flowers. The moon dressed up white saree to the widowed sea fishes., ,Through the window strung of the train, Poet MeeraPeriyan was measuring another side of the day., ,
dating 50 and over Schriever Air Sta
, This is my worst nightmare. It was the first thought that popped into mind when Chase spotted his ex-fiance taking a seat at a small table mere yards away from where he sat.  A tall male helped her take off her coat.  Still facing away, bot
casual dating Pennington
, ,,Armies are on standby for confrontation, we are in the year 6932 and the battle 800 between the two most conflicted kingdoms of the planet Tyrone, the planet parallel to Earth,in the seventh of the ten worlds in the Galaxy. Here Prince nos
dating 50 plus Grigg
,  Today is the day when all students sharing their gifts to their Christmas secret friend.“Hey! Friends, look at my gift,” all of my class students celebrating Christmas well by presenting gifts to each other.I sat in the class corner place a
over 50s dating Robins
, Don’t you remember being nine years old, chasing each other around the playground at recess as if we were the only two kids in the schoolyard. Everyone used to tease us, saying we were boyfriend and girlfriend. They were wrong, we insisted.
dating for seniors Torbert
, “Smile Charlie! You are supposed to at least like me!”“Listen Raelene, remember we are doing this for the money!I’m not really into you, I already have a gorgeous girlfriend!”“Then why didn’t you have her with you?”“Only because she didn’t m
dating rich men Nova
, ,,“Are you coming tonight?”, , I looked up from my computer to see the smiling face of my coworker, Erin, looking down at me., ,“Coming to what?” I asked., ,“We're all going out to karaoke tonight, me, Carlos from accounting, Andrea from rec
dating rich men Colinas De San Martin
, ,,My alien girlfriend and I lay side by side on a giant Victoria Water Lily thing in an indoor lake, staring up at the starry night sky., ,"What do you think of Bencap?" she asked., ,I thought about it, but couldn't quite come up with an ans
dating 60 year old man Hensler
, ,, Two souls can often bond over the seemingly insignificant things in life--whether it be a conversation where synonymous views are shared or an activity where pleasure is simply found in one another’s company.  In the case of Sam and Joy,
local singles Lowake
, ,,Graduation’s After Party, , ,I never expected to fall in love with Esme Peltonen. Ever. She was the one who sat at the back of the classroom, who never raised her hand in class, the girl no one noticed. Except, me. I would be seated next t
ukraine dating Lake Ridge
, ,,“Will you go for a romantic night to visit my family’s orchard with me?” I kept replaying it in my head. His deep sexy voice made me get butterflies in my stomach, I had to tell Sarah. I looked in my folder to find her schedule, “Okay, per
meet singles near me Mongaup Vly
, A tear trickled down my cheek and dropped off my chin. It landed on the comforter on top of the queen size bed. The covers were pulled up and tight. The corners were tucked under the mattress. I picked up the closest pillow and fluffed it be
transgender dating Purmela
, ,,“Yeah, that’s exactly what I wanted him to realize, but on his own obviously. Otherwise it’s not worth it, you know?” I said to Marie as we walked down Truman Blvrd., past half-drunken heaps of younglings and the familiar bearded man, yiel
dating 50+ Trumbaursvlle
, ,,Yam Soup, ,By Heather Ann Martinez, ,As the leaves began to turn and fall from their homes, I knew a season of change was upon our small little town of Ithica. I just didn’t know that it was more than leaves that were changing. Ithica used
gay dating Durango
, Three completely unexpected things happened to Chloe Maddox when she turned twenty-five and it seemed to happen all at once; her younger brother Jayden confessed that he was gay, she found the perfect apartment to rent, and her grandfather t
bbw dating Comus
, ,,Katie could not believe that her friend had set her up on a date, a blind date for that matter. ,Katie thinks it is because she is nearing thirty and the only one in their friendship group who wasn't either married, engaged nor a parent th
casual dating Wathena
, ,,Talk About Predictable!,Today was going to be another one of those days. You know the ones; you start with each activity already preloaded into your smart device. You go places, you sell or buy things, you punch buttons all day until retur
dating over 30 Marion Station
, Albert Roy was insane. That is why Harper Bree had left him and his abusive relationship. Albert had been stalking her for months now. It had been difficult, Harper Bree had moved from New York to Georgia, but he had finally tracked her down
dating 55 and older Rosa
, ,, The holiday “Bake Off” was right around the corner. In two weeks, my grandmother Ava and I will be competing in the 27th annual baking competition that consists of all holiday-related desserts. Numerous people come to the bake-off because
find a woman online free Port Costa
, ,,She had asked me to meet her at the park where we- Chrissy and I- spent most of our time together. So I went. She was still with her friends when I arrived. I took a seat at the roots of a tree to wait. I looked up at the branches and leav
local singles Brewton
, ,,"What kind of man gets turned on by a woman's calf?" asked Margaret’s great-granddaughter as she listened to the story of how Margaret and Harvey met.  ,"One that doesn't get to see anything else," Margaret said with a laugh. She said most
date you Collett
, ,, The attic is cold. The kind of cold that lingers in your bones long after. The crack lines in the window taunt the thought of shattered glass on the ground. One harsh sweep of wind and the whole pane would fall, broken pieces digging into
dating for singles N Chesterfld
, ,,With his mighty magical sword known as "Triumphant love," The Prince of Hearts defeated the villain known as Teseo, who kidnapped the Princess of the Kingdom of the Roses. He wanted to steal her mighty and dormant magical powers, granted b
gay dating Sterling Frst
, I have two things on my mind. Leaving and whiskey. The party's so loud the only thing I can hear is my heart pounding. The only thing I can focus on is not having a panic attack on the way to the kitchen.  I promised Serena I’d come tonight.
one night friend Forksville
, ,, ,            The sting of the morning sun was insufferable, so I rolled over to the opposite side of mattress, which proved to be the wrong choice. ,            A chunky, wet puddle of an undetermined substance pooled into the middle of m
meet singles near me Dawes
, It was four o’clock in the morning when the hideous chorus erupted next to my head. My Westclox shrieked at me like a merciless automaton from hell sent to torment our wretched cadavers. I heard Carol’s muffled adenoidal protest and felt her
asexual dating Strathmoor Manor
, This was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. Despite what they had been told, the two love birds knew that their next step in life was the correct one. It was a tremendous change, but they were ready for it, at least that is what
dating in your 30s Wolftown
, ,,Count Down, ,“Ok,” she said, taking another sip of her wine, “What’s your New Year’s resolution?”,He shrugged dismissively. ,“Come on,” she urged. He took a swig of his whiskey.,“I don’t really have one if I’m honest.”,“Oh, really? Your li
date me Lilliwaup
, ,,Sitting on my folding chair on my porch, in the midst of the summer evening, I notice a couple of gladiolus flowers poking out of the flower bed. Their scarlet pedals are hard to miss due to their vibrancy. It’s fitting that they symbolize
dating latina women Parc Chivas
, ,,The Toboggan by S. Gabriel, ,The late afternoon sun struggled weakly through the gathering clouds as John and Sara arrived. Most of the winter enthusiasts had long since headed home for hot chocolate and warm baths to chase away the chill.
dating for seniors Walkerville
, The white dress fit perfectly, caressing my chest comfortably and spreading out near the back. He told me that he’d gotten it made specially for me, having observed every detail, every curve of my body.The bright red flowers clasped tightly
dating 55 and older Orla
, ,,Paolo and Claire recognized each other immediately. ,They only met briefly that one incident, ten years ago. They never met again. ,As Paulo’s wife, Melissa, introduced him to Tom and Claire, their eyes met. With one intense look, Claire a
dating virgo man Millford
, ,,“Should we go to that brunch place where we both wanted to fuck the waitress?” she said to her lover with a smirk, as she finger-brushed her wet hair and fastened her towel tight over chest., ,“What? We both wanted to…?” He sat on her bed,
transgender dating Stennis Space Center
, I lean against my wall, which has been encrusted with glittering jewels of all kinds- rubies, sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines, topazes, and on and on and on the list goes. Together, they reflect the entire room, and I can see myself through
singles to meet Spring Mills
, ,, James couldn’t help but be nervous as he stared at the red table cloth in front of him. He tried to distract himself; tried to focus on the smell of roasted peppers and a very strong cheese wafting from the kitchen, tried to focus on the
gay dating Kenvil
, ,,I’m at the age (42) where most of my male and female friends are married. Its not like I’m not ready to involve myself in a committed relationship. Its just that we haven’t found one another yet. Once you read about all the supposedly roma
first date Stoney Creek
, It's October 17th and today is Hassan's big 3-0. I can hear him pulling his truck into the driveway and our windows rattling from his speakers blasting music to full capacity. I always tell him, "Stop blasting that music. We live in a good n
adult friend finders Maxfield
, ,,“Apple picking?” Pete said like it was a dumb idea. “What are we, kids? Come on. Let’s just go get a few drinks somewhere.”, ,“We’re both 35-years-old,” Kate said to him. She spoke confidently and looked at him like she knew how to stand u
blind date South Mansfield
, ,,Being the kind of kid born and raised in a church (quite literally, he popped out mid-sermon Christmas Eve, to Jesus jokes galore), the last thing he can admit to his parents is that he is gay. He's seen what happens, exiled off to convers
singles to meet Ogilvie
, ,,The warm, flavoured air settled on their tongues as it rushed out of the lounge, as if it were being set free from captivity as soon as Zaynn opened the door and stepped aside to let the lady in first. Isipho strolled past him without utte
mature dating Sect Mal Paso
, ,, ,           Deep within the kingdom of Willowborough, lived a royal family. The King, His Royal Highness, Sir Charles III, was both respected by the townsfolk and feared by his enemies in far off lands. King Charles was a valiant knight w
mingle dating Ellis
, The brass numbers looked back at me. One was my hotel room and one was my friend Silvio’s. I couldn't believe I was even considering knocking on his door. It was 1 am and I was considering taking him up on his offer to end my celibate dry sp
flirt for free Minot AFB
, ,,Cup Half Full – Are You Kidding?, , I won a coloring contest in second grade: one free ticket to see Snow White in the theater. I was ecstatic until I learned that all the other second graders had won the same prize. Who can believe in goo